Art Garfunkel - Barbara Allen Lyrics

All in the merry month of May,
When green buds all are swellin'.
Sweet William on his deathbed lay for love of Barbara Allen.

He sent his servant to the town,
The place where she did dwell in.
Saying, 'Master dear has sent me here if your name be Barbara Allen.'

Then slowly, slowly she got up and slowly she went to him,
And all she said when there she came was, 'Young man, I think you're dying.

'Don't you remember the other night when we were in the tavern?
You drank a toast to the ladies there and slighted Barbara Allen.'

He turned his face unto the wall,
He turned his back upon her.
'Adieu, adieu, to all my friends.
And be kind, be kind to Barbara Allen.'

As she was wandering on the fields she heard the death bell knellin'.
And every note, it seemed to say,
'Hard-hearted Barbara Allen!'

The more it tolled the more she grieved,
She bursted out a-crying.
'Oh, pick me up and carry me home.
I fear that I am dying.'

They buried Willy in the old church yard and Barbara in the new one,
And from William's grave, there grew a rose, from Barbara's, a green briar.

They grew and grew in the old church yard,
Till they could grow no higher,
And there they tied in a true lover's knot,
The red rose and the briar.

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Art Garfunkel Barbara Allen Comments
  1. Cindy Snow

    Can one really die of a broken heart?

  2. Robin Wright

    I love this song no matter who sings it, but Art does it one of the best, perhaps the only one I like better is Crystal Gayle

  3. Holly 1

    We used to sing this at school in the 1960's. I thought about it this morning and, thanks to the internet, am listening to this wonderful version right now. Thank you.

  4. SN2903

    The best voice ever

  5. Emily Emmons

    Way to sound like an old grandma

  6. Jeff Williams

    Thank you Art Garfunkel


    I was unaware of this beautiful old ballad until I purchased this LP. Garfunkel's unique voice combined with the arrangement made this an incredible haunting musical story. I've listened now to others perform this song,... but this is the one that tops them all. By far.

  8. William Davies

    Such vocal clarity, he truly is brilliant!!!

  9. Isabel Garza

    Emmy Rossum (Sound Catcher) and Don Edward sings this song so beautiful in my opinion.

  10. Gary Jordan

    Beautiful, beautiful album.

  11. lory991959 guzman carrasco


    Art Garfunkel - Barbara Allen
    234.528 visualizaciones

  12. lory991959 guzman carrasco

    Art Garfunkel - Barbara Allen
    234.528 visualizaciones

  13. William Davies

    Art Garfunkel must be the best singer ever , so clear and natural.

  14. Christina Burke

    Not one bit of autotuning needed. Pure natural talent singing a beautiful song.

  15. Charles Williams

    Don’t be slighting women in bars.

  16. fred houpt

    as lovely a version that you're likely to hear. That voice......a precious gift he was given.

  17. Charles Williams

    I guess people do die from broken hearts.

  18. Kathy Carroll

    My great aunt had the words to this song. My sisters and I would sing it. Then I saw it in an English literature book in college. I brought the class the rest of the song. They wanted me to sing it, but I was to shy. Then a little band visited our campus and sung it to a small group of students. I was the only one in the crowd who knew it.

  19. Charles Williams

    His rendition is my favorite.

  20. TomPhillips.Music

    Beautiful voice, but the accompaniment’s too distracting. It should’ve just been a guitar or a piano like on Bridge over Troubled Water

  21. Kevin Deeter

    Moves me to tears

  22. Ed Brown

    A beautiful Scottish folk song sung angelically by Art Garunkel. I've always liked this song ever since I saw it in the 1951 Scrooge movie with Alistair Sim. It's played just as Scrooge apologizes to his nephew and his nephew's wife and promises to become a better man. A great scene that always brings tears to my eyes.

  23. Conservative Child

    Oh dear this has to be the worst version of the song. I know this man has a good voice. It sounds strained and frightened, even somewhat off key. And the music sounds all wrong and just- just awful

  24. Dot Turner

    The story of life.

  25. george leicht

    A very sad but beautiful song.

  26. Dema Dema

    Tears are coming

  27. CloneHat

    Musical saw near the end??

  28. Hana Banani


  29. Lorna McNeil

    Beautiful Rendition!

  30. Emma O

    This is so beautiful yet so sad. :'( Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone were to draw a scene in which two new lovers kiss under the rose and the briar?

  31. John DeAngelo


  32. Michael Manning

    The engineer should lose his union card. The instruments should not drown out the singer.

  33. Jonsey Fuller

    courageously beautiful.

  34. Ken Musillo

    The end of a christmas carol you hear barbara allen 1951 version a classic


    “I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge.
    That myth is more potent than history.
    That dreams are more powerful than facts.
    That hope always triumphs over experience.
    That laughter is the only cure for grief.
    And I believe that love is stronger than death." Robert Fulghum

  36. Sally Stevens

    I didn't know that Jackie had sung on this - I think her vocal must be at the very beginning.  The high solo obligato that begins at about 4:20 is me, and it was a great thrill to have been able to sing on Art's album.  We did that vocal overdub in LA.


