Atlanta Rhythm Section - Imaginary Lover Lyrics

Imaginary lovers never turn you down
When all the others turn you away, they're around
It's my private pleasure, midnight fantasy
Someone to share my wildest dreams with me
Imaginary lover, you're mine anytime
Imaginary lovers, oh yeah

When ordinary lovers don't feel what you feel
And real life situations lose their thrill
Imagination's unreal
Imaginary lover, imaginary lover
You're mine anytime

Imaginary lovers never disagree
They always care
They're always there when
You need satisfaction guaranteed
Imaginary lover, imaginary lover
You're mine all the time
My imaginary lover
You're mine anytime

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Atlanta Rhythm Section Imaginary Lover Comments
  1. dannyd1572

    Born in 1972. My brother was 10 years older so he turned me on to some great stuff. At 17 I worked at an AC (Adult Contemporary) radio station. We played things like this, Christopher Cross, Ambrosia, America, Bread, Eagles, Boz Skaggs. Great stuff like that. So fortunate to be exposed to this.

  2. Barton Albright

    Best of the best

  3. MJ B

    Awesome turntable!

  4. Mike Hood

    Polydor Records Ltd. is a British record label and company that operates as part of Universal Music Group. It has a close relationship with Universal's Interscope Geffen A&M Records label, which distributes Polydor's releases in the United States. In turn, Polydor distributes Interscope releases in the United Kingdom. Polydor Records Ltd. was established in London in 1954 as a British subsidiary of German company Deutsche Grammophon GmbH. It was renamed Polydor Ltd. in 1972.
    Its artists have included The Moody Blues, The Who, Samantha Mumba, Cher Lloyd, Years & Years, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Slade, Bee Gees, The Jam, Cheryl and Girls Aloud, The Saturdays, Take That, James Brown, Fickle Friends, The Fauves, Ellie Goulding, Duffy, James Blake, Snow Patrol, Elbow, Status Quo, Elton John, Marie Osmond, Waldo de los Ríos, Ruti Olajugbagbe, Molly Hocking and American artists Lana Del Rey, Soraya, Haim, Keith O'Conner Murphy, Cher Lloyd, LANY, Azealia Banks and Canadian artist Alyssa Reid.

  5. Shayne White

    Great song great band

  6. MidnightSynergy

    I've been listening to the "current hits" since 1967. Popular music was still evolving and it's hard to say exactly when it was as its best, but I've seen (heard) a steady decline since the middle 1990s, with very few new sounds. . Today's music is mostly a retread of days gone by and rather poorly done.

  7. Agus Luna U.

    I just can't unsee Dean/Jensen singing this song haha

  8. J Tr

    This song is about jerkin off listen to the words

  9. B W


  10. Terry Dean June Yursehurrz

    Fairrowiengyuss hiyepost thieze kodgurms suthormmieke trapttiks anddriyde majestic urse apttwaine Forrest upbietes gollutes friyers rivers rendimes liberroths sietes awdest traines cabbooze yellowed tomie cost hinders list yoyowdels halt what's goames feaste mids nifes steel ask waisted miyles taste themm miyes suckers tempttid smile others drink.

  11. Garluth

    Dean Winchester's Cover is better...


    Thanks for sharing your opinion.


    @abaldguycreation im just kiddin'....this song is a Classic masterpiece

  12. bare bevy

    alot of people should do more self love i recommend it for relieving anxiety& stress keeps the important parts in "smooth working order" might even help in weight loss
    kathycuntbarr 🙂but cunt be careful of all thosegastric anomalies
    they disgust even the best lover


  13. Moving forward Man

    So thankful I was smart enough to hold onto my vinyl. Plus smart enough back in the day to pick up great albums. Countless hours of musical gold.

  14. Connie Abel

    I just love the song "Imaginary Lover" By Atlanta Rhythm Section ❤

  15. Will Brinkley

    Still love my imaginary lover....

  16. standingbeark

    This was and is such a great song! Takes me back...

  17. Andrew Reynish

    No let down.when I'm having a tug,all the woman I have loved...
    Thea no bullshit

  18. Wayne Kelly

    I was 8 yrs old in 1978 nothing like 70"s or 80's music n some of the 90' wasn't to bad either.

