Arnold, Eddy - Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye Lyrics

Kiss me each morning for a million years
Hold me each evening by your side
Tell me you love me for a million years
If it don't work out, if it don't work out
Then you can tell me goodbye

Sweeten my coffee with a morning kiss
Soften my dreams with your sigh
After you've loved me for a million years
If it don't work out, if it don't work out
Then you can tell me goodbye

If you must go I won't grieve
If you'll just wait a lifetime before you leave
But if you must go I won't say no
Just so we can say that we try

Tell me you love me for a million years
If it don't work out, if it don't work out
Then you can tell me goodbye
Then you can tell me goodbye

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Arnold, Eddy Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye Comments
  1. razorbackfilms

    Question did John D Loudermilk or Eddy Arnold record first?

  2. Laura Lou Marbut

    Oh. My. Goodness. I am beyond words to hear this song once more. ~ sigh . . .

  3. Robyn Nunya

    I used to listen to him as a child, I always loved his music especially the Cattle Call. It soothed me to sleep a lot as a kid.

  4. Randy Rogers

    Great bass trombone backup. My favorite song by Eddy Arnold.

  5. Stricklin Bassin

    1000th like

  6. ian moore

    i still listen to him im trying to find a cd lonely again

  7. Lutian Murphy

    One of the champagne country singers !

  8. Johnny Daniels

    Ive heard many many versions of this song. Eddy's in my option is the best...Perry Como next....the rest,,, emotion.

  9. Tristin Beck

    is it me or does that trumpet or trumbone towards the end of the song sound like fart noises lol

  10. gfhuntl

    You can tell Chet Atkins and Floyd Cramer had a part in this great song. Smooth as silk. The best! Gerry in Asheville, NC

  11. Paul Gavin

    When Mr Arnold passed on the world lost something very precious

  12. gfhuntl

    Smooth as silk and so greatly missed. Eddy was one of a kind. Back when country music was really country with style and grace. Gerry in Asheville, NC

  13. Randy Rogers

    What an absolutely rich voice.

  14. Mike Porter

    John D Loudermilk, Bless His Heart

  15. Crafty Things

    You should fix his name in the title. Eddy.

  16. tessie tyson

    Best version by anyone. You can almost see him saying these words to his lady.

  17. JoUrlacher

    I love you Mel 😍

  18. Robert Sturtz

    I like and love all his songs

  19. Bill Connely

    His music is the greatest. Thank the Lord for loaning his voice to us for the short time he was on this old earth.

  20. Sharon Black

    This is sp ectacular music !!

  21. Cheryl Sloan

    Still love this song.

  22. JohnLeePedimore

    John D. Loudermilk wrote this.

  23. Chad Miller

    Finally finally found the version I wanted

  24. barry mcknight

    a perfect country gentleman. a calm and peaceful talent. it is a pleasure to listen to eddy,s songs. his music is an insperation to all who take the time to listen.

  25. James Breitenbach

    Eddy...!!! Hellooo..

  26. Tucker Nelson

    The instrumental intro isn't here!



  28. zeb quakenbush

    Perfect dating song.

  29. Caboose

    Best version in my humble opinion :)

    Khethelo Zungu

    I'm inclined to agree.

  30. trevor dupuy

    What year was this recorded?

    theresa bollman

    Don Cherry 1962, Casinos 1967, Eddy 1968, and Neal McCoy 96.

  31. Hal Bullard

    Great Eddy tune. I remember my parents slow dancing to this in the living room all the time when I was a kid.

  32. Roger Karstensen

    Great performer:)

  33. Bruce Preece

    Eddy Arnold is the greatest country singer ever

    Roger Winslow

    Oh yeah. Such purity of range.

  34. Ricky Walker

    I love this song as well.

  35. cast390

    My dad used to have this on 8 trk tape.I wore that tape out. I loved this song ever since I was a kid.

  36. Mark Schulz

    I love it this song.

  37. Corbett Whorley

    I mean Eddy Arnold

  38. Corbett Whorley

    Eddie Arnold is my cousin but I never met him

    Clive Garlow

    Now that really is a damn shame.

  39. MarylandGOP

    Ok who uploaded this as Eddie Arnold - Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye when clearly on the album cover it is spelled "Eddy Arnold?"

  40. swinedance

    The best way to sing the song is straight forward. It is a good song. You don't have to embellish it.

  41. Mick Robo

    abzent friendz

  42. Lydia Aldea

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!  Great song!

  43. mrob75

    Eddy's been gone now for only about 6 years but his songs continue to live on.  Normally, I don't care for remakes, but this version of the Casino's big hit, "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" is better than the original.  I think this is  Eddy at his best.

  44. Bryan Carlson

    Beyond beautiful !!!   :)

  45. minniewheeler

    No one sings it better.

  46. LSUfanhere

    snuck off to our camper with a girl I met to make out. we were both 14. grabbed an 8 track belonging to my dad to have was an Eddie Arnold. heard his voice and we just sat there and listened to the whole tape!! we were both amazed and couldn't stop listening to his beautiful voice and the beautiful words! we never made out, but I'll never forget that day!


    +LSUfanhere - Great story . . . :-) Thanks for sharing it.

  47. Melissa Stull

    I didn't think I'd ever heard an Eddy Arnold song. He was my grandmother's fave singer.

  48. eugene parra

    This Man was just the greatest, love this song and way he sings it.

  49. MatthewStruyf

    I played this song to my Ex-Wife on our wedding night. A few years later I played it again for her and asked her if she remembered it. She had no memory of me playing it. She also forgot when my birthday was after being married for 7 years. I love this song and I thought it was a perfect song to play for her. I guess I was supposed to play it for someone else.

  50. Dennis Bond

    His last number 1 song was Cowboy in 1976

  51. mkl62

    Another #1 hit for Eddy Arnold on the Country & Western charts. It was the 149th #1 C&W song of the Rock Era. It also hit #1 on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks charts. It also hit #6 on the Hot Adult Contemporary charts.

  52. Hershel Marise

    think maybe he was glad the colonel let him go when he started to manage Elvis

  53. rup aina

    any one having -Eddie Arnold " Daddy's Little Girl mp3 plz send link

  54. whitefalcon64

    The greatest version ever of this song !! Thanks for posting and greetings from Spain

  55. felixbautista

    I love Eddy Arnold - one of my fave country singers. Thanks for uploading.

  56. sheltv100

    This was released in 1969.