Art Garfunkel - Woyaya Lyrics

We are going, heaven knows where we are going,
We'll know we're there.
We will get there, heaven knows how we will get there,
We know we will.

It will be hard we know
And the road will be muddy and rough,
But we'll get there, heaven knows how we will get there,
We know we will.

We are going, heaven knows where we are going,
We'll know we're there.

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Art Garfunkel Woyaya Comments
  1. Daniel Bennion

    I've thought of getting a personalized license plate for my car, "WOYAYA", but I figure that 99% of people wouldn't understand it. Still, it might be worth it for the 1% who would.
    Awesome song!

  2. Maria Swinkels

    Love this song, wandering along a narrow road, going up to the top.

  3. David Overmire & friend Jim Taylor at Bowling Green , students, over pizza & beer......good times....mid seventies...D.

  4. George Crenshaw

    Much prefer the rendition by the 5th dimension. This version doesn't even say the title anywhere in the song.

    San Fran Sam

    I prefer the version by Osibisa. Have you listended to that one?

    San Fran Sam

    George, just went and listened to the 5th Dim version. Personally, I would rank them Osibisa, Garfunkel, 5th Dim. Not that I think you are wrong. Your tastes are your tastes. No arguing them, as the Romans would say.

    George Crenshaw

    @San Fran Sam I like the original by Osibisa but I prefer the 5th Dimension version to it because it has a stronger arrangement to my ear. Garfunkel loses the West African aura altogether for me.

  5. Jaroslav Jedlicka, you may compare with the Czech version .... :-)

  6. marie roger

    My mum use to sing me this song when I was a baby, it was the lyrics ❤️

  7. James G

    OMG That was like listening to my 70s Osibisa vinyl album sung by the librarians in the Temple, TX library. Well, at least the musicians had the same album and chose to like that song

  8. Carlos Pinto

    Conocí ésta canción por el grupo de Ghana : " OSIBISA" ... en los 70' estaba de moda la música Africana... y OSIBISA la popularizó a todo el Mundo...

  9. will:e .k

    a song becomes great when many other artists cover it, sol amerfio gets the ctedit for writing the song, but the drum beat he plays on 3/4 time is very different and that makes the song unique. sol amerfio is another blessed artist, he still plays drums at the age of 80. lets thank him for the song, and also all who makes cover versions. \(°-°)/....

  10. Sean G

    Nice one. Art G. has taste to match his great voice.

  11. Saama chase


  12. BrickCityBornandBred

    I enjoy the original by Osibisa the most....the drums the voices are richer in texture.

    Neil Carlson

    But Art deserves to carry us as only he can; a great song nevertheless.

  13. Lyndsey Cohen

    Happy and sad song.
    Love it though.

  14. jleegivens

    This song makes me feel happy and sad at the same time...

  15. Daniel Kubacki

    I love this.

  16. André Barbosa

    30 e poucos anos e uma máquina do tempo #lena

  17. sexsex

    Sol Amarfio, Osibisa. Its a classic

  18. johnadamsisadrunk

    Recorded in 1973 at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

    Keith Klein

    johnadamsisadrunk right name.wrong city.

    Keith Klein

    My mistake it was San Francisco.

  19. Treechris23

    I’ve always LOVED this!!!

  20. ElNeo9778

    nearly 45 years ago! Feeling the joy and feeling the pain!

  21. Robert

    In 2012, my third grade students and I (and the music teacher) worked ourselves to death practicing this wonderful song for the our school's Christmas show. No matter how much we tried, it never came out right. I soon realized it was Garfunkel's voice that was missing. They still did great with "Dear Old Santa Claus."

    ebenezer amponsah

    Bobby you should have me to lend a Ghanaian hand. Art Americanized it wonderfully with that voice of his, but the original can also stand alone

    ebenezer amponsah

    Great song by all standards

    b miro

    I did this song as music teacher at Grace Church in Manhattan with my elementary school students in the 1980s. I taught the harmony parts to different grade levels, so it sounded wonderful when it all came together in the church. I just wish I had a recording of that!

  22. pierre perera

    Beautiful song, and the best song in the album.

  23. Alan Ayazyam

    this song is the best on this album imo

  24. Critter

    Art, you're simply the BEST! You have to see Art live, he's dynamite...what a beautiful voice.     Thanks for posting, kylecrazyford.


    I just saw him perform tonight, here in Berlin. His voice is still amazing. His son sang a few songs, duos with his father and also alone...Art. Jr sounds just like his father as a young man. So glad I got to see Art, after 50 years of loving his music!

  25. benedikt koning

    Just doesn't have the depth of the original.

