Armin Van Buuren - Turn This Love Around Lyrics

What’s the point of hiding
We know what’s here inside
We know we can’t deny
I don’t know how to start it
But I won’t give up this fight
’cause I ‘gotta know we tried

There’s no reason we should stop believing
we can turn this love around
we can do this
I know we’ll get through it
If we turn this love around
Turn it around [x3]
Baby, turn it around
Turn this love around [x5]

Daylight turns to darkness
Seasons fade away
But I know nothing here has change
‘Cause we’re getting through the heart aches
And some would fall astray
But I know our love still remains

There’s no reason we should stop believing
We can turn this love around
We can do this
I know we’ll get through it
If we turn this love around
Turn it around [x3]
Baby, turn it around
Turn this love around [x5]

I know we can
Don’t give up on that
Turn this love around

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Armin Van Buuren Turn This Love Around Comments
  1. Jason Carter

    Still such a classic. Love it. Amazing.

  2. Fadi Al Dajjani

    this track deserves more likes and Armin deserves more subscribers

  3. Claude Monete

    ❤❤❤TURN THIS LOVE AROUND❤❤❤❤❤💙💛❤👐

  4. nestor rojas

    Esto es lo máximo !!

  5. Arturo Ariel

    2019 🇵🇾

  6. Claude Monete


  7. Arturo Ariel

    2018 🇵🇾

  8. Norvi Castaneda

    This song deserves a MV.

  9. jan wandelaar

    mooi track nog steeds 2018

  10. Madzz zzialena

    love this song 😍😍

  11. Rogerio Silva

    Na minha opinião a mehor música do Album

  12. đěęp đøwņ


  13. coolready00

    What an amazing song!!

  14. TheBrowni12

    69 people can't literally turn this love around :D

  15. Mario odierno

    Nervo & Armin Van Buuren: Two different styles ... Nervo plays House and Armin trance , but recently he wants to improve playing house, progressive. However trance is the AVB style!! Great song!!❤️

  16. Any Roma

    like it!!

  17. Matias Porcel Porcel

    Q bien tema!

  18. Furry Scythe

    Nervo: Pryda Snares
    AvB: He did the rest

    Seriously, no freaking NERVO track sounds like this.

  19. Rob Fenlon Fitness

    There is such a great remix of this by starkillers

  20. Malhar Memon

    this song makes my heart tick...! so many times

  21. Mikey T.

    This song deserves so many more views and likes! Amazing song!!

  22. Raymond Leggs

    64 people cant turn this love around...

    Music Lover

    +Raymond Leggs 65 :c

    Mario odierno

    +Music Lover 69 ... :(

  23. Felipe de Alencar

    I love this ❤❤❤❤❤

  24. Jim bob Joe

    348,401 VIEWS THIS IS A JOKE !!!

  25. Z. S.

    Perfect song

  26. Courtesy of Perception

    Bonita canción! llena de energía

  27. Oliver Roycroft

    Great song to dance to.

  28. RecapHD

    Armin. Geweldig!

  29. Christian Berg

    No playlist needed , just repeat it since One hour. What a Song , i Love it

  30. Enrique Torres

    Armin van buuren is by far the #1dj in my opinion

  31. Natalyia

    very nice


    lo maximo que buena musica

  33. Denizar Alvarenga

    Very very very nice

  34. Jose Mascitti

    this this .... incrