Asher Roth - Freaks Lyrics

[Verse 1: Asher Roth]
That booty poppin' you doing making me kind of hard
You ever thought about movies? I think you'd be a star
I used to watch scrambled porn alone in the basement
But I don't watch anymore, nah girl I make it
So let's get naked, you can meet my O-face
Think my parents home so we should head on back to your place
You can tie me up, probably wouldn't make a peep
You like anal beads? Yeah the safety word is "jamboree"
You can't handle me
50 shades of Sasha Grey
Multiply by Tory Lane
Times it by a Jenna Haze
What can I say? Hey, you fulfill my fantasy
Candles lit, sittin' sucking dick under the canopy
I can dress like Santa, shit on you like Human Centipede
Go and show that fanny, don't you try and be romantic please
I'm talkin' spittin' and chokin', rippin it open
Till it's drippin' down your throat and runnin' in slow motion

[Hook x4: Nicki Minaj]
I've got my freaks, I've got my freaks got my got my freaks
I've got my freaks, got my freaks

[Verse 2: Asher Roth]
Those blonde bitches with a gap in their teeth
And Daisy Duke shorts showing off a little cheek
I wanna pillow fight and roll you up inside the sheets
Smoke you like a spliff of California's finest weed
Red heads in white tees
Wearing no bra, showing off the perky little beads
I love it when you're freezing and those nipples start to peek
Try unique positions, so can you hold my feet?
Snapchats a fat ass, smack smack off the glass like a bad pass
She has pierced ears and pierced lips
Pierced tongue, pierced nips and pierced clit
That's weird shit, but it's all good
Do your thing, baby, like a freaky girl should
Everybody knows it ain't as easy as it looks
Personally, see I just wanna fuck
I'm talking 'bout


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