Art Garfunkel - Disney Girls Lyrics

Clearing skies and drying eyes, now I see your smile.
Darkness goes and softness shows a changing style.
Just in time, words that rhyme, well bless your soul.
Now I'll fill your hands with kisses and a Tootsie Roll.
Reality, it's not for me and it makes me laugh.
But fantasy world and Disney Girls, I'm coming back.

Patti Page and summer days on old Cape Cod.
Happy times and making wine in my garage.
Country shade and lemonade, guess I'm slowing down.
It's a turn-back world with a local girl in a smaller town.
Open cars, and clearer stars, that's what I lack.
But fantasy world and Disney Girls, I'm coming back.

Mom, hi, Rick and Dave, hi, Pop, well good morning, Mom!
Love, get up! Guess what? I'm in love with a girl I found.
She's really swell cause she likes church bingo chances and old time dances.

All my life I spent the nights with dreams of you.
The warmth I missed for the things I wished are coming true.
I got my love to give and a place to live, guess I'm gonna stay.
It'd be a peaceful life with a forever wife and a kid some day.
It's early nights and pillow fights and your soft laugh.
But fantasy world and Disney Girls, I'm coming back.

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Art Garfunkel Disney Girls Comments
  1. joe 01225

    One of the most beautiful and under appreciated songs of the seventies. Love listening this song over and over. It reminds me of watching the Walton's on t.v. with my mom when i was around 11 or 12 years old. She would let me start a fire in our fireplace while she made popcorn on the stove topped with real butter then at 8 pm on Thursday nights the Walton's beautiful intro song would come on, witch still sends warm feelings of comfort through me to this day if i hear it. We would both watch it, my mom curled up on the couch with a glass of red wine, me on the rug where i liked to sit, leaning back against the couch. My mom got dementia when she was just 58 and died ten years later. These times with my mom in the seventies were so special and this album is a great part of those memories i hold so dear.

  2. rodney arrieta

    I love this version of art Garfunkel and captain and tennile

  3. Dean Firnatine

    Most Disney girls are underage, many are barely teens, creepy


    I’m 17 and I heard this song randomly and although it isn’t even the type of music I listen to, it immediately struck me how beautiful it is. Great songs really are timeless.

  5. Monkey Man


  6. P Mc

    Better than the Beach Boys ver. Minted tune!

  7. john woolston

    Brings back tears of love and fun of the young days

  8. dazzlingdublinblue1

    A beautiful cover of one of the most beautiful songs ever written, in my opinion.

  9. Brent Rollens

    The only thing we know about when we die is that the people we love will miss us.

  10. penvellyns

    Love this version, but I do miss the "Dis-a-ney" pronunciation.

  11. Barry Clark

    Yep.. Jr high wouldn't have been the same without this stuff

  12. soft doll

    my mother was my father's disney girl... she passed away yesterday and he always played this song for her. i miss you mom, so much... i hope you're resting peacefully in heaven

  13. Johnny Cal

    One of the best little known songs of all time! I loved it from the first time I heard it and still do!

  14. Maria helena Santos

    voz maravilhosa. mas volta pro Simon.

  15. Hottamax

    Einfach wunderbar!

  16. Joe Bangs laid back as u can best as it could be sung by Art.... the genius in Bruce...

  17. Sameoldfitup

    "It is not those who can inflict the most, but those that can suffer the most who will conquer."

  18. Connie Navarro

    What a voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Celeste Lilly

    Art Garfunkel doing his version of this song was absolutely beautiful. I saw him perform with the North Carolina Symphony and his voice was so incredibly beautiful I cried. He was so underrated when he was with Paul Simon. I don't think he got the appreciation he deserved. Art Garfunkel sings Like An Angel.

    us and them

    When and where have you heard an Angel sing?

  20. Cobalt Cab

    Art looking like Han Solo

  21. Crabby Appleton

    Pretty song. Ive only heard it a couple times, but here I am checking it again.

  22. M Ku

    Not the one from Troubled Waters but the bridge is fantastic.

  23. Isak Larsson

    Lovely! Almost better than the original!

  24. Emma O

    "Now I'll fill your hands with kisses and a Tootsie Roll." That would be actually be really nice since Tootsie Rolls are one of my favorite candies. 😊❤

  25. fvfs4ever


  26. 123Rockchild

    Jesus, this is so beautiful.

  27. m gos

    In the small town of Red Bank nj in the 80s. A family would clean on a Saturday mornings. A record player a fat back tv and bacon and eggs. I miss the simple days of cozyness, ease and sunshine warmth. Those days are gone. Whatever happened to America? I miss my childhood and that old house. This is the best part of music that it sends us soaring to a time of beauty, pain, celebrations, and growing up. Thank you

  28. T・Y everything is good




  29. Lea Song

    I like singer-songwriters ! Art is not ☝

  30. Antony Smith

    Beautiful song I love both versions. For you JAYNE WARMAN. My only Love.xx Still.

  31. takemeback2

    Smooth, very smooth.

  32. The Splendor of Fear

    Great album sleeve, so seventies

  33. internet123ism2

    Beach Boy Bruce Johnston on piano and whistling at the end.

  34. John Dent

    Disney girl by day, Jezabel at night

  35. Antonio Dias

    Great voice!!!!

  36. ZzzDarkCloudzzZ

    My gf gave me this. my first reply was that she is my Disney Girl hehehe <3

  37. 58FlatTop

    Arts' VOICE is PERFECT.... 'Surf's Up' is PERFECT !!!!

  38. David Lee

    such sweet perfect heartfelt melody has to be the beach boys doesn't it...

  39. Linda Mastro

    Fantasy world. Brings me way back.

  40. barcrrt

    I have been listening to this ever since it came out, and still love it...

  41. chillynewengland 67

    I'm 22 and I dig this their is still hope for music

  42. John Everiss

    ' Reality is not for me, and it makes me laugh. But fantasy world and Disney Girls, I'm coming back....'

  43. Sarah Saydee

    He could sing just about any song to a masterpiece.

  44. Sarah Saydee

    Is that art whistling? he has a God given voice and could turn any around.

    Filthy McNasty

    It's Bruce Johnston.

  45. Sarah Atkinson

    Never tire of hearing this beautiful song so beautifully sung, or is that sang. It is truly inspiring...

  46. Ashley Hockenberry

    Awesome !

  47. Marian

    I remember being in college and listening to this album- we loved this song. The girls in the dorm.. obsessed over the entire album. Times from the late 70's long gone but memories that live forever. Good music never dies...

    andy taylor

    I too played Breakaway the album over and over when it came out. Richard Perry producer.

  48. Michael Sonlin

    Great song. Never found my Disney Girl, unfortunately.

  49. montiac22

    If you like this song as much as I do check out an artist by the name of Roger Manning - In The Name Of Romance. You might like whatever you can find on him.

  50. Zach Jarrett

    Also love Cass Elliot's version of this. Actually the one that introduced me to the song.

  51. Tim Boehme

    Wow. You're killin me. So sorry.

  52. Dawn Brookfield

    Thank you Buddy, your honest & heartfelt post got me through a long night with so much to think through. Just thankful you found Rita - your Disney Girl, before the pain of her passing. Hope you're doing OK & know you'll never really lose her again as she will always be in your heart. Much love Dib xxx

  53. iHatebologna59

    One of the few times I've found myself liking a cover better than the original.

  54. Taptoe111

    Really, the more you listen to this the more you realise there are few better songs. Perfectly done and yet you never hear it, even on SmoothFM or SmoothTV. To think there are four idiots who have given it the thumbs down...far outvoted by the intelligentsia, of course, which should tell them something,

  55. Eric Sandoval

    This is a terrific cover but I still prefer Bruce's version in Surf's Up.

    Anyone else catch that this is from an album called Breakaway....? Another Beach Boys song lol

    Anita Windham

    Breakaway is a fantastic album. Really shows his solo talent!


    Wrong "Breakaway" song Eric. The Beach Boys' Breakaway is a completely different song from Garfunkel's Breakaway. I love both songs though.


    @Helenaville Tis true , the song 'Breakaway' which Garfunkel covered was written and previously released by duo Gallagher & Lyle. They were also responsible for 'I Wanna Stay With You' (sampled by Lemon Jelly) and a gorgeous little song called 'Heart On My Sleeve'

    Kleistonvon Stienger

    Eric Sandoval

  56. jjjglos

    Buddy from Brooklyn That is so sad..... Made me and the wife cry too...

  57. pike606

    If Art said, 'Drink this kool-aid, it's good.'  I would say, 'Bottoms up!'  Man, what a voice!  Or is it just me?  Anyway, anybody see FU 'Carnal Fnowledge?'  Fantastic movie.  Get out of here, you bullshit artist!  Hahahahah.  Ahh. Fuck.  I would suggest see it if you get a chance, if you haven't all ready.  stay cool, Rock on!

  58. bart gregory

    Beach of the greatest, but this is a much superior version...!!! Well done Art..

  59. Renee Laventure

    he kept it pretty true to the original, too....

  60. Renee Laventure

    my god... this was great when the Beach Boys did it, but Artie has the PERGECT voice for it!! this is the ultimate best song!! ;D had no idea he covered this... wow.