    Sally....such an angelicly beautiful contribution you made!!


    Our voices would make an interesting blend.

  37. ringodingo

    Scrooge has been interrupting this lovely song my whole life!

  38. SwordLily

    I got this stuck in my head all day when I had to do something carefully at work and said 'slowly, slowly'. I think I was getting bread unstuck from the slicer. Wierd what can be the triggers for things like that.

    My suspicions were confirmed when I hummed it all day and nobody recognized it.

  39. Vicki Klopp

    Art Garfunkel proves yet again that he has one of the most of not the most beautiful voices in music. So many have attempted Barbara Allen but they can't touch Art. Barbara Allen is darkly brautiful. One of many of his sensitive and beautiful renditions.

    c w

    Vicki Klopp The cannot touch him on Bridge over troubled waters either :)

  40. Terry Lashmar

    So beautiful from art garfunkel

  41. Ken Musillo

    Classic song,got the album when it first came out remember hearing this song of course not by art,from a christmas carol with alistar sims near the end of the movie went he went to dinner that he was invited to classic movie classic song I watch the movie every christmas peace to all

  42. MoeSlislack

    I love Arts singing. how is he so underrated?


    Cause Paul stifled his creative talent

    Neil Carlson

    The red rose and the briar

  43. Downey Studios

    Goodness! Artie, this is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! Much prettier than the demo by Simon & Garfunkel.

  44. Connie Dyer

    Have the album Angel Claire ; bought it in the 70's. Still love it.

    Gary Jordan

    I know what you mean, A beautiful album, i played it so many times.

  45. Richard Henry Dodge

    just got the LP down from the loft, surely the best version ever !!

  46. airy jang

    Angel Voice.

  47. Kellie Mulligan

    Love this song from A Christmas carol , Alistair Simms version .

    Brian Frazee


    Ricky T. Bridge

    classic. youre right there.brilliant

  48. I. Delaney

    I remember this track standing out head and shoulders above the rest on its release. More than hauntingly beautiful; stunningly beautiful. His rendition is sensitive to a point of disturbing.

  49. Rosemary Aloisio

    This transforms one into time.

  50. LazydogRex

    There are about ten verses to this ballad, and every recorded version skips 2 or 3 of them, and not all the same ones, mind you, so that no single version makes any sense of why she was so callous, or why she became filled with remorse.

  51. RinTluangi Ralte

    tragically beautiful

  52. John D

    Hauntingly beautiful!

  53. Rosemary Aloisio

    I have always loved Art Garfunkel music.

  54. liz altieri

    My favorite cousin Sandy Tothill said that at this stage he looked like a lightbulb.....(Smart slightly balding head with golden halo....)

  55. Andy Lapicki

    Bilbo Baggins? :)

  56. William Doyle

    Have you ever loved anybody that hard? Denise Miller if she should ever see this.

    I. Delaney

    There was a film made circa 1980, Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve I believe, soon after he became superman. He died a shattered man on returning to present day in a type of time travel thing where they met in the 1920s. It is the only other from of modern film that borrows this 'complete love' them that overtakes the person.

  57. William Doyle

    The most beautiful English Folk song of all time and the greatest rendition of it of all time.

    calum way

    Originally Scottish, I think

    Tricia Glen


  58. torreglicut

    Art sei bravino, ma l'interpretazione di Illide Pernigotto è il massimo.

  59. REB DIGS

    Goose bumps.

    William Doyle

    Goose bumps squared,

  60. Chris Boschetti

    just wonderful !

  61. Rj Leslee

    Awesome. Art's voice is fabulous. Thanks

  62. 6969siona6969

    Art sings it the same way my great grandmother did, all the other artists are no where near how it  was written. Just thought I would  mention this for those who are looking for a version close to the way it was sung in very old days...


    +6969siona6969 Agreed. I first heard the song on the old movie the Buccaneer, with Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner as Andrew Jackson and Jean Lafitte, doing the Battle of New Orleans. This is very close to the version therein.

    Anne and Don Pawlak

    Thank you - I am looking for a version I can sing at a historical event.

    Isabel Garza

    Don Edward and Emmy Rossum sings this song so beautifully in my personal opinion.

    Ben Hur

    @Maeve that movie has a great soundtrack

  63. Davis Germain

    If anyone has Glen Campbell's version, which is also fantastic, it would be wonderful to have it on YouTube, also.

  64. mbdcia

    A diary entry by Samuel Pepys on January 2, 1666 contains the earliest extant reference to the song. In it, he recalls the fun and games at a New Years party:[3]
    "...but above all, my dear Mrs Knipp whom I sang; and in perfect pleasure I was to hear her sing, and especially her little Scotch song of Barbary Allen."
    From this, Roud & Bishop inferred the song was popular at the time. They suggested that it may have been written for stage performance, as Elizabeth Knepp was a professional actress, singer, and dancer.[2]

  65. 夏萌遥

    strophic form

  66. Joe M

    Heard this for the first time on the Waltons' TV Show.  After some research I found that it was an English Ballad first sang around 1666.  But the first written version was around 1810.

