Atlanta Rhythm Section - I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight Lyrics

I picked up the paper this morning
And read all the daily blues
The world is one big tragedy
I wonder what I can do

About all the pain and injustice
About all of the sorrow
We're living in a danger zone
The world could end tomorrow

But I'm not gonna let it bother me tonight
I'm not gonna let it bother me tonight
Tomorrow I might go as far as suicide
But I won't let it bother me tonight

Life on the street is a jungle
A struggle to keep up the pace
I just can't beat that old dog eat dog
The rats keep winnin' the rat race

But I'm not gonna let it bother me tonight
I'm not gonna let it bother me tonight
The world is in an uproar and I see no end in sight
But I won't let it bother me tonight

I'm not gonna let it bother me tonight
Tomorrow I might go as far as suicide
But I won't let it bother me tonight

Lord, Lord, Lord
We got nothing but trouble
I've done all I can do today
So bartender pour me a double, right now

But I'm not gonna let it bother me tonight
I'm not gonna let it bother me tonight
The world is in an uproar and I see no end in sight
But I won't let it bother me tonight

I'm not gonna let it bother me tonight
No I'm not gonna let it bother me tonight
Tomorrow I might go as far as suicide
But I will not let it bother me tonight

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Atlanta Rhythm Section I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight Comments
  1. CobraKiller 1997

    It’s like country rock mixed with pop music. Reminds me of ozark mtn daredevils

  2. Steve Cafferky

    My new theme song 🎸 Perfect for these troubled times.

  3. Mac Vaughn

    The rats keep winning the rat race

  4. Jacqueline Daniels

    Never hear this EXCELLENT record on so called Classic Rock stations around today..nothing but schlock garbage with most good deep cuts buried on YouTube...saddd

  5. Jacqueline Daniels

    Love this album!!

  6. Kenneth Ostrer

    I can't imagine any song having as perfect a life philosophy (imo) as this one. Perfect masterpiece

  7. Amy Franklin

    Thanks for putting this on, it's been years since I heard this lp! LOVE ARS!

  8. brian Griffin

    Great song.
    Remember hearing at fsu 30 plus years ago. Now I'm 59 with cancer and the song has become my anthem 😛 Go Seminoles. Please don't let me die on another loosing season.

  9. Marky Mark Does Japan

    Sound sucks! Great song.

  10. Murphy Law

    I saw these guys in concert in 1979! It's sounds just like the world now!!! Great song!

  11. james bell

    Southern Rock!

  12. Kenneth Ostrer

    Possibly the most underrated song of the rock era. Man does it speak to me even today

    Dave Dion

    probably more today than 1978

  13. Lionheart Roar

    This song still relevant in 2019

  14. Smootman1

    My favorite ARS song.

  15. TomTom

    Tomorrow for suicide is always the best option

  16. Timmy Lunsford

    The Champagne Jam concert throw downs in the ATL was awesome back in the day

  17. Randy Johnson

    Remember this? Uh, yeah. Right.

  18. joseph landrum

    Just good ole pure southern rock.nothing like it now days. ARS and WKLS. Long live southern rock.

  19. randall scott burress

    Fits in perfect with ? "Why Get up" the fabulous thunderbirds?

  20. jerry flounders

    Southern Comfort!!

  21. Rock Music History Lesson

    If you are a fan of The Atlanta Rhythm Section,you need to read their latest book by Willie C. Mosely'The Atlnata Rhythm Section" "The authorized Story".Pictures and stories you've never seen or heard.

  22. K.W. Keene

    f you are a fan of The Atlanta Rhythm Section,you need to read this book."The Atlanta Rhythm Section"-The Authorized History"
    Some Photos and stories never seen or heard before.


    Love the message, gets me through the hard times...go Barry

  24. Tony Sexton

    ....." The rats keep winning the rat race " !!.....How damn cool a lyric is that ?? this song by ARS ...

  25. Duane Georges

    Listen to this and feel that Southern heat on the way - pour another ? Why thankyew

  26. Tony Sexton

    This band was TIGHT !!...All were top notch musicians. ..and Paul Goddard one of the greatest bassists ever !!....Ronnie Hammond was the best southern rock vocalist period !!

  27. David Coston

    Bucket list...

  28. Pivodrinker

    ..about all the Liberals...

  29. Nick Teeter

    1978 High School ARS, Boston, Frampton
    I wore the grooves off this album

    Listening to it today and it seems so prophetic

    "I picked up the paper this morning and read all the daily blues
    The world is one big tragedy, I wonder what I can do?
    About all the pain and injustice, about of all of the sorrow?
    We're living in a danger zone, where will all live tomorrow ?
    Well I'm not gonna let it bother me tonite.....

    Life on the street is a jungle, I struggle to keep up the pace
    I just can't beat that old dog eat dog, the rats keep winning the rat race...

