Atlanta Rhythm Section - Normal Love Lyrics

Normal love
I need some normal love
Not a sickness, nor madness
Just an everyday affair
But just like an old fashion love song
These days it's rare

Outer space
These days that's commonplace
If it's storybook, or strange
It's the passion of the day
Caught up in that old cosmic circle
So out of place

Normal love
Make it sweet, make it simple
Ooh, that's what I need
Just a smile, just a kiss

What a twist
I need your normalness
I'd forget you if I could
And normally I would

But just like an old family portrait, you're one of a kind
And in these crazy time I need, your normal love

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Atlanta Rhythm Section Normal Love Comments
  1. Larry Lancaster

    I'm sure I remember it being out as a single I remember it getting AirPlay anyway but yeah I think on Spotify I could only find a cover by Gregg Allman but this is definitely the definitive version right... yeah absolutely beautiful song and really well written too...

    Southern Rocker

    Hi Larry, Wow, I didn't know Gregg did a cover, I'll be checking that out right away!

  2. gonetopot4

    Since Buddy sold the publishing, the only way you can hear the quality of the original recordings is on vinyl, Thanks so much Southern Rocker

  3. David Sobrevilla

    What a beautiful ballad, should have been released as a single... 40 years later, still stands on its own

  4. Carla the Destructor

    This is sweet