Atlanta Rhythm Section - Evileen Lyrics

I got a wicked woman, I call her Evileen
She is a witch, a bit of a bitch
She's a necessary evil
But she's got what I need, Evileen

Sometimes her love's a nightmare
Sometimes it's obscene
She makes me fuss, she makes me cuss
But I love that very, very, picky and contrary

Evileen, Evileen, she's a devil of a dream

She treats me like a devil
I treat her like a queen
Her loves so good it's scary
It's the best I've ever seen
Yes, I love that very, very, kinky and contrary

Evileen, Evileen, Evileen, Evileen
She's a devil of a dream

Evileen, Evileen, Evileen
Evil Evileen, Evileen
Evil Evileen, Evil Evileen

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Atlanta Rhythm Section Evileen Comments
  1. Brian Benson

    Big thanks to the site master ...

    Par excellence on all acoubts.


  2. cathy struska

    The Steely Dan of Georgia. So unlike a lot of Southern Bands after the Allman Brothers.....TJ S

  3. Susan Haloe

    One of my favourite ARS songs!! Can't wait to see them again! They haven't come to Oregon in a very long time! I hope they play this song!

    Susan Haloe

    Update on the concert. Unfortunately, they did not play this song! 😪

  4. Timothy Hayes

    I need to break out this vinyl again....I don't recall this song when listening to the album 40 years ago. This is a great tune.

    Kevin O'Connor

    That's because we often skipped to the popular songs.

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    yeah just like a Steve Miller album or most Doobies albums from Toulouse to Taking.. once you get past the hits there is just fucking gold waiting to be mined..

  5. cl0wnbird

    southern rock at it's finest.

    cathy struska

    They transcend Southern Rock...TJ STRUSKA

  6. Devon Ford

    I love breaking out the red Moscato and good doobage to this.its great.

  7. Monica Tannehill

    My husband call me demonica

  8. Diane Benson

    Fabulous southern rock from the genesis of a Chicago background.

    And it's put up by a woman!!
    anx, doll....


  9. rhythmachn

    Thanks For Sharing !! This Song Reminds Me Of The Sultry Southern Nights In The South .. Such Sweet Great Times !!!

  10. Scott Thom

    Something very Steely Danish about the guitar playing on this track. Love ARS!


    Great comment! I was thinking the same thing!

  11. Roy Key

    ronnie SO SOULFUL

  12. zziggys

    This song was "OUR" song when Missy and I were married,,,,,,,, she told me she smiles and thinks of us when it plays on the radio.

  13. Lucy Barton

    ARS has quite a few gems, so I'm learning! This one is so damn good!

  14. SimpLife No

    Why was this song not a hit???? beautiful and hidden..


    You could say that about most of the Work they Did .. Listening To ARS Today ..They were Genius !!

  15. BigRiverAce7


  16. Santi Moreno

    My ARS favorite song.. great music too!! :)

  17. Evelyn Proctor

    "my" song!!  LOL!!  Love it!!

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist


  18. rubicon1983

    Such a great song.