    Well I'm not gonna let it bother me tonite.....

    1978 2019 not much has changed, it's still the same BS
    I'd rather be back in 78 , life seemed to be so much simpler...

    Jon Rosso

    16 yrs old great music

  30. Southern Rocker

    Check out my new, improved uploads of this album added yesterday:

    Derek Moody

    How can I set up a phone interview with one of the original members of A.R.S. on my 19 year running syndicated FM radio show? ( based in Ashland Oregon)

  31. Kim Justice

    I seen ARS many times in the 70s and 80s...awesome performers! the last time was an evening with backup band, was, a large time for sure!

    Southern Rocker

    Check out my improved uploads of this album added yesterday:

  32. Terau Gene

    Damn I miss this kind of music

    Southern Rocker

    Hi Gene, I'm in the process of uploading all the band's albums on my channel, so check 'em out! Lots of Allman Brothers there as well. Best music ever made!

  33. callme Donna

    Thank you very much, Southern Rocker. 12/27/2018. Love this sooooo much!

  34. Edward Przÿdzial

    my goodness this song sent the chills up the spine the same way it did when i first heard it. goodness i was 16 then and now 55... some things touch you. this one does. love this song.

  35. Todd L. Owens

    I bought this cassette tape when the album first came out and literally wore it out listening to an under rated band. These guys kicked ass! I am glad I grew up in a time when music like this was being made! Thanks Southern Rocker!

    Southern Rocker

    Me too Todd, we were spoiled in the '70's, Amen!

  36. Henry Niznik

    My favorite A.R.S. song. Have not heard it on the radio for decades perhaps. All though it mentions suicide, I find this an upbeat song.

  37. Andrew Brown

    Goddam storm crow..m

  38. Norm DeVore

    My favorite album! True Southern Rock!


    The anthem of the 2018 and 2020 elections results!

    Southern Rocker

    Let's hope America still has a conscience and hasn't forgotten the difference between right and wrong...

  40. Eugene Malush

    Shizz this good doesn't ever go comes back and back...

  41. Grace Barzyz

    This song is goood for right now........this world is a clusterfuck of greed! Good music ALS......Lord Lord Lord....we got nothin but trouble....💜

  42. Agent_Blackwing

    ARS needs to be played on the Classic rock stations.

    Harold McElwain

    97.1 in Atlanta doesn't play this! And they claim to be the best classic rock station, lol!


    Very Good Song.

  44. Joe Horizon

    Radio hit, junior year of high school. Memories.

  45. Karla Wiersma

    One of thier best songs

  46. Stoner Page

    These guys will never go out of style. I loved this song when I was eighteen and I totally dig it at 57

    Charles Klimko

    Stoner Page: Me, too.

    Charles Aguilar

    + Stoner Page Me too! I've always liked ARS for years. They never grow old.

    Julian Jones

    Me too. Saw them at Nocalulu Falls in '78 and still love em.

    Kevin Springer

    me too, wish I could give you 1,00,000 thumbs up

  47. Greg Williams

    There is not a band our today that can even hang with these today fucking sucks horse cock.....

  48. Charles Aguilar

    Always liked and played this song! ARS FOREVER!!

  49. kenneth nugent

    new years eve 1981...boutwell audotorium in birmingham, alabama.awsome concert. got a cowboy hat from the lead singer as a midnight they poured out champagne to the front row folks. these guys were alot of fun to go see.

    Cassidy Strickland

    I saw them last year. Of course, some are no longer with us, but they still put on a great show!

  50. Robert Poole

    Damn good song!

  51. Mark Booe

    Not tonight!!

  52. Jeff Shinn

    One of my favorite songs. Period...

    Trent Hutcheson

    so fine plus ultra

    Steve Nance

    Loved this tune back in the late seventies. Never hear it at all on the oldies station. It's like Gerry Rafferty. They play stuck in the middle with you forever, but you never hear clips from ferguslie park when he sang with stealers wheel. Atlanta rhythm section was a great band.

  53. randall scott burress

    I still have a question?..How did houdini die?

  54. randall scott burress

    tru dat

  55. Vulcan Man

    Play this every night in your life, and everything will be all right.

    Dave Josephson

    Absolutely correct sir, well almost! It definitely will help!

    Raymond King

    Especially, if your drunk and it's New Years! PROST!

  56. lonecrapshooter67

    ARS is damn good shit. Why can't they make music anywhere near this quality now???

    John Canaris

    lonecrapshooter67 yeah like ARS.

    Jorg Sacul

    It's being made, but the corporate pop music "all songs must be the same" mentality won't allow it on the radio or spend the money to market it. I don't care what the misguided youth of today say-- their pop music is mass produced, synthetic blended 98% mindless garbage. I give them 2% for the rare good stuff that sneaks through.


    TheJorgSacul. I hear ya!

