Art Garfunkel - Mary Was An Only Child Lyrics

Mary was an only child,
Nobody held her, nobody smiled.
She was born in a trailer, wretched and poor,
And she shone like a gem in a five and dime store.

Mary had no friends at all,
Just famous faces pinned to the wall.
All of them watched her, none of them saw
That she shone like a gem in a five and dime store.

And if you watch the stars at night,
And find them shining equally bright,
You might have seen Jesus and not have known what you saw.
Who would notice a gem in a five and dime store?

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Art Garfunkel Mary Was An Only Child Comments
  1. Paul

    I have this album on an 8 track tape, been years since I heard this track

  2. Antonio Narváez

    Out of sight.

  3. Howard Lee

    Very sad song. Was popular in Sinchon area SEOUL in 1970s..

  4. Cole Bennett

    Horn(s) uncredited

  5. Antonio Narváez


  6. pitagorico

    Originally composed by Uña Ramos, called El Eco

    zahra si-youcef

    Thank you, merci pour cette précision. I'l try to find this version.

  7. zahra si-youcef

    I truly love this song. I listen it nonstop.

  8. David Weaver

    Perhaps the most touching portrayal of neglect and loneliness I've ever heard.

  9. Patricia Arancibia

    Peace to my soul..😍😍😍

  10. Mac Blaz

    perfect song, last wish ... my dead frend Slavco ... RIP

  11. Pee-Wee HERMAN

    I can't listen Art Garfunkel more than 10min... because I'm crying too much <3

  12. James M

    Love this song...beautiful song and only he can sing like this..

  13. Laurie Burke

    This reminds me of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and I love this poignant song so very much, just like Lord Mother!

  14. Patricia Arancibia

    😍😍😍😍😍 S & G....

  15. flyingfishsurf

    Albert Hammond strikes again.

  16. Patricia Arancibia

    Que canción más hermosa y su voz maravillosa..😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚😚

  17. Mr Murph and the Magic Tones and Blu Lou

    thank you for sharing this great tune


    ‘It doesn’t happen all at once,’ said the Skin Horse. ‘You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.’” —The Velveteen Rabbit, Margery Williams

    Sue H

    you just quoted from one of my favorite books, but one I could never finish reading aloud.

  19. pedal4ever

    great song...but a little over produced, especially at the end, but still a winner. nice tenor sax solo. amazing collection of musicians on this song, including Tommy Tedesco on bouzouki. wow!

  20. Dang Coppock

    And was. So handsome..

  21. Dang Coppock

    So beautiful lyrics and. ART,s Voice so incredible...

  22. Moosik Lee

    i love this lyrical song..

  23. Dang Coppock


  24. Joanne Lytle

    my fav for years

  25. Paul Choi, Ph.D.

    What a soft sound it is!
    As a singer, I envy this voice.

  26. zot

    Legend ,giving me goose bumps for over 40 yrs xxxxx

  27. Groovy Guru

    Beautiful song check out Melanie Safka's version

  28. Carol Hall

    I would snort this album if possible.

    Simon & Garfunkel

    Carol Hall Same. 😂

  29. Dina Emily Gallardo-barriga

    Interesante esta es una canciòn andina que se llama el eco, creada por el Argentino Uña Ramos

    Tiago Kaninchen

    thank's for this information!


    +Dina Emily Gallardo-barriga wow increíble, la escucharé de inmediato


    Pues no, es un tema andino, propiamente de Bolivia. Probablemente él haya sido un intérprete como lo es Art Garfunkel.

  30. אבי סיני

    שיר ניפלא, עים קול מיוחד

  31. Edward Branca

    I am an "only." I have no brother or sister. Life must be a much more happy place when one has brothers and sisters to play with and share with. I'm now alone in the world because I am an "only."


    Edward, I would trade. My sister is an embodied demon. She stole my inheritance, my retirement. Be happy you have no siblings.


