Asher Roth - Lil Butt Lyrics

Hey little butt, I need you so much
Ooo just a touch, of that little butt

Girl you must be dreaming
Thinking that a big old donkey butt, is what I needing
Floppy cellulite, so misleading
This tiny chick of mine, don’t you mind if I am peaking?


[Verse 2]
Big old butts, you so old news
I’m looking for a Mini Coupe, not a caboose or a moose
I just need a handful, type of butt tight enough to light a candle
With a match, like an air tight bubble
So clean I bet you, don’t have a butt hole
Butt cheeks, they’ve both got character
Picture book butt, I be the narrator
I wanna take it on a leash to the carnival
I wanna put it on the wall like a [?]
I wanna put it on my plate with some olive oil
Boyder Doggie
I love you


[Verse 3]
Yo little butt, itty bitty butt, many many butt
Give a touch when I give a hug it don’t wiggle much
Yeah them bigger butts when they get a [?]
Look ridiculous, just a bunch of bumps like it’s bit by bugs
Butt, you’re like it a tight concise sentence
That says, “Yes I ride bikes and I like tennis”
Take my penis, put it in the crevice
Of those little buns with some onion and a little lettuce singing


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