Atlanta Rhythm Section - So Into You Lyrics

When you walked into the room
There was voodoo in the vibes
I was captured by your style
But I could not catch your eyes
Now I stand here helplessly
Hoping you'll get into me

I am so into you
I can't think of nothing else
I am so into you
I can't think of nothing else

Thinking how it's going to be
Whenever I get you next to me
It's gonna be good, don't you know
From your head to your toe
Gonna love you all over, over and over
Me into you, you into me, me into you

I am so into you
I am so into you, ooh

When you walked into the room
There was voodoo in the vibes
I was captured by your style
But I could not catch your eyes
Now I stand here helplessly
Hoping you'll get into me

I am so into you
I can't get to nothing else
I am so into you baby
I can't get to nothing else
No no no come on baby
I am so into you
Love the things you do

Listen baby
Driving me crazy, ooh
Come on baby, ooh-ooh
I am so into you
Love the things you do
Come on baby
I am so into you
I am so into you
I am so into you

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Atlanta Rhythm Section So Into You Comments
  1. Hagins Oliver

    I'm so into this tune

  2. Gerwyn Evans

    Released in 1977 this "white boy cool" was their greatest hit.

  3. wofmann

    This is one of those that make sexxy

  4. Kelly D

    I am SO...into YOU......Gawd, I soo rememnmber!!!!

  5. Trish Hill

    Omg such a sexy, sultry tune! Still an awesome song in 2020!!!

  6. William Thomason

    And my friends all wonder why all my playlists are music from the 70s! Dont get much better than this!

  7. Wayne Kelly

    Man I was born in 1970 I grew up to my aunt's playing these songs on 45 records . On Saturday's my dad would play Led Zepplin Jimmy Hendrix n other great musicians of the era . Man the 70's n 80' s had artist who could actually play their instruments n sing they didn't need auto tune n computers to carry them .

  8. Shannan Teegarden

    My Jewish vet say six to five pieces could keep a dog alive the money saved and enjoying the barking is replaced by all sewage missing from the yard humans like bull waste and follow cent paying ideas designed to make use miss as much fun as we could have if the right ass miserable duck would back off

  9. Shannan Teegarden

    I think we got it ok I'm going to 100 do some one possibly make a devastating karma the is enjoyed and so cent less but worth it

  10. Strangleholdintn

    Love It You crazy B

  11. Julio Arellano

    Un sonido que hace poco escuchè y tenia guardado en mi corazòn

  12. Mark Teuscher

    I had forgotten how i loved Atlantic rythem section and Atlantic records

  13. Diane Ferre'

    A Once In A Life Time Memory attached to this song. I was only 16 years old. "My Very 1st Love"...
    I will never forget "Him"...
    I can still close my eyes & hear his voice singing this to me 💕😊💕


    There are more chord and tempo changes in this song compared to a whole album of modern music with some lil "pop tart" talking her songs

  15. GRILLBUOY101

    Anybody in there 50s remember when they played this on the fm radio back in the late 70s always. Sure miss the good songs now it's all gone

  16. mario borgo

    This song just makes you want to get it on! Bad azz shit.

  17. Mike Bruce

    Panty droper

  18. Outer Edges

    “When you walk into the room,
    There was doo doo in the bath...”

    Classic misheard lyric!

  19. Wild Child

    We lived it back then. Best of life and times.

  20. Yvonne Mendez

    To you Ray I'm so into u luv u sexy

  21. Jeffrey Hancock

    It's not often I fade back to the 70's at such an extreme volume....but when I do, well, so do my neighbors.

  22. Joey Benoit

    Now I'm going to have to know who played lead! I'll have to Google it! What this song is so romantic! And the groove is so deep!

  23. Tif Elliott

    This song is mesmerizing...such good memories.

  24. Marilyn Bowden

    When music was sexy, not trashy..

  25. Gary Biggs

    Can someone please send us back to the 70s? You mean the 70's has ended? Someone forgot to tell me.

