Art Garfunkel - All I Know Lyrics

I bruise you, you bruise me
We both bruise too easily
Too easily to let it show
I love you, and that's all I know

All my plans have fallen through
All my plans depend on you
Depend on you to help them grow
I love you, and that's all I know

When the singer's gone
Let the song go on...

But the ending always comes at last
Endings always come too fast
They come too fast, but they pass too slow
I love you, and that's all I know

When the singer's gone
Let the song go on
It's a fine line between the darkness and the dawn
They say the darkest night
There's a light beyond

But the ending always comes at last
Endings always come too fast
They come too fast, but they pass too slow
I love you, and that's all I know
That's all I know
That's all I know

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Art Garfunkel All I Know Comments
  1. Frank Santopadre

    JIMMY WEBB!! Peerless.

  2. SammySay

    I just recently saw him in concert at the Harris Center in Folsom California. He was on my bucket list. Worth it many times over!! Yes he is 78, but it does not matter. His son Arthur Jr. is spot on a younger Art Garfunkel!

  3. Natali Benefit


  4. genelong2

    Funny - when I first heard this song, I assumed Art was singing about his breakup with Simon. That is apparently not the case at all, yet when I hear it, that's what I think of. It still moves me.

  5. Seventies Memories

    this was a great album. I miss the days when you had to wait to hear a song, wait to see photos from a trip . .. and the only screens were on the TV or in the window.

  6. Riitta Salonen

    this is perfect for me

  7. james daz

    What a mench

  8. Julia English

    Shiver inducing the first time I heard it and it continues nearly 50 years later!

  9. MixedNutsMs

    Happy New Year to the whole world in 2020! May everybodys dreams come true!

  10. Tom Fitzpatrick

    A voice like an Angel!

  11. Set List 2

    Yet ANOTHER Jimmy Webb classic song-writing effort! He penned so many others..."Galveston", "Wichita Lineman", "MacArthur Park"...and on and on and on...

  12. charmane garino

    to the person who broke my heart. this song is for you.

  13. Denise Christie

    That voice, that voice, that voice. You can hear his pain and heartache in each to note, you hear the love too.

  14. Jay Goodwin

    I much prefer Arts angelic voice to Pauls.

  15. Cynthia Kent

    yeah and the Jimmy cx
    makes it the best ever !

  16. Cynthia Kent

    ya kidding - such a great guy - andthe hair - need I say more. curls.
    Make a girl whirl.

  17. Kpax

    nip/tuck great final musical.

  18. Jim Lovejoy

    beautiful song

  19. Vincenzo Gladiator

    Love ❤️❤️ 2019

  20. Victor Lutes

    "Endings come to soon",,, as finalizations to outstanding, bleased songs on vinyl records, and having to arise in mornings for day at work, having been nestled warm in the bed with ones own wife, its painstakling,,

  21. Patricia Scully

    Where is Simon ?

  22. Teresa Catherine

    If someone were to ask me who I thought 2 of the greatest male voices of all time are/were, my picks would be Art Garfunkel and Perry Como. There are many that have superb voices, but these are my favorites.

    John Hunter

    No one ever sang a ballad like Art Garfunkel. Roy Orbison had more sheer vocal talent, but Garfunkel had a delicate quality to his voice that no one before or since has ever had.

  23. Michael Mercier

    What Elvis could have done with this song.

  24. Sandra Jeffares

    The art of memories is impressive November 2019 Sandra

  25. Michael Mitchell

    Chicken little baby

  26. Daventunes

    Prettiest piano licks ever recorded.

  27. Marcos Reis Marcos

    Art com sua voz inconfundível é impossível escutar uma só canção

  28. John Bryant


  29. ImMandyFlyMe

    Haven't listened to this song in... oh, I don't know; TOO long. Art Garfunkel's voice was/is so glorious. Bought this album in Vienna when touring Europe back in 1975. Must go and dig it out and play it again. NOW!

  30. Anna Guerand

    Nip / tuck 😍

  31. John Mollo

    Larry Knechtal.