    Also done by Mama Cass, The Captain & Tennille and that "Shy" guy. I put all 4 covers with the original in my Beach Boys covered and covering playlist.

  61. John Gordon

    if only ?

  62. Scott Harbison

    I guess Art and I must have similar tastes in lovely melodies when it comes to what to share with the many listeners with like taste. Very nice.  But (don't tell anyone), I still prefer The Beach Boys' version.

  63. Carole Hague

    One of the best!

  64. Alison Lindemans

    I heard it first time when I lived in Demark 1978 playing their album.oh what a joy to discover it again yonks later good music lives,on.forever in our hearts.

  65. RETV62 need to hear 'Shy' Disney girls (1957) this was played to the man himself! Who past comment! 'Art should have heard your track'....(RETV62..View Now!)...🎼

  66. Leanna Patelli

    Ascoltatela ad occhi chiusi e per chi ballava i lenti negli anni 70 ....wowwww

  67. AlistinaLayne

    ...nothing like... blasts from the past... "tootsie roll"... and "lemonade" and "Patty Page"...and country shade... Open eyes and clearer stars, but Fantasy world and Disney girls are coming back...


    View RETV62 to be a new friend!..RET 🎼


    Annette Funacello (spelling) should have an honorable mention here too?  She's the original Disney Girl as I recall growing up.  What a dish?!

    us and them

    *****Open eyes and clearer stars*****
    "open CARS and clearer stars"
    See, that rhymes, eyes doesn't

    Open cars and clearer stars
    That's what I've lacked
    But fantasy world and Disney girls
    I'm coming back

  68. Martin Cohen

    The thing to always bear in mind is that great songs develop as different artists find something else in the work that an original artist might have missed. There are numerous examples of this and I think artistically it's a great thing because it's always more obvious to appreciate than say images, which can't change and can confuse us as to what a painter or photographer meant us to understand in the first place.

    I've heard just about every version of this song and although I have huge expect for Bruce J's versions out there of which there are a fair few. They are all incredibly different as if the composer is constantly seeking the right interpretation. The Beach Boys recording on Surf's Up is a prisoner of its time and place, recorded in the great style and approach they were famous for but also with the imperfect technology of the day. It gave us the first hearing of a classic that made a huge impression on me as a young adult barely out of my teens not least for its sophistication of lyric, harmony and sentiment.

    But it wasn't until the second half of the '70s that under the direction of stellar producer Richard Perry, Art Garfunkel brought something magical to the song. Nothing could suit his voice and style better and the attention to detail in the arrangement and vocal, based on the Beach Boys original in my humble opinion takes the song to another level. This version never fails to move me and in common with most cover versions of this song, Bruce Johnston became part of the impeccable background vocals you hear.

    Arguably the best version of the song and one I'm sure BJ must be very proud of.

    william blanc

    Great insight.  Covers are a new evolution of an old favorite tune, with respect going to all previous artists who recorded the tune, especially the original composer and singer.

    Martin Cohen

    @william blanc Exactly William. Any decision to record a cover is obviously out of regard and respect for the song and not about one-upman-ship. Garfunkel based his version on the Beach Boys arrangement presumably believing it to be the right respectful treatment of the song. However it is still quite different as well. Vocally it is similar but it is the brilliant orchestral arrangement that adds a new dimension to the song. If you listen to Bruce Johnston's 1977 recording on his own album 'Going Public' it couldn't be more minimalist and it is how he has performed it many times on his own.

    The only exception I would make is where a note for note remake (including the music arrangement) has been recorded. Then I struggle to see a point to it in exactly the same way as a shot for shot remake of a classic film.

    lucy rosevelt

    @Martin Cohen It's a masterpiece to me and my favorite interpretation of the song though I think I might have added more "ahhs and harmony" that I love from the Beach boys Pet sounds (so lush) but oddly enough was not included in their own version. My guess is they wanted to keep it heartbreakingly simple (sought of like Don Mclean's And I love you so which makes me cry every time). This version can bring me to tears also because of the nostalgia effect - everyone remembers the day they feel like shouting to the world or the people closest to them "I'm in love with a girl I found" (or in my case my college sweetheart who I married). It gets to the heart of what it is to be young and lucky enough to find the right person. Which leads me to the Carpenters "we've only just begun" - dear God Karen's vocals (may she rest in peace) - another gorgeous heartbreakingly clear and simple song which strikes your heart square in the center. I love music :)

    Miguel Renteria

    lucy rosevelt I heard that Paul Williams performed a version of Disney girls in the 1980 musketeers reunion special
    I wish I can hear it

  69. Ronbo Media

    Last summer at a Beach Boys concert I ran into Bruce Johnston back stage and I had to tell him what a magnificent song this is. He was very gracious. Burton Cummings of the Guess Who also told him how much he loved it. It's just a wonderful song...thank you Bruce....:)

  70. RJ Gerard

    Simply beautiful. But I prefer the Bruce Johnston version.