  26. caleb prodtoins

    Remember hearing this when I was a kid.was getting out of my aunt's brand new grand Pontiac sounded creepy , and they started talking about voodoo.remember this for sure and where I was.

  27. Marie Calk

    Hoping you'll get into me I am so into you..♥️💋💯

  28. Dominick Schoenbein

    This is crazy ....I listen to this in my generation wow .... I like it .

  29. Miriam Childs

    Sounds like classic Fender Rhodes!!!!

  30. BB meow

    When you walked into the room, there was Voodoo in the vat.

  31. Antony Liberopoulos

    Beautiful song

  32. Krista Harvey

    Oh this song is so 70s! Lol I still love it!👌🤗

  33. Syah Tree

    I will at some point get real nasty to this song💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    Frank Roth

    Will you marry me

  34. Dr Rockso

    That's what im talking about

  35. david lovelady

    Such a Great Band

  36. Ben Mcdonald


  37. kent millhaus

    I'm here 2020 with these boys,boys who bring back almost tears with their songs.songs so beautiful

  38. Niki Docious

    Seductively orchestrated

  39. Vanilla C

    I love this old music so much
    It brings back so many heart felt memories
    Who's with me on this ?

    Lidia Lore

    😎👍 me from Italy

    Suzanne Valderrama

    Agree 100%

    Park James Shaw


    Bella Legosi

    Here in chi town

  40. Daisy Cardenas

    1 of my top 3 favorite ever. I wasn't even born yet.

  41. 007 James

    Those were the days & nights hot women & good drug's an booze !

  42. Chris Murray

    I am so into 70's music. Best decade of music ever. Born 1961.

  43. Jonathan Ridgway

    What a track, if you are into this stuff ....and I mean properly.... none of this supercilious bullshit I think bollocks ..... then this is where you will, regardless of the fuckwits, learn alot xx

  44. mario borgo

    This is just Bad Azz..After the 70's and 80's and early 90's shit fell to pieces!

  45. cameron platt

    Mainstream rock lite with appeal to the Southern lite rock suburban crowd.

  46. LadyAnne

    So Into You.....So You into Me.. Beautiful love.. Loving you ...💖💖

  47. Teresa Haw

    Miss the good ole days!

  48. J D

    Voodoo in your vibes. That’s a hell of a descriptive term right there...And about as accurate of the effects a woman can have

  49. Dave Coker

    So many babies were made because of this song.

  50. Ken Klein

    Loved this song so much when it came out. Haunting sound really stuck with me. Still sounds good.

  51. Tom Brady

    Just back from Nam thought I was the shit,boozing in the clubs hitting on the ladies. Jan 1 1971 someone set off fireworks inside a packed club my buds pulled me out from under a table..........

  52. BW Wells

    The rhythm guitar riff is so tasty...

  53. charles mann

    Over and over....I am so in to the Atlanta Rhythmn Section....

  54. Jesse James

    Making out in the 70s! Nothing better!

  55. Juan Massipe

    The song will never get old✌️👀👀❤️

  56. rick dickerson

    the 70s rule. amazing music. 🎶 🎶

  57. Daniel J

    Who the fk would downvote this. Y'all got some kind of brain damage? Must be some idiot millennials.

    Tina Tingley

    I've been here about 3 times tonight. I was too young when this came out to really get what it's about (I was 6!) but always loved it and still playing it in 2020!

  58. James Greene

    HAHA, I tell my kids they have no idea of the struggle. Hear a song on the radio (AM most likely), immediately fall in love with whatever it was or whomever it was singing it and having to wait weeks or months to actually get lucky enough to hear it again. Now you can hum into you phone the tune then find the song on Youtube in like 5 minutes LOL.

  59. Otis Carter

    No marketing...just raw talent and creativity. 2020....STILL ROCKIN THIS !