  32. Norma Verleni

    I love Art’s solo album so much - who needs Paul Simon when you can sing like this. Also prefer this version over his duet with Cher - she kept trying to overpower his vocals & ruined the song for me. Artie doesn’t need anyone to enhance his beautiful sound. He’s the best. 💕💕💕

  33. Jerry Muzak

    I won tickets to see the taping of KISS Unplugged. Me and my sister went. As we were driving towards Sony Studios we were going thru Central Park. Stopped at a red light and sure enough, there's Art, waiting to cross, with a backpack on. I yelled out the window "HEY ART!" and he yells back "HEY YOU!" and I started laughing and so did Art. Then he laughed even harder when my sister yelled out "HEY, WHERE'S PAUL???!!!!" And Art shrugged his shoulders and laughed as he walked on.
    Very cool night. Kiss Unplugged and running into Art Garfunkel. Peace to all.

  34. Jarres Fire fly

    It don't sound perfect at 0.75 but at normal speed it seems to rushed, mabe thats just me.

  35. borderking59

    This song hits you directly in the heart. So beautiful

  36. joe lucia

    too Noreen I will always love till end of time  to bad things didn't work out because of me

  37. Matty G

    Topanga: when people break up they always end up hating each other

    Cory: Well we’re not other people and we could never hate each other.

  38. Foxy Peach

    Always loved this song, but it became very sad and poignant at a relative's funeral. He committed suicide after a painful divorce. This was sung at the funeral...

  39. Terry Felt

    Art was the great singer Paul was the great song writer perfect duel

  40. Nate

    Wow - Art at the end does an incredible vocal! What vocal pyrotechnics starting 2:42.

  41. Sara Clark

    I’m here cause of boy meets world but god damn this song gets me in the feels

  42. Kenneth Pritchard

    Believe that he was a truly underrated performer

  43. Ann Berrios

    love Art's pic. so cute!

    Doc Holliday

    The looks of a "all a american boy!"

    Ann Berrios

    @Doc Holliday I had a major crush on him back in the day.

    Doc Holliday

    So did I and I'm a heterosexual! LOL! He has a voice that anyone can love...

    Ann Berrios

    @Doc Holliday I understand!! He was so collegiate! Remember Paul and Art posing with the college scarves on the Sounds of Silence album?

  44. Mac man

    In this video the Creator's Calendar is revealed:

  45. Sharon Allison


  46. Joannakathryn

    First heard this in October, '73, just about the time I left my first husband. I knew it was the right thing to do, but the song still made me sad. "But the ending always comes at last, Endings always come too fast. They come too fast but they pass too slow..."

  47. Monet Mouling

    did anybody know this song was used for the first time Cory and Topanga broke up in season 3?

  48. Alan Smith

    Endings always come too fsst.

  49. Randy Yates

    I love how you listed the musicians -great! Larry Knechtel was a very fine pianist from the day!

  50. Becky Westfall

    LEGEND!!!! Thats all i KNOW...

  51. Edwin Bitsoe

    ............. a TIMELESS CLASSIC...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Marcos Oliveira Santos

    Simplesmente perfeito, belíssima canção!!!

  53. SN2903

    Best voice ever

  54. Aj Lane


  55. Next New Normal

    Was Art more famous or successful because of Paul Simon? Most likely that is true but did Art have the better voice and the more endearing stage presence? Oh hell yeah! Talent or ability can rarely be measured by success, the very best musicians/singers I've ever heard, never got a record deal, never had a cd with their name on it. So see Paul as the great song writer but don't forget Art as the one who brought more of the songs to life than the man who wrote them.

    Norma Verleni

    So true!!!

  56. Weinstein Cosby

    NIP TUCK rape scene

  57. Mike Bailey

    Thank you Jimmy, Artie's best vocals...

  58. Gary Morton

    when this song came on my old am radio in my 65 chevy I just pulled over and took a breath and enjoyed


    Absolutely beautiful!

