Astley, Rick - Behind The Smile Lyrics

Behind the smile that I portray
I am saddened every day
My eyes are sore with endless nights of crying
I hope that you don't feel this way

My heart fills with tears when you pass me by
You won't look me in the eye
Don't you think that it's a crying shame
We must play these silly games

The pain in my heart that shows we're apart
Is growing stronger day by day

[Repeat chorus]

If you think that I have done you wrong
I won't try to change your mind
But try to think of the love that we once had
And maybe things won't seem so bad

The memories of those times are vivid in my mind
And yet they slip away as time goes on

Take me back tonight
Hold me close and tight
Forever I will be true

Behind the smiles that we portray
There is nothing hidden away
Our eyes are sore because we are crying
I hope we'll always feel this way

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Astley, Rick Behind The Smile Comments
  1. Bete Paulino

    Lindíssima canção!!

  2. Fernando Lima

    Libera a versão extendida da música cry for help por favor

  3. Andrew Flood


  4. Jan Val

    Hermosa canciòn y su voz inigualable, preciosa. Habla muy bien de una sonrisa enmascarada.