Asaf Avidan - Her Lies Lyrics

She said "baby, get down on your knees"
I said "babe if you insist"
She said "why do you keep seeing things you know that don't exist"
I said "baby, I love you, now what can I do,
I'll probably love you till the day I die"
She said "well pretty honey, if that's true than give me both them, pretty eyes"

I said "baby, you can have them - you can have my eyes"
See I was thinking if she took them I won't see her lies
But my baby – I can taste her lies.

She said "baby, get into this sack"
I said "baby, I don't know what's there"
She said "all I want to do with you
Is take you with me everywhere"

I said "okay, baby take me everywhere,
Take me through the day, through the night"
She said "oh silly babe, don't you kid with me,
You know I really don't have the time".

Still I said "baby, you can take me" – and I got right in
See, I was thinking if she took me, I could taste her skin
But my baby, all I taste is her lies.
Oh my baby, all I taste is her lies,
Oh my honey, all I taste is her lies.

I said "baby, you can have them - you can have my eyes"
See I was thinking if she took them I won't see her lies
But my baby – I can taste her lies.
Oh my baby,
Oh my honey,
Oh my baby

Oh my baby,
I can taste…

Her lies.

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Asaf Avidan Her Lies Comments
  1. Jason Deal

    Where is this dude from some how he ended up on my feed awesome

  2. Scribe 69


  3. graham cowling

    Gangsters paradise too much soul in one man amazing track takes you to so many places trust me...

  4. Isabel Gómez


  5. Shawn Tracey

    this guy is the definition of 110%

  6. Paulovics István

    Borzasztó szar ez a visítozás.

  7. Simon Madception

    Music is like the force, some can harness it more than others. This is what it looks like when you become one with it.

  8. bigBadArabianGuy

    Dear Lord!!!

  9. zuriel araujo

    orgasmos en mi oido. 2020 Venezuela

  10. Remi Wargny

    I love the song😇😍😍😍😍❤️

  11. Tim Zelasko

    Wow 🤩

  12. Yakir Jacobson

    He is insane! He is jenius! He is an artist!!

  13. Fee

    Wtf did I just mention someone teach me

  14. Bric McCauley

    I was feeling it. Then he brought out the duck call and I lost my S . 😂😂😂 Still he is talented

  15. Glen Rugh

    I'm a music freak and you ( Asaf Avidan ) just made the cut with me . OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Nicolas Grangeon Handpan player

    So crazy man....You need to make something with Tash Sultana

  17. bimbore colore


  18. Андрей Иванов

    Век гундяев😄

  19. Cathy Grant

    I--uh, I have simultaneously fallen in love and become completely terrified by this guy! Damn!

  20. Bonjour là-bas

    Wòow 👋 man that was nice 🙌👏

  21. Rasta Couette

    His voice is horrible..... kill him please

  22. Rasta Couette

    Il a juste une vois insupportable mais bon...faut de tout pr faire un monde... paraît il

  23. Joe Mama

    What the f!
    My mind.... It’s blown! I’m for the first time speechless,and exuding happiness from every pore; every fiber of my soul.

    I... I found my spirit animal. You... you... you found a fan fa life.

    Truth- Bomb boi, with way to much soul for any single being. Truth be- I’ve never felt so not alone. Cala fracha listics says “Whoa”! ;•)

  24. Tammy Null

    Wow a twisted weirdness that is addictive

  25. Alfredo Arevalo

    Greta Van fleet es fan de esto 100%seguro 🤣

  26. Sandra casandra

    Fucking sweet art. ❤Que obra de arte!!!

  27. JDFU

    ох ну и параша

  28. ludo boulet

    Un pur régal auditif.

  29. Sebastien Benvenuti

    Houaaa....j'adooorrrree!!!!! Super artiste....

  30. john Fox

    Pretty f**king impressive. Wow.

  31. Brie

    Was not expecting that voice at all. Very unique

  32. Tom Orrow

    An.n honest.t inspiration.n

  33. Elisabeth Wengbauer

    The best Song 🦾

  34. Paco Hantos

    Oh man, and the villagers in my hometown think that I am totally possessed, but this is the most passionated song I've heard and seen!
    I want just only one song with you,
    Thanks for the Entertainment

  35. Cesar Llamas

    MUY BUENO👍👍👍👍

  36. Israel Mtz

    Impresionante muestra de talento!