    Maggie Reeves

    @yolojcl1 I never heard the Johnston version so I am happy to hear this version. Besides I love anything by Art.

    Benoit Vanhees

    @Adam Miller if it is a tribute, it's a nice one, but indeed, the original version has that extra laid back feel... In fact, the Garfunkel version does not really add that much, and is beaten with some noses length by the Beach Boys.


    yolojcl1 this version is different listen to The Beach Boys version u will notice that they harmonize really well on this song if u don’t have the harmonies it don’t sound good like this version

    Keith Donnelly

    @yolojcl1 Beautiful songs need to be covered.

    Nathan Jones

    I prefer this because of Arts voice and the production, the backing singers and strings.

  71. bassmanjoe

    I like this more than original! 

  72. Grafrey

    Better than Bruce Johnston!!! Wooo!! Totally amazing!! There is NO voice like Artie's. What a girft!  Brilliant version.

    Glenn Morris

    Best version out there


    Grafrey listen to The Beach Boys version then there is harmonies going on come to the A cappella part

    Glenn Morris

    @simplemanplan I have.. Second favorite version.. Harmonies to die for.

  73. martianshoes

    And to think...this guy smoked for 50 years....sheesh. I personally believe there would be NO Josh Grobin if not for Art....

  74. carpediemfriends

    one of the sweetest voices ever - love this version - thanks for uploading

  75. Pam Diana Funn

    This is something special

  76. Christine Coca

    Can't help but miss you Mary .. Even sadder at the fact your prescription abuse & drinking ruined our relationship. I will miss you forever. What could have been, you ruined. Thanks for ruining my life.

  77. grooverunner

    Cass Elliot does a gorgeous version of this, too! Toni Tennille (Captain & ...) does background vocals on Art Garfunkel's version, as does author, Bruce Johnston.

  78. ellie861

    And we lost the SWEETEST Disney Girl today---April 8, 2013. R.I.P. Annette.

  79. PauliE

    WHAT did I just hear? I have goose bumps all over....God how I miss my younger days....

  80. Dennis WilsonForever

    This is waaaaaay better than Bruce Johnston's voice. I love the Beach Boys and Dennis Wilson, obviously, but Art's vocal can't be matched on this song.

  81. Elizabeth Smith

    I'll fill your hands with kisses and a tootsie roll!

  82. Jonny1341

    This song really brings back great memories. I think it was late 1976 or early 77. A really great Art Garfunkel classic.

  83. Dana Cramer

    this is such a sweet sounding song! love it!

  84. Elizabeth Smith

    Life was rather like this in the 50s and the 60s growing up. Innocent, sweet. Playing jump rope, jacks, tag. Fireworks by the curb. I hope the kids of today have similar memories of their childhood.

  85. realtime38

    BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!

  86. h23love

    Ooooooh love this. His voice is amazing. Thank you Beach Boys too. I love you too xx

  87. cameronpaul

    Amazing song, has to be a genuine classic and this has to be THE version.

  88. h23love

    Adore this song. His voice is amazing, The Beach boy wrote it, What a classic

  89. lelehart3

    Love this song and love that he sings it. Oh what magic.

  90. Katie Lesznar

    I was cleaning house for a man who had a jukebox in his living room and I would randomly play songs and it was the first time I ever heard this song. I fell in love with it instantly!

  91. John Down

    Wonderful song by one of the true great voices

  92. Kids & Dogs '70

    @LaVraiVerite ha ha, you're right. I forgot about that cork sucker

  93. Eric Starvo Gault

    Some things remain constant. A soft voice and lyrics to match touch our unconscious better sides.

  94. Kids & Dogs '70

    @landyachtfan79 You know, you're right, why be nice! - Those BASTARDS!!

  95. 0ndrous


    They removed 'I Only Have Eyes For You'.

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  96. Mehdi Brailey

    OH such a sweet sweet voice! I love Art and his music soo much!

  97. kylecrazyford

    I Know It's Greta isn't It, That's Just the beuaty of Artie, He Can Sing Great rock, Soft Ballads, Laid Bakc Smooth Grooves And Then Over The Top Sweet Soaring Love sonsg Like "For Emily", which are even better live.

  98. kylecrazyford

    He's An Angel of Pop music.

  99. kylecrazyford

    So True Man.