  19. Andrew Reynish

    Isn't this the coolest, party in your pants.baha.

  20. ChevypowerSS

    the "80's are still the undisputed greatest decade ever for music  !! The "70"s coming in a very close second!!

  21. Robert Davidson

    Ok, lot of "oh the 70s were the greatest, great music, etc, blah, blah". I suspect this is from people who weren't there. My 70s: back from a war, did not find myself in the 70s groove, just good looking enough to think I had a chance but nope, no way. You had to be stunning, guys or girls. You had to have a coke connection, and I didn't want to go to jail (the military is jail). Yeah, sex was as casual as a handshake, so you could fuck your blues away, but rise to the popular social standard? As I've said, nope, no way. I know for a fact that a lot of people were left in the ditch. That's the way it was, even in small towns. I'm betting someone here will back me up, and tell the truth.


    You are correct for many, many, people and I am sorry for the conditions that you were left to face. The year that I turned 18 was the year that the draft formally ended, though it had been 2 years since there had been an active draft. So many young men were duped into going to the far side of the planet to "protect democracy and America" that it sickens me. It was the first US war that had no official beginning nor end. Young men were rotated in and out singly, destroying cohesion.

    You guys were sent and came back without any comrades that had been through what you had been through and the transition was instantaneous. You're put in a plane and 24 hours later you were expelled back into society without any skin in the game of war other than brief news-clips on the nightly news, where the talking heads looked down upon you and your brothers-in-arms. You guys walked back into a situation in which life had gone on for most as if there was no war, it was a TV show.

    For me the 80s and 90s were far better decades.

    Robert Davidson

    @abaldguycreation Thank you sir, you do understand. Back then there was a failure to "grok" the differences between those of us who, for whatever reason, fell short of the popular standard (which was an ongoing phenomenon from mainstream 60s culture), and those who were trying to live up to the 70s cultural ethic (looking good in Angel Flights and synthetic shirts, ugh) :)

  22. SCUBA Diver

    you can hear the dynamic range open up as soon as the needle touches the record. awesome!

  23. 1besieged

    Now head over to listen to Jackie Blue by Ozark Mountain Daredevils.. these 2 songs seem to have the same groove ... and meaning... ;D*

  24. drdvs69

    The music of this era was full of soul .. and the artists race had nothing to do with it.

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    I agree, so glad I was a teenager and young adult in the 70s.Love to go back and stay; I'd even repeat my 4 years in the United States Marine Corps. Semper Fi

  25. MudtoyTT


  26. Rex II ForSure

    I was 40 when this came out, enjoyed it and still do

  27. Bruse Williams

    This song came out when I was 18
    I wish I could spend just one day back then.

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    Me too. I'd just finished 4yrs in the United States Marine Corps. Left a young lady in Jacksonville, NC (Camp LeJeune) that I truly loved. But it was only one way, she broke up with me. Loved it go back and stay in the 70s. Even repeat my 4 years in the Marine Corps 73-77.

  28. Andrew Reynish

    Shot.most enjoyable.

  29. Al Bundy

    this came out shortly after i discovered weed at 16. it always and does sound good with or without a buzz

  30. william ervine

    Who’s here for the weed

  31. london19657

    Never read yOu tube comments. It may spoil your memories.

  32. My Gentle Pitt Bull

    1978, I had been out of the United States Marine Corps for a year. Boy did I let my hair grow and dated a lot of ladies. 💏

  33. Charles Woolley

    I think quite a few of us, in our teens in
    the 70's, felt like this. Making up a boyfriend
    or girlfriend we had, just to "fit in". There are
    teenagers today, who are "dateless", because
    they aren't the best looking, etc. Hope someone
    we will be judged on the things we believe in...
    and not on looks alone.

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    I agree 100%. Looks is not everything. But I did date a lot. Don't be afraid of asking someone out for a date. If they say No, then ask someone else out. If they don't go out with you, it's their loss. Always remember some are beautiful and some are beautiful in their own way.

  34. TimO

    Wow.. Thanks.

  35. Lisa Trotto

    Great music!

