Asher Roth - Pull It Lyrics

One finger in the air just like this
One finger in the air and I'm gon' pull it
Yes, I'm gon' pull it, yes, I will pull it
Yes, I'm gon' pull it, yes, I will pull

[Verse 1]
She made me do it, no, I won't complain
I won't make excuses, I know I won't change
Call me fucking stupid, it ain't all a thing
Why do I keep pursuing? Searching off again
Only relation, I ain't good at relationships
I ain't no angel, but no, you never gave a shit
And I'm gon' make it, I try to walk away from it
But separated, you call my name in ecstasy


[Verse 2:]
Far to the right
Gone to the break of dawn, off for the night
Lost in a vacant lot, parked on a light
Crossed and it's shaking too long or a fight
And all in my might, call her a "might"
Know that I shouldn't cause it's hard to be nice
Boys gotta pick it when the arguments right
Stars and the stripes, off when a hall make me larger than life
Aw, beep beep, knees deep in a DC
Please need these demons to leave me
Need peace, no reason to repeat
Retreat, it's easy, just release
Relief, be free, let it go
Fiening a leaf, ain't no need to control
Planting a seed, let me reap what I sow
Defeated the pieces he blow, pow



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Asher Roth Pull It Comments
  1. THC Enterprise LLC

    More of this .. please?!!!

  2. Matthew Marton

    Im high

  3. TyPickett Photography

    Bro I hate that you are so underrated ! smh plz drop a new album soon !

  4. Zay Pettiford

    ☝️☝️☝️☝️YES I'M GONE PULL IT!

  5. scalz420

    Pull my finger - Asher roth

  6. Godloves P

    fucking dope

  7. Eline Dc

    This song make me so numb

  8. zachos2

    Dude this album is good, I totally underestimated this guy. Wtf was I thinking?

  9. Philippurple

    Does anyone know the instrumental for this music like the link or is there any

  10. BlueButtonFly

    I have no idea how this isn't a single.

  11. Jayden Simpson

    fuck U all

  12. Patrick Youngpat Vincent

    WOAHH!! the second verse rocked ☝

  13. Uiriamu Busujima

    I was listening to Spotify when I heard the song and I thought it was Chance the Rapper because the song sounds a lot like Cocoa Butter Kisses.


    +william lopez Cocoa Butter Kisses! Brilliant song! :)
    Good taste man :D

    Dirk Digler

    this sounds nothing like coco butter kisses idk what version you've been listening to

    Zach Siska

    yea this sounds nothing like coco butter kisses. sorry bub

  14. corbn

    this is where the vibes at

  15. theledge86

    so fukin good

  16. ਅਤਵਾਦੀ

    Larry Silverstein pulls it the best

  17. lJUKEU

    album underrated as fuck, best new song ive heard in a LONG time

  18. Colby Solomon

    I miss the old asher great dude. Hes still a great dude in the present but i liked his older music better

  19. thompson tran

    Asher is so underrated, honestly this song gives such good vibes

  20. Logan Jeffers

    Asher your album is the most underrated album in the last decade. I was waiting for an album titled something about something being too orange, but this came out instead and I am happy about it. Its very creative. I didn't understand the track with meek mill though. That confused me.


    Isnt ash from philly ??im stoned I can't remember lol That's the only reason I can think of

    Logan Jeffers

    If that's true then that makes sense. I miss Asher. Its been a while since I listened to this album, I'm gonna give it another play through.

  21. dmxdxl

    This shit is dope, I hope the rest of the album is in this kinda vain.......Respect...