    Edward, I know. My sister had down syndrom, which made me an  'only child'  too really. She got the most attention and I understood this. But, like you, I had nobody to share with or to relate to.  Bullied at school ofcourse, for having a  'retarded'  sister, a dead father and a crazy mother. Difficult to become a popular and social person later in life. Animal activist now...

  32. まさと1208

    It's was 40 years ago.... so sad

  33. Edward Branca

    I was an only child and being an only child is no fun.

  34. 앗가이

    아트 가펑클.... 너무 좋아..

  35. Josef Nagy

    This song by Art makes my eyes wet every time I listen to it...

  36. J Coleman

    This song has given me chills/tears since I first heard it at age 8.  Such a beautiful song.

  37. Jolliffesguy

    Thumbs up from me!

  38. JMCTelQuel

    L'essence du folk se trouve dans cette merveilleuse chanson. I can't express how I love this song.

  39. Rickii Latino

    Beautiful - I love this thanks for posting.

  40. thethe111 t

    Stunning production.
    Stunning voice.
    Thanx for the posting. XXX

  41. Giovanni Tiroldi

    Mary Was An Only Child...borough Fair.

  42. Giovanni Tiroldi

    Art without Paul and Paul without Art are  :desolante.

  43. Richard Geer

    Three Jews who "get" Jesus, beyond religion--Simon and Garfunkel, and Leonard Cohen (see "Suzanne"). You could even add Dylan.

    Josef Nagy

    @Richard Geer you are possibly an idiot

    Richard Geer

    Thank you for your highly sophisticated comment. We all got a lot of wisdom out of it. ;)

    Josef Nagy

    @Richard Geer Funny - I never thought of it, that these people would be Jews. In my world they are my people. You yourself - who are you, or should I say, what are you? A piece of shit?

    Richard Geer

    Everyone is my people--AND they are First Nations, African diaspora, Jews, Irish--all beautiful, all precious.

    Even sick-minded, pretentious, un-toilet-trained people who say things like "piece of shit", are my people.


    ....and Norman a hippyish kind of way. Apparently "SITS" lyrics inspired by westerns!!

  44. Pat White

    you might have seen Jesus, and not have known what you saw ~

  45. Richard Gorau

    Cet album est vraiment fantastique et aurait très bien pu être un album de Simon and Garfunkel.

  46. Deward Harrison

    Corky Harrison.  I loved this song when I was a teen; it is really very pretty, as is the accompaniment.  I just never thought I would hear it again.  Thank you.

  47. casey Yap

    Last week I was full 53 ,the last I listened to this song like what , 40 years ago?
    and I just found out today, make me wanna cry.

  48. Gwilym Price

    Beautiful song! As is the whole bu

  49. marieliz3

    I love this whole album to pieces. I play and replay it whenever I put on my music.

    Cole Bennett

    As do I, Marie. As do I.

  50. camaroman191

    My life in song and what a beautiful one.

  51. jpeopolis

    My parents used to play this song all the time. I remember singing the lyrics in my preschool class;)

  52. Natasha Arianne

    I LOVE YOU! yes u and Arty too!!

  53. Steve Cox

    She had a little lamb, too.

  54. Andy Wicks

    This takes me back to some really good times - the beautiful music and beautiful memories.

  55. Molon Labe

    you might have seen jesus and not have known what you saw
    You will notice a gem in a five and dime store . . .

    sure, fine, ok. break my heart, go ahead.

  56. Hernan Cortes

    @FCURSERI I agree !!!!!

  57. ULike2Love

    "Mary was a lonely child
    nobody held her nobody smiled
    She was born in a trailer
    wretched and poor
    And she shone like a gem
    in a five and dime store."

    This song is sad and inspirational all at once.

  58. ULike2Love

    The entire album is wonderful I oftentimes listen to it from beginning to the end.

  59. Alberto Moura

    Art has an angelical timbre on his voice, and a fine taste to choose the songs to sing. I really admire his talent. Thanks for bringing back this marvelous song.

  60. kylecrazyford

    Yeah, utter Beauty.