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    I agree. By 1978, I had been out of the United States Marine Corps for a year. Boy did I let my hair grow. Dated a lot of ladies then, a lot. By 1981, fell in love and was married. Still in love after 38 yrs old marriage.

  36. james thetruth

    Tell me vinyl isn't the best! Awesome!


    I'd be lying if I told you that

  37. 123 zargon 345

    I'm not being seduced by Freemasons won't stop text email offering me money and fame

  38. Barb Dahl Olson

  39. FE MAN

    Imagine if today's music was anywhere near this standard from the 70's...

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    I agree, I love 1970s music, as a teenager and a young adult. I'd go back to the 70s and even redo my 4 years in the United States Marine Corps.

  40. Ренат Абумислимов


  41. Stevie 1973

    We all had that IMAGINARY LOVER . So real and poof it’s gone . Like a movie star hmmm

  42. robyn huston

    definitely love the 70's but not sure its because it was my time

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    I agree. Depends what decade you was a teenager and a young adult. For us it was the 70s. I turned 15 in 1970. I also love late 60s music....especially Led Zeppelin.✌🇺🇸

  43. Denise Hedden

    Awesome song

  44. Francisco Rodriguez

    This one of tha , best music ever" 😎✌i grew up."listening to this awesome, music.😎✌

    FE MAN

    Francisco Rodriguez. 👍

  45. Tippersnore

    Perfect: start to finish, and on vinyl!

  46. Joe Sib

    With all the new music equipment they have today, the musicians of today, STILL CAN'T MAKE THE SOUNDS OF THE 70'S... AWESOME AWESOME MUSICIANS AND MUSIC..70'S MUSIC WILL ALWAYS LIVE IN MY HEART AND SOUL.. THANKS FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION.....

  47. Dion Paschini

    Have you had that lover touch you 🤔🤔🤔

  48. Richard Bills

    This was some good old southern rock and roll
    Even my 7 year old loves it

    Dave Brown


  49. John Ryan

    Great song. Mike R.

  50. William M

    Bringing back the goods. Memories like a mofo spinning in my head like the record in the vid

  51. 1BrockSawyer

    15 Years Old and my first car and amp/Jensen 6x9 coaxles Cruising Ocean Blvd in M.B.,S.C. Cranked ARS OMG the whole world at our feet!

  52. Outdoorsmen 454

    There are a few beautiful women who are my imaginary lovers.

  53. Deana Rupe

    This is a great song about masterbation. Imaginery lovers spanktifaction gauranteed!! Seriously how cool can a song get about jerking off. These guys made pulling on it an art!!

    Frank Roth

    how about a girls right to jill too

  54. gregory

    brings back old memories time for a red eye or two!!!!!!

  55. Santo Sgarlato

    These 70's music brings back good memories of my childhood I had lots of fun

  56. MyDitchdigger

    Great song, great group awesome!!!

  57. mr. tata

    I just discovered this kind of music! Never going back love it....

  58. stpaulimdog

    If you think about the lyrics, this song is super depressing.

  59. Lovingevery minuteofit69

    Definitely not my imagination... One of the best songs ever ...

  60. Carlos Salinas

    Hermoso tema.

  61. Naana Rogers

    Dean Winchester brought me here 🥃🎤

  62. Brett Adams

    THE 70 s WOW BABY!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO SWEET.

  63. Mike Hood

    Another great classic from the Great American Song Book - the music from this generation is pure crap....


    MY night time music

  65. Steven Reineking

    Love the turntable still have 2 myself. About 623 albums to go with it. All 70's and early 80's. Thanks for a great spin back!

  66. kent millhaus

    1978,highscool senior, 1971 Chevy impala gardena California.

  67. wdharvey1

    Even at 53 years old, I still love watching and listening to music on vinyl.

  68. Sergio Camacho

    Esta si es buena música

  69. colonel Angus

    Wow,this is so amazing, I was ?? 15,or 16, this song was so awesome. It really got me through puberty,love lusted, love lost ,my left hand blue. Great song

  70. Christina Calbone

    I watch this time and again. Nothing like SEEING a favorite.

