Asher Roth - Treat Me Like Fire Lyrics

[Verse 1: Asher Roth]
Blindsided, Michael Oher, Michael Coors Lite
Like a silver bullet, pull it when I'm werewolf'ing to the fullest
Of the moons to the tune of a beautiful aroma
Oh that homegrown sun be hotter than Arizona
Throw that hair up in a bun, starting to lose control
Tryna' get inside that mind, body and soul
When my body on yours, beyond God only knows
Fine bottle of wine, slow closing the doors
Let's go
Ms. Sophisticated, mystic with her moves
And delicious jungle kisses insisting you need some mo'
When she slip in something vicious you wishing you had some coal
Cold water to extinguish her mint conditional codes
Hot damn! Let's dance like a flame's torso
And advance to the land only ancient man know
Yeah, enchanted from the chants when she moan how it goes

Hey boy I like your style
Come over here, let's talk a while
Yeah you, I'm curious
What we would do, the two of us
What would you like to do
I'll introduce you to
My eyes, my lips my hair
If you're good, we'll go from there
I'm feelin' you
And I know that you want me to
In the end I'm doin' me
That's all you got to see
Hey, that's just how it is
But I go [?] for this
I'm a bit to dangerous
If you want me, you should just
(Treat me like) Treat me like
(Treat me like) Ooooohhh
(Fire) Fire
(Fire) Fire
(Into the flame) Into the flame
(Into the flame) Into the flame

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