Atlanta Rhythm Section - Sky High Lyrics

Music is a high to me
Be a symphony or a three-chord rocker
I love music, any kind of music
It all makes me fly

Sky high
Sky high
Sky high
Hey, let's fly
Sky high
Sky high

On the day that I was born
A star was born
I gotta keep on shinin'
'Til I die, got to keep on shinin'
I want to blow you away

Sky high
Sky high
Sky high
Hey, let's fly
Sky high
Ooh, my, my, yeah

When life's a drag and you're fallin' apart
Just put some song in your heart
Oh no

Pretend you're standin' on the stage
You start to play, and the crowd goes crazy
You ought to feel it
I wish that you could feel it
It could blow you away

Sky high
Sky high
Sky high
Hey, let's fly
Sky high
Sky high
Ooh, my, my, oh

Sky high
Sky high
Ooh, my, my
Hey, let's fly
Sky high
Ooh, my, my, now, give it to me

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Atlanta Rhythm Section Sky High Comments
  1. Scott Snavely

    Awesome song! I believe they started their show off in 1978, in Chicago, with this song! They were awesome!

  2. Marshall Lancaster

    Best southern rock band

  3. Space Cadet

    My favorite from them!

  4. UHFCH23

    3:43 - 5:25 Great Moments in Music History

  5. Kung Rurig

    This swings 🎶

  6. Rusell Shaw

    Atlanta Rhythm Section was my favorite southern rock band besides the Allman Brothers R I P Ronnie Hammonds

  7. Ronald Smith



    Raise your glasses ladies and's to the Great Paul Goddard!

    The Tush

    AMEN. Paul did things with a bass that will never be equaled.

  9. Lucy Barton

    This one should have been a bigger hit, it really rocks with power!

  10. Bill Woo

    Hope you were fortunate enough to see them live. Imagine: preshow darkness, quiet except for crowd murmur, no emcee introduction, just a sudden flash of the stage lighting, and BANG, HIGHLY PUNCTUATED:


    The cymbals crash down. And it was that great not even counting drugs which were WELL worth utilizing for this occasion. That's how they started their shows, and BION, they didn't let up. Great shows.

    Set aside this version and the live album one (actually a weaker performance IMO), and put yourself back in the crowd at their shows when they tore the place up, musically. What a great, ridiculously underrated band.

    Michael Nagy

    Bill Woo I agree. Got to see them at Day on the Green in Oakland CA 1977

    Jet Dog

    I did...Birmingham around 1978. Loved ARS!!!

    Michael Nagy

    Well said! I was fortunate to have caught them at Day on the Green in Oakland close to the front in this tour. ❤️🎶🕊️

    Michael Nagy

  11. MCSMeister

    Lyrics? Can't understand half of what's being sung


    +Rita Anderson R U From Monroe La?


    +Rita Anderson I use to go out with a super fun chick from Monroe La. named Rita Anderson. 
    She loved all Southern Rock and was crazy in a great way.

    Rita Anderson

    +1stSaintsFan That's too funny, but no, I'm not your Rita.


    @Rita Anderson That is too bad because she is remembered fondly. :-0

    Rita Anderson

    Awww... hope you find her!

  12. Robert Darling

    Oh My My I love this tune too!

  13. tallorder9

    Love this tune.

  14. Bill Goodwin

    Nice ! Thanks for sharing !!

  15. Robert Poole

    Especially love the ending...

  16. jasonpp1973

    this song should have been released as a single, it would have been a big hit!

  17. Enkel Schulz

    Great, great, great!

  18. George Viada

    The title of this song is NOT to be confused with Jigsaw's 1975 hit of the same name. Same title, different lyrics

  19. Georgiarhythm

    Great song! I remember them playing that in Jax, FL back in the 70's.

  20. Quantum Merchant Services

    awesome track