  67. TIM Dooley

    Tremendous Version of a Classic Ballad.lyrically and musically. Art does an incredible job !!

  68. Jamie Stewart

    Total desecration of English culture from the other twerp.

    Martin Horan

    @Jamie Stewart Evidently you think you can do better. You may have a Scottish name but it seems you don't even know the origins of the song. Besides, there have been American, Irish and Scottish versions of it since its Scottish origins. And what English "culture" is desecrated?


    Jamie Stewart:
    Sod off you dippy paltry lil swat.
    You are the turd in the punch bowl of humanity.

  69. Alan Weberman

    this is shit get me otta her

  70. dandiehl1948

    Over the decades I had forgotten what a beautiful voice Arty had.  Almost unbelievable.


    I know what you mean, dandiehl1948.... he has competition though, have you every heard Billie Boyd sing? Very nice... amazing range, both men!

  71. Fran Van Siclen

    so beautiful so sad !!!!

  72. bairns1234

    Achingly beautiful


    +bairns1234 Yes.

  73. Brenda Treants

    So good to hear music. What comes over on the radio or on some TV show or tape today is not.

  74. Diane Bingham

    This is the melancholic style of Irish ballads.....Allen is a name in my family tree...(descendents of Ethan Allen)....Artie makes it his own,as he always does, and no one can top this version, I am sure!  He adds sweetness to the utter sadness...

    Ronald Grimes

    Diane Bingham qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

    Ronald Grimes

    Diane Bingham qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq


    allen was my grandmothers maiden name.

    Robert Henahan

    The first attestation of the song is in an entry in Samuel Pepys diary in 1666. He tells how he heard it sung by a Mrs Knipp and he called it" her little Scotch song of Barbary Allen".

    P S

    It's actually Scottish

  75. Cheryl Thorpe

    the best rendition of this traditional ballad ever made.... stunningly beautiful <3

  76. boonestead

    we used to sing this in grade three or four  cant really remember  but it was around 1973 

    Diane Bingham

    wow!  schools used to be it's all syrupy Disney will kids develop soul depth? I wonder?   btw..was it Catholic?


    No, not 1973, more like 1773.....

  77. thethe111 t

    Stunningly beautiful song.
    Thanx 4 the posting.

  78. Martha Kocher

    Angel Clare is one of the most beautiful albums I've ever listened to.


    Totally agree, still have it on cassette .....

    William Doyle

    I have to get another copy. Who had a better high voice than Art Garfunkel? In any range only Johnny Hartman is in the same ball park.

    Julie Napier

    I still have the album after all these years!

    Carole Werda

    Agree. Simply beautiful.

    Carole Werda

    I totally agree. What an amazing artist.....amazing man.

  79. Jolliffesguy

    Goose pimples!

  80. 4260laurel



    +4260laurel One of my top 5 albums. Glad others have kindred tastes and feelings for this type of music.

  81. gjc82071

    The best version of this song that I've ever heard, was at the beginning of the movie "Songcatcher" (2000) (good move BTW)

  82. audreyhepburngal00

    love this ballad !

  83. Tim Hopper

    you've not then heard bob sing it in the sixties. none better, ever.

    Diane Smith

    Tim Hopper, not Bob...Seger???

  84. Barbara Kontz

    I feel so special for having this name . <3
    I Love this music very much.


    “I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge.
    That myth is more potent than history.
    That dreams are more powerful than facts.
    That hope always triumphs over experience.
    That laughter is the only cure for grief.
    And I believe that love is stronger than death."
    Robert Fulghum

  85. Donna-Lee DePrille

    Angel Clare is my favorite album! It is so well done and perfectly put together. I would love to perform this whole album!

  86. ajohms

    One of Art's best songs ever.
    Never fails to bring me to tears.

  87. John Benn

    I agree 100%

  88. javadude54

    Beautiful rendition, and a reminder that a good singer, or a great one like Mr. Garfunkel, doesn't need autotune to hit the right notes.

  89. ajohms

    No matter how happy I may be in my life, I cry when I hear this song as sung by Art Garfunkel. So beautiful.

  90. John Benn

    I agree 100%

  91. bayoubilly62

    don't believe this is the complete song , is it ?

  92. John Benn

    I agree 100%

  93. Ryhela

    I bought his album in 74 and adored it. Unfortunately so did my ex, so when we split in '83 he took it (along with my favorite Paul Williams album) Sadly, both were out of production so I could never get another - I'm talking vinyl. Thank you for uploading this - one of the most moving versions.


    Ryhela: how very sad.

    Admiral Walker

    That BASTARD!!!

  94. Molon Labe

    @songsmith31a Yes! "Scrooge"! I came looking for this version because of that one. I love the sweet duet in "Scrooge", and the way it's evoked for Fan, because she's young and doomed too. Ok, now my heart's broken yet again. ;-)