  57. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1978 {August 18th} the Atlanta Rhythm Section performed "I'm Not Gonna To Let It Bother Me Tonight" on the NBC-TV late-night musical variety program 'The Midnight Special'...
    At the time the song was in it's second of two weeks at #14 on Billboard's Hot Top 100, that was also it's peak position on the chart, and it spent 13 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #15 on the Canadian RPM Singles chart...
    Between 1974 and 1981 the group had fourteen records on the Top 100 chart, two made the Top 10 and they both peaked at #7, "So In To You" for 3 weeks in 1977 and "Imaginary Lover" for 1 week in 1978...
    They had three Top 20 records, besides "I'm Not Gonna To Let It Bother Me Tonight", the other two were "Do It Or Die" {#19 in 1979} and "Spooky" {#17 in 1979}...

  58. bob john

    Saw ARS twice in the 70's. GREAT BAND Live!

    Southern Rocker

    A superb band of musicians, I wish I had been able to see them. Unfortunately, most of them are gone now...

  59. Rodney Brown

    Yeah not gonna let work bother me tonight. Singing it at work all week.Felt a whole lot better

    Rodney Brown

    Southern rocker.Curious who might you be.If you dont mind.

    Rodney Brown

    You have aroused my curiosity.

  60. M Mcgann

    Always liked their sound. Good band

  61. ThousandKnives II

    This song helped me thru a lot of hard times n my life...I love these guys and paul goddard? I think thats his name is/was a great bass player...There are a lot of good and very bad memories in this song....

  62. Connie Young

    Great Southern music!

    Southern Rocker

    Thanks Connie, I agree. Check out my channel for more!

  63. Hemi Vic

    Why do today's Classic Rock stations refuse to play this good band? I remember this song very well when FM Rock stations played it! A very under rated band! Some members came from the Classics IV! I was 19 and in the military in Tacoma, Washington when I first heard this incredible song on KZOK-FM in 1978!

    Melanie Willard

    I loved them. But most people my age at that time had no idea who they were. I was 15 in 78, and I had different taste in music.

    Mason Risher

    Saw Dennis Yost play keyboards on Spooky with ARS at state fair in late 90s. What a show.

    Cassidy Strickland

    @omzig18 KZ 106 is the BEST! They were back in the day too! I used to go out to their old studios late at night when the overnight DJ and I knew each other (we went to high school together). I'd sit in the studio with him, trying to be quite as a mouse. Later, he'd put on the long version of Lynyrd Syknyrd's "Free Bird" and we'd walk out to the towers and just talk. After his shift, we'd go to breakfast at Waffle House and go to our separate homes. Innocent and fun times with my buddy.

    Julian Jones

    @omzig18 kz106 STILL rocks!

    Jacqueline Daniels

    So true..such TRASH on so called Classic Rock stations around today..No deep cuts and so much good stuff buried underground...sad

  64. Timothy Dahlstrom

    Thanks Southern Rocker for posting this. You just can't get Ronnie Hammond on Amazon Music. God, I love his voice. To me, he is THE voice of ARS.

    Southern Rocker

    Ronnie's the only singer I've ever heard with the band. I can't imagine anyone else! He was gone far too soon. RIP Ronnie...

    Richard Sylvanus

    Yeah thanks! Haven't heard this since 1978/1979 while stationed in Ft Walton Florida.

  65. les covington

    Man what an underated band.
    Excellent! Really tight and smooth.

    les covington

    Thanks, you are right on there.


    les covington love the chord progressions, isn't it great

    Chantelle Millier

    +lonecrapshooter67 do they play instead


    Way underrated!!

    les covington

    The cool thing about this band is that the rhythm guitar is like another drummer. Right in the pocket. This is the signature of ARS.

  66. Michael Fabyan

    I like when He says Aim not bother m e , tom mow I might go as suicide  ,

  67. taunton613

    Can't believe it;  I think it's a continuation of Brexit.  Is a return of nationalistic, protectionist economic policies even possible?  I would hedge my bets.

  68. Michael Fabyan

    I like when he says Aim not gonna let it bother me tonight , tomorrow  I might go as far suicide, a Lot of your older rock n roll is still the best music and lyrics.

    Cynthia Hoffman

    You are so right, man! The lyrics resonated our 60's, 70's and 80's philosophies!!! We just wanted to be happy!


    I like Champagne jam as well as this one! Loved the bands sound anyway.

  69. Tab Whitehead

    ww3 in the cards? Hillary Rotten Clinton the war monger!

    Otis Night

    What are you an idiot

  70. taunton613

    The world is in an uproar and I see no end in sight.   So true.

    Diabolik Mitchell

    What politician doesn't?

    les covington

    But im not gonna let it bother me tonight.
    No, im not!


    @les covington Nice!

    Janet Benz

    @Southern Rocker Trump is doing something to fix the situation. I hope youll be joining us in reelecting him. ;p