  71. steve jensen

    Yamaha, Onkyo, and Technics


    I have a 30-years old Onkyo 80 watts integrated amp, a Technics TT built in Japan in 1982, and Polk Audio tower speakers that rattle the windows enough that I can hear the rattle from the street in front of my house. My former 120 watts Denon amp and Bose 901s couldn't do that

    And a Yamaha carousel CD-player for the CDs that I burn the analog LPs onto.

    steve jensen

    @abaldguycreation love it

  72. Tsnore


  73. Jimmy Legendre

    Supernatural dean

  74. Elaine King

    loving this again

  75. lbelt451


  76. Joseph Babica


  77. Grant

    Love ARS! But, when this started happening to me I knew it was time to love another. Don't settle for less.

    FE MAN

    Grant. 👍

  78. Elly Winterquist

    Hi Guy,
    Well I just can't stay away from this song. I love the 70's music I come from the 70's. Atlanta Rhythm Section was fantastic dancing music. Haven't been here in a while . Hope you are doing fine ✌🏻️☺️

  79. Ray Krautheim

    Vinyl! Just like it was meant to be heard. Fucking awesome.

  80. J Shaw

    since the real one cannot be here........

  81. Teresa Gill

    Had my fair share of Imaginary Lovers back then at the age of 16. I think they would lock you up these days for it. 😆

  82. Molon Labe

    The federated group, anyone remember?

  83. CT87 GN

    This song has a special meaning to me. Back in the late 70's when this song came out my older brothers hot girlfriend always played this song and I had stopped over to her house because I thought my brother was there, he wasn't, she was. Long story short she 'seduced' me (she was I think 18, I was 14), and she showed me a 'new' sign of life that was exciting. :) Awww, great memories..........

    FE MAN

    CT87 GN 👍

  84. Dan Godwin

    Are these guys around anymore ? Their songs are timeless. Still have clean LPs (2) of theirs.

  85. Ed Kingwiththeaxe1967 Hash

    What A GREAT song , just Soo erie ! If I we're making a movie this would definitely be in the ending as they're rolling the credits . What a great song ty for posting

    FE MAN

    Ed Kingwiththeaxe1967 Hash 👍

  86. Drake Newman

    One Dope Champagne Jam!


    Wow....this sound, the crispness, takes me back to late 70’s, early 80’s, hearing this album, steely Dan Aja......timeless in my heart and soul

    FE MAN


  88. T M

    I'm tired of imagining. Time for a great gal!!

  89. Guy Faux

    The reason this music and that of the Seventies was so good is because if was from the Heart. Now it's all ego heady. Today people have reclused abd hidden their heart strings, affraid to express their inner most yearnings. I think there's been an intention driving of society to anger and fear. WE must all reignite appreciation and gratitude to lightenup, and quite being manipulated by the materistic distractions.

  90. PreeminenciaALaVerdad

    Long live to the masturbation!

  91. Charlotte Hanna

    You're mine! All the time. My imaginary lover..........mmmmmm.

  92. The Racer

    Great Vinyl

  93. Kathy Howell/Nash

    VINTAGE.... I remember it being very good for home systems. Miss the old albums.

  94. sandra Ferrington

    I am in love ❤️

  95. Don Matejek

    ARS rocked my young adulthood with the lovely ladies!

  96. Robert Shaulis

    Imaginary lover isn't this when miss. Michigan comes to play. ✋

  97. Keanu Menendez

    *Dean Winchester was here*

    Roads ToMadness

    DEAN it's SAMMY!

  98. Debbie Daniels

    The 70's were the greatest...
    The 80's were the second
    greatest... I love them both
    I grew up listening to 🎶 music
    like this song... (2019)...

  99. William M

    PLEASE take us back


    I'm seduced by Freemasons all the time. This song is the reason why.

    Pin my comment or pin me up against the wall. 😜

    🙌🏼 666 😛🧜‍♂️😜 666 🙌🏼

    Charlotte Hanna

    LMAO! Satanic ducks. LOL


    poor you.

    3 Suns Moon

    TURD DUCKS you win the internet and a free trip to hell ...whoohooo

    Deeper Reality

    There is only one Son of the only one living God. His name is Yeshua Ha Mashiac, King of Kings, Lord of Lords true Messiah.
    Every knee will bend and every mouth will speak his name. The winter solstice of 5779 is almost here. Tic Toc !!