    Tina Tingley

    Rockin wit u 😉

  60. Emmett Crowder

    I need a road trip..with nothing but good music

  61. Quasar Lasar

    Music that makes your hips move on their own

  62. Mike D

    I was 12 years old when this came out, her name was Sandy Line at a skating rink... with that fine A** of hers

  63. Ken Perk

    Lead singer Ronnie Hammond was a woman getter. After ARS broke up, he came to Muscle Shoals to form a new band with Muscle Shoals players backing him. Saw them a few times at the River Bluff Club overlooking the Tennessee River. They were kicking ass. A friend of mine and his pregnant wife were sitting next to me. Ronnie locked eyes with her from the stage. He couldn't see that she was pregnant. My friend's wife's eyes were getting dreamy as Ronnie was putting the swaying moves on her. I warned my friend about it. He laughed but when he looked up on the stage, he saw that I was right so he grabbed his wife and signaled to Ronnie that she was HIS wife. Ronnie moved on to the next girl and probably scored with her and a couple more. Yeah, the women loved Ronnie and the guys all wished they could sing like him.

  64. John Spears

    Camille 😍

  65. Jjlove13 Only

    Wow... This song makes me want to be really naughty...🙃 What a great song. Back when music was music, so much feeling, and you feel it.💓

  66. ars spooky

    ARS ..a great southern rock band. The late Buddy Bowie (sp?) wrote some great music for them.

  67. Cool One

    Wow! Groovy and haunting all in one song. 💀 🎶 ☀️

  68. Therese Masi

    I'm so into you!! WOW! that describes how I feel about my wife after 13yrs.

  69. Hazel Evans

    I remember this song so well

  70. Jim Carter

    No era can touch the 70's for best quality and variety of music.

  71. Yvonne Mendez

    That was me Raymond so into u now go to hell

  72. Michael Westfall

    Still here 2037.

  73. Daniel Rogers

    Slick Ass Guitar Solo transports you Back to the 1970s...

  74. Ann Gonzalez

    Was young when I heard this song long time ago I'll never forget this song so cool it's like back where I was as a young girl listening to these guys awesome song still sounds wonderful

  75. Diddy11879

    2019 - 2020 bring it in .

  76. Baritone45

    WOW! It's been over 40 years since I was listening to this song in high school. : - o

  77. hippie chick

    This is so good.

  78. Sunglass Shinpan

    3:48, the best note in the whole song!

  79. Mark Griffiths

    Cool super groovy

  80. Dave auf dem BMW

    That rare group of southern progressive jazzy bluesy hipsters.

  81. John L

    Can almost * smell * that warm, heady summertime air of the 1970s just listening to this.  Just close your eyes, do a deep inhale, listen to this song, and you are there.  The air smelled better in the olden days.  f you are under 40 you won't know what we're talking about  :P

  82. James Montejano

    Great memories of days gone past...

  83. Jason Burrell

    good shit!

  84. gordon mackenzie

    Whole Album Please!!! *)

  85. gordon mackenzie

    Ahhh!!! took me knocked out, 6 years to Remember voodooo in your eyes!!! *)

  86. ron blaak

    it´s a shame that today´s music is composed by computers...............

  87. Garry Fletcher

    If you couldn’t get a girl to make out with you while this song was on the radio you had no game

  88. Barb Dahl Olson

  89. Your Caseworker

    I use to chill to this ditty in my PJ's...cranking my Burt & Ernie AM radio with my wax vampire teeth ...Circa 1977..

  90. j. Lepore


  91. Nun Ya

    Great guitar.

  92. Enchanted soul

    Timeless Tune 🦋

  93. Roger deCanterville

    there was doo-doo in the bag .........

  94. James Chavez

    Ty YOUTUBE for Allowing Us to go back in time mentally with these Great Songs.....was 9 when this came out, still listening at 52!! 👍👍💯❤

  95. FE MAN

    Amazing hearing this level of artistry then hearing yesterday Taylor Swift just named artist of the DECADE...!??😐😲😕😱

  96. l Cassel

    Awesome Band!! Good times!!

  97. l Cassel

    Oh yes,,big time into you!

  98. Children's Entertainment

    Goes great with steely dan.