  37. Barbara Sheets

    Omg I was so into the music until he opened his mouth.

  38. jennifer john

    I want to listen to this voice for the rest of eternety😄

  39. Keira1musica

    Wowwww 😯👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  40. Marcel Lévêque

    Gros coup de coeur monsieur je les ecoute plusieurs fois sa donne envie de le rencontrer il vie sa musique 😰😲

  41. Elena Kim

    (Sorry for the criticism)
    This artist needs a lil bit of grooming (?), lil bit less of radical frankness.
    Close to fall into a category of a “nerdy”, “comic” tags.

  42. ggoad7

    Lol, kazoo

  43. Cheryl Fleming

    I had never heard of him until just now..right now...and i think i found my soul mate. Lawd what an amazing voice he has. How can he have that powerful strong voice in side of his body..You just wowed me my man..
    I want more !!

  44. Seb Varene


  45. M L

    Omg... Omg... Omg... Omg.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  46. Day Freire


  47. Jurgita B

    Have no words to describe the depth of this song. Fascinating! Mind blowing!

  48. Yannick Bouret

    I love what you produce. Continue!

  49. Dr Aub

    Sad sound = no joy, i don't care about this, brrrrrrrr...


    Where's sad sound?

  50. dreaming4ffr

    fuckme.... thanks recomondations! <3

  51. nick

    thanks youtube racommendations, only 3years to late , chill

  52. SAM

    Got horny!

  53. De De

    He just blew the clothes off me

  54. Beyza

    I couldn’t find it on Spotify. It sucks 😭

  55. Beyza

    I couldn’t find it on Spotify. It sucks 😭

  56. D Rank

    Picture Brittany Howard in some of these verses Powerhouse

  57. Roger C Williams

    Straight broke out a kazoo

  58. T Hart

    WTF!!!!!!!! waowwwww so talent!

  59. Teodora Dinkova


  60. Marcelino Officiel

    Gros gros kif

  61. Brad Brunstetter

    whoa, shit. ok then

  62. Winry Rockbell


  63. Simone Wendorf

    Fucking good🤘📢📢📢📢

  64. Ellie Squires

    His passion touches every part of my soul!

  65. kinesiana

    wow wow wow...

  66. Narada C

    10 outta 10

  67. Michael Falsetti

    Steve O

  68. Soonoknim

    Is he really white guy or black in he’s soul ?

  69. I Need Money

    In this Position He sits,
    He pinches his eggs so that he gets higher notes

    DIASPORA Vienna City


  70. tsoraat

    grandios fantastic rthym

  71. Louise Edwards

    Holy shit, what a mis-click!! Straight on the favourites list!

  72. Tina McKechnie

    Amazing!!! Now this is muzik!!

  73. Clodie

    Amazing my gosh 💓💕💞♥️

  74. Artemis Poulos

    whoaaaa i get crazy , he is genius

  75. Costa Rica Penthouse Playa Jacó

    Mui bueno, gracias

  76. Husia Cat

    Jesus fucking Christ this is 3 years old and I haven't seen it...

    Oh they've thrust all sorts of shite onto me of late... Who is Debbie Tomato?

    This is proper. Loved it.

  77. Hiba Bel Hadj

    What is this?

  78. Rafi Stolé

    So powerful, creative and true Asaf Avidan! We love you man!! 👍👍👍

  79. Matthew Morrissey

    Finally I thought the world lost all forms of talent good to see someone has passion

  80. Plainpat23

    Reminds me of Lincoln Durham.

  81. jeffrey mung

    Did cab calloway make a comeback

  82. Valerie Star

    that's amazing o.o

  83. Bash Benny

    This is what you call losing yourself in the music...awesome visual

  84. Manuél Pierre Petro

    unique musician, down to earth, sympathetic, had the great pleasure to meet him @ Frankfurt gig

  85. Nn Nn

    Just WOW

  86. Rick Swing

    First time ever listening. I’m in love! Absolutely brilliant!

  87. Gloria A

    WOW! I am speechless...

  88. Rebecca Dolashewich

    Amazing!! ✨🕊✨

  89. justin everett

    Epic thanks for the Chills!

  90. Paris Jaye

    Wtf just happened...

    this must be what passion and talent combined looks like


    The male but also black female tash sultana

  91. Lauren Grace


  92. Claire Owen

    Whoa holy shit