  22. Dee McFadden

    He's soooo underrated

  23. Jrvonte

    shit got me vibin like bitch scrolling through my tumblr feed at 3 in the morn' #Chillin

  24. Charlotte B

    he is so chilled,love it

  25. KING

    Nice track. Makes me want to do a cover and I'm not even a musician. Just love quality music. This is it. Props to Asher Roth, keep doing ya thing bro. I want more music like this keep it up

  26. Themrjohnjohnshow

    This is garbage

    Craig Kasiske

    You are one of two things, deaf or retarded... or you would rather listen to some garbage ass Waka Flocka Flame lmao

  27. SanFran420

    Why am i just hearing this. ... right when the song started i got chills all over my body cuz the beat was dope and i knew u was bouta go in. Shit really hit my soul man. Great song. Very underrated

  28. SanFran420

    Why am i just hearing this. ... right when the song started i got chills all over my body cuz the beat was dope and i knew u was bouta go in. Shit really hit my soul man. Great song. Very underrated

  29. Lost in Reality

    I hope he see's this with his own eyes Asther Roth. I doubted in fact totally forgot you as a being.........You live again within my life. idk about others but I'll try to get others to listen. Sorry stay safe EVERYONE

  30. Richard Flores

    Keep it coming Asher!

  31. Lania Barboza

    I can believe this great rapper is not recognized- not so much. The whole world needs listen to Asher.

  32. Luke Lang

    album where every song is great my ass tangerine girl was just bad but I enjoy the others.


    tangerine girl is actually pretty damn good imo, maybe my 2nd favorite after pull it

  33. Man1awesome

    I wonder what's wrong mentally to those people who disliked this song

  34. Alex Asselin

    Roth Is Always. Killing It. No Matter How "old school" or "futuristic" the beat is. he will dominate it! its crazy, because its practically natural for him! :o

  35. Adrian R

    2:11 .... holy mother F... every word rhymed.... 

  36. Harry Gascoigne

    Someone please explain to me what the chorus means

    Rad Recess

    He said on reddit that it means that it's the "pull the trigger" moment right after contemplation.


    Taking action!

  37. Chase T

    This whole album is phenomenal.

  38. Jeremy Gil

    So many people are sleepin' on Asher.

  39. lexi slutsss

    ig ; @aproth my bae 💘

  40. Dominique Faulkner

    Anybody who gives this song a thumbs down need the taste smacked from they mouth.... This song the truth! Favorite one on the whole album..... 2nd verse is a killer

  41. QcMostdope420

    so swwwwweeeeet ! smoke weeeeeeed

  42. LaBane Mark

    why dont they play some kid cudi and asher roth on the radio. i heard beyonce riding on that surf board all fuckin day and it still suck

  43. Khalil Claybrooks

    I can't stop listening

  44. Jonathan Kennedy

    Incredible, hard to explain how deep this track reaches. 

  45. steve willow

    His come back

  46. VladimirSoftMobile

    So Fire

  47. hyperspacezk

    Probably the first album I will buy in over a decade.. Nuff' said

  48. 7tothe4

    This song puts me in a trance, especially that second verse.

  49. DowNFaLL

    Asher needs another verse! Fire.

  50. Phong Le

    man that 2nd verse was soooooooo damn good

  51. Chris Escobar

    Nothing like he used to be, sigh..

    B L

    yea, hes much better now

  52. MEDO

    My jaaaam

  53. erniedawg

    Damn this song is BANGIN. Great job man. You made me a fan.

  54. Jack Brewster

    Love Asher

  55. Sam Easter

    Album where every song is great!

  56. Prestigious Aristocracy

    Definitely worth buying. Great album man!

  57. the boy

    directly to the "classics" playlist

  58. Cory

    Yeah I did the same thing, target has a terrible cd collection

  59. thomas rutherford

    Whole album smacks off makes my bitches tits wobble

  60. Eric Sparks

    Asher Roth at his best!

  61. Adam Edward

    my favorite so far. gets your head bobbin

  62. Anonymous Checkbox

    the background production on this is fucking amazing. 

  63. Cory

    yo i cant find the physical CD anywhere! anybody can help me out?

    Kas Koo

    I think it's just an iTunes release


    @Kas Koo damn that sux.. thx bro :)

    Kas Koo

    @Cory McCartney Yea I found out when I stopped by Target looking for it! Ha!

  64. Cory

    god damn.. each track is dope!

  65. johnsmithsonjr2000

    this album is fuckin awesome

  66. Ossama Harchi

    man this project all they way through is a masterpiece ! good music lasts forever

  67. Camper ProRock

    Thanks for the upload Asher, for us to enjoy freely. Much appreciation goes out to you man. I'm loving the new style.


    this is great

  69. wispy tho

    thx for the album man