  60. Linda Easley

    My favorite post Simon and Garfunkel song . So beautifully done . That's All I Know is worth 5 Paul Simon hits

  61. cellobus

    omg that episode of SNL where Paul totally didn't recognize Art but recognized some random fan in the audience

  62. lory991959 guzman carrasco

    the magic song on his voice
    Art Garfunkel - All I Know
    1.040.105 visualizaciones

  63. stillhidingout

    how beautiful!

  64. cnniz fakenewz

    One needed the other to make this duo.Probably the greatest of all time.

  65. wiseandgreen

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

  66. Gary Jordan

    This song, well, the whole album takes me back to the mid seventies . Two special friends of mine, one of them now gone. God bless them both.

  67. scott kuzminski

    Larry Knechtal also played the gospel style piano on Bridge over Troubled Water, which is how it has that same feel and sweep...

    lighting DID strike twice

  68. scott kuzminski

    Grace Cathedral is also where s and g recorded The Boxer in 1969....

    Has that same echo in the latter lai lai lai part, which itself was meant just as a placeholder till they wrote lyrics, but jusr left it in, it sounded so good

  69. Ederson Cleber Sousa Santos

    Excelente música

  70. Jazmen Darnell Brown

    Simon And Garfuncle They Were One Of The Greatest Growing Up In My Time.
    What a tenor ! How many songs can reach this poignancy ?

  71. Amy Marie

    Gives me chills and never gets old❤️

  72. Paranoid Aykroyd

    Nip/Tuck Season 7 PLEASE!!! 😢

  73. Alan Smith

    Garfunkel a great talent.

  74. David Maholchic

    So dig this

  75. TheKeetkeet66

    so much better than paul simon!

  76. James mazzone jr.

    I recently heard the Five for Fighting's version. It was really done well, but this original version by Art is the best.

  77. Kate O'Connor

    Amazing song and singer

  78. Joe Smith

    Great piano work by the late great Larry Knechtel.

  79. Gary Giampa

    hi sounds great I love it from 1973 thank you the best

  80. A Whiter Shade of Pail

    Drogon to Dany 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  81. 66flamer

    I feel like somehow I have been shot through a Time Tunnel. 9 years ago my friend my girlfriend Alyssa committed suicide. I'm sitting here now barely here. I just want to have this written down. I love you Alyssa I wish you were still here. Just so we could hang out and be. Missing your enormous heart.

  82. Raindeer Projekt

    Wicked smart words... simple epic soothing

  83. P S

    Love has escaped me, somewhere, sometime, someplace, someone, someday.

  84. Mark Morris

    Lovely song and a superb vocal performance. Truly wonderful.

  85. Anita Huie

    Thank you, art, for singing this beautiful song.

  86. Bernadette Castillo

    That’s all I KNOW too!!!🌟😍❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻Thank you🎶👏🏻

  87. FredONeil1

    Ii love this andvhis voice has a pure innocence but some how the 2010 recording of jim webb and linda Ronstadt captures the meaning of the song better . it was her last recording before shevwas silenced by Parkinsons and she came out of retirement to do it for Jim Webb .

  88. pamela cody

    Love this song!

  89. Steven Klein

    The Orville brought me here

  90. John Gates

    Some songs stop me in my tracks when I here them.. This is without question one of them!

  91. Office 5 Points Realty, LLC

    This man could sing the alphabet and it would be awesome!

  92. Anita Huie

    A beautiful song by Jimmy Webb.

  93. George Horn

    Charlotte, I LOVE YOU and that's all I know 💔💔

  94. Br Alan Parham

    Driving around in the snow today feeling happy, loving my life and my vocation, but it was a feeling tinged with sadness because not everyone shares my happiness, and I want them to!  I would feel guilty, but a friend told me recently: "Look at all you went through to get to this point of fulfillment."

  95. louturks23

    A beautiful song and piano piece

  96. Neil Cartwright

    You request next track enjoy

  97. Juan Ruiz Ruiz

    Fue su primer álbum en solitario y lo bordó. Grande Garfunkel.


    "A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave." Mahatma Gandhi