Art Garfunkel - Another Lullaby Lyrics

Close your eyes my pretty child, though the night is dark and the wind is wild.
I will stand beside your bed, tonight there is nothing you need fear or dread.
You can sleep now, go to sleep, the rain falls and the windows weep.
I'm standing by to sing a lullaby.

Close your eyes my sister fair, though the snow is falling and the trees are bare.
And I will hold you by the hand, tonight there is nothing you need try to understand.
You can sleep now, go to sleep. The daytime's dying and the nighttime's so deep.
I'm standing by to sing a lullaby.

Close your eyes my mother wise when the waves are angry and the north train cries.
I stopped those ghosts outside your door, Mama, don't worry about those ghosts no more.
You can sleep now, go to sleep, tomorrow comes but it will keep,
I'm standing by to sing a lullaby, another lullaby, another lullaby, another lullaby.

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Art Garfunkel Another Lullaby Comments
  1. Norma Verleni

    Artie didn’t need Paul Simon to record this beautiful song & so many others. I will never tire of listening to his solo albums. I have a hearing problem & missed listening to all his songs that I love so much for a long time. Then my grandson bought me earbuds for my phone & it was like a whole new world opened up for me & now I appreciate the beauty of Artie’s music even more. I thank God for restoring this great pleasure to me.

  2. nnwahler

    Whenever I try to listen to this album, my mind wanders....but whenever Art hits that low G, it always snaps my ears to attention.

  3. jkbs730309

    The best way

  4. David Perry

    When this record was released I was working in a record store and I still have my original vinyl copy. This is my favorite song on the album. I LOVE this song, and am trying to learn it on piano right now. It is a neglected masterpiece of the 20th century. Jimmy Webb gave us so many.

  5. Richard Somers

    "Now I lay me down to..." (Day Dream Believe... "I Want to Believe!")

  6. Carole Werda

    What a beautiful album.

  7. Carole Werda

    beautiful album. Art is the most gifted singer. God has truly blessed this man with the voice of an angel. It's amazing how everyone refers to his voice that way. Most beautiful singer ever.

  8. Rickii Latino

    I love this song - so gentle and sweet.

  9. Cheryl Thorpe

    one of the most perfect lullabies ever written... and sung by an angel...he transported us to a heavenly place every time we listened to the album Angel Clare... have loved it since 1973 ... a timeless treasure <3

  10. FMHammyJ

    I have to agree with S. Barbedo's comments below....this album is indeed a masterpiece..from start to finish...I wish artists of today could produce music of this quality.....from the session musicians, to the recording, to Art Garfunkel's heavenly voice, and his choice of is a work of art. I was introduced to the album by my late brother, and I think of him every time I have a listen."Woyaya" from the album is also one of my favourites, and I will have it played at my funeral...

    ramona whitaker

    FMHammyJ woyaya is also one of my funeral songs❤

  11. pinky pie

    Finnnnnnnalllllly my grandma would put this on every time I couldn't sleep or had a nightmare I have been looking for this song for 3 years every year I would for get alittle of the lyrics finally I just forgot it all :( :) I was hoping re listening to this would help with my sleeping problem (every night I have horrible nightmares an I'm not kidding when I say EVERY night it's been going on since September hopefully tomorrow / tonight will be better now

    Toni Barsch

    pinky pie have your dreams gotten better?

  12. KGAMDJ

    Kyle, Love this whole album. Who plays the organ on "Another Lullaby" and "Travelin Boy"?
    Thanks for the downloads, wonderfully put together!

  13. Jean Cronin

    Thanks for posting. Brings back tons of memories. I listened to this album over and over,

  14. José Cláudio Barbedo

    I had this LP - in quadraphonic, the original release. Now I have the CD. I consider this one of the most perfect albuns even released, in the entire world. Garfunkel made a unforgetable masterpiece. Every track is a gem, a diamond shinning fine music. Thank you for posting this album to the you tube users. Best regards from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    BTW: we shall not forget the beautiful engineering that Roy Halee did in the recording. Perfection at his peak.

  15. Maria iyer

    My hero,,, what a lovely sweet, melodius voice you have. I think I am falling in love with your songs. I have to here one of your songs everyday, otherwise, I feel my day is incomplete. Some of the songs are just amazingling beautiful. I hear some of the songs over and over. Wake up late night just to hear the songs of ART GARFUNKEL ..... and SIMON PAUL.

    Norma Verleni

    Maria iyer I feel exactly the same as you Maria - love your comment. I listen to Artie’s music every day too & it makes my life so much better. I also love watching the video of the Concert in Central Park in 1981. When I’m feeling down it soothes me & brings me joy. Arties’s music is such a wonderful gift to all of us. 🥰🥰

  16. Tunz909

    Damn, it's amazing how many Webb tunes, one finds where he has used Knechtal at the piano........Jimmy could fill maybe 3 albums worth!:-)

  17. kylecrazyford

    So true.

  18. kylecrazyford

    It Is Great.

  19. kylecrazyford

    You're Welcome.