Astley, Rick - Body And Soul Lyrics

Do you ever feel like you are drowning
Do you ever feel like you are going under fast
Do you ever feel that you are wasted
And you need a little confidence to pull you through
Do you ever feel like you are losing
Does it ever feel like you are fighting against the tide
Do you ever feel like you are helpless
and you need somebody who can show you the way

You know that I'm always with you
You know that I'm by your side
You know that I'm always with you
In body and soul, body and soul

Do you ever feel like you are running
Do you ever feel like you are hiding from the truth
Do you ever feel that you have wasted all the precious time
that you've been given all of our life

[Repeat chorus]

You may get so sad and weary
But you're never going under,
do you ever sit and wonder why I
Always there for you 'cos I won't let them drag
No I won't let them drag you down

[Repeat chorus]

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Astley, Rick Body And Soul Comments
  1. Tom Johnston

    What a great album thanks Rick you make me feel so good so fine so right ya QT Pie You, and yes sometimes i do feel like I am drowning and going under but I seem to somehow surface again

  2. A. Tiska

    Here he still has his own teeth. I hear it.

  3. A. Tiska

    I love it.

  4. Yura Song

    love him so much

  5. Miloš Đorić

    this song sounds like you came to the house of your fathers' friend,but the house is not painted outside yet inside it has a fireplace,8.1 surround and a hugeass living room

  6. John Beckham

    This song entitled, "Body and Soul", by Rick Astley is fantastic!

  7. stefanos hortis

    Being listening for 20 years luv his music now my partner also luvs his music.

  8. Nassif Moura


  9. tom johnston

    jesus Rick was so freakin hot back in the day especially when he had long brown hair I could just cream my pants having a fantasy day dream about him even to this day

  10. Valery2806

    I'm in love with this song this period!

  11. A. Tiska

    He should pick up the recorded chorus of some of Rick's songs from all the people who like this song, pick out those that intonate and hold the rhythm and join in one whole. Overlay the voices of all people from all over the world over one another in one small unit.

    A. Tiska

    Umíte si představit, že se celý svět podílí na refrénu jedné písně za pomoci techniky a internetu a neřeší se autorská práva zpívajících? Super, ne?

  12. Shelley T

    love him.

  13. Brandon Jacobs

    I was upset when I found out he moved to soul music, but he's really good at it

  14. Pablo Abreu

    One of the best voices ever!

    A. Tiska

    Especially the FULL voice. Full full full. Like you to offer a feast to the hungry. I am hungry.

  15. Cobalt Frost

    His voice is like a lover's tender caress.

  16. Siphiwe Mdakane

    One of my long time artist

  17. Diego Aguirre

    One of Rick's great songs, excellent upload

  18. Mayor Quimby

    seductive music for sure.

  19. Claudia Figueiredo

    Wonderfullllllllllll !!!!!

  20. lnoelb

    Such an excelent song. Never heard about Astley but there was a top tracks CD running on my girl's car and that piece came up. I immediately downloaded it. Excelente pieza, y mucho mejor esta la letra!

  21. José Luis Martínez

    The best song of Rick Astley

  22. pawdaw

    sad no one knows this song- it's one of his best ;)

  23. Marina Navarrete

    I'm only 15 years old and I love totally Astley <3 !!

  24. débora cerqueira

    gostoso do meu coração...amo esse cantor e suas belas musicas!