  26. nilton rocha

    I prefer Garfunkel to Osibisa...

    Keith Donnelly

    @step What does it matter, a beautiful song is a beautiful song, no matter who is singing it. Comparing various renditions of a song is like comparing kleenex to macaroni, absolutely pointless. Just enjoy.

  27. farruco27

    Muchos recuerdos.

  28. D Djeek

    I prefer the original...

    Oded Fried-Gaon

    @Jacques van Velzen indeed! still, mesmerizing.

    Chela Sloper

    +Jacques van Velzen
    I was listening to Osibisa in high school (class of '75) and this is so tame by comparison.
    But it gave the song a wider audience, I imagine.

  29. VenusInPisces

    beautiful song!

  30. Rickii Latino

    Great happy song.

  31. Khin Ninson

    I love both the original and this :)

    Sheila Samuda Thompson

    Me too!

  32. griffiths kesse

    I love dis Ghanaian song . But to hear one half of da greatest duo music group to record it ..mind blowing

  33. Diane Bingham

    This Cat was far ahead of his time...wait and see what happens when he passes from this world!!

    Daniel Bennion

    ...maybe the world will stop and turn backwards for a number of years!😁

  34. Cheryl Thorpe

    everything a spiritual should be ... beautiful, simple and inspiring...

  35. Jay Padmore written by Sol Amarfio... greatest Afro pop group ever in the UK

    Edgar safe

    Buena interpretación, pero Osibisa mejor

    miss Kushigbor

    It's high life not afro pop

  36. sharp4810

    Rossz interpretáció

  37. Janos Kenyeres

    but osibisa was better, anyhow , somehow


    I respectfully disagree. I love the classic beauty that Mr. Garfunkel's voice brings to this wonderful song.

    Janos Kenyeres

    the respectfully disagreeness had been disabled

    David Prentiss

    +Janos Kenyeres gg


    The thing about re work is that you can always spice it up. I think this one is better but it does not take away from the genius of Osibisa

    Trevor Ravencroft

    Janos Kenyeres - Everyone makes up there own mind what they like better. It does not make a damned bit a difference what you or anyone says is better. It is just like food, everyone has their own taste and that is what determines what people like better, not objectively what is better. What sexsex said below, a person may enjoy Garfunkel's voice better and his version, but he is right that it does not take away from the genius of Osibisa.

  38. petereuropa

    I don't know why, but "All I know" from the same recording and this just to listen directly after "All I know" - for me it's like these two songs are meant to be together (stupid comment?). Anyway, like it so much.

  39. Phil Johncock

    much prefer the original

  40. richard foulkes jnr

    Spirtuals always evoke us with the courage to face our karmas and Get Therre....WOYAYA WOYA YO

  41. richard foulkes jnr

    RS Greetings Art

  42. jleegivens

    Wonderful song. The music, Art's angelic voice and the beautiful children singing along...PERFECTION!

  43. arturocast

    You're right, but I feel that "we will" puts a tint of deep hope and wishes, and I like a lot. Regards from Chile.

  44. emmanuel ukpong

    Written by Sol Amarfio? So this great song came from the mind of a Ghanaian brother? Osibisa were actually greater than they were given credit for. It says a lot about them than another great musical mind like Art Garfunkel could recognise it. An evergreen, regardless of what happened to Osibisa.

  45. mark allison

    get osibisa

  46. Dee Leighton

    I love Art Garfunkel! i really like this song!

  47. Arthur Quotations

    This song gives me hope.

  48. fgh

    @kylecrazyford ''drek'' means shit

  49. bessybessy4

    ... skvělé ... Bessy ( CZ )

  50. TheScarletIbisNW

    so simple, but so beautiful.

  51. Lisa N

    the lyric should be "we know within" .. but this is still beautiful

  52. Junior July

    @jopaddy81 coming from a black african perspective the message behind it is pretty symbolic!

  53. Jay Padmore

    @Adjei88 dude, its the same thing. The words are the same

  54. snacklofter

    We are going, heaven knows where we are going,
    We'll know we're there.
    We will get there, heaven knows how we will get there,
    We know we will.

    It will be hard we know
    And the road will be muddy and rough,
    But we'll get there, heaven knows how we will get there,
    We know we will.

    We are going, heaven knows where we are going,
    We'll know we're there.

  55. Junior July

    osibisa version has more meaning

  56. kylecrazyford

    Glad You Liked It.

  57. Gary Stein

    "funny" i get to be the first to comment on this drek.

    thank you kylecrazyford, i didn't really mean that, i like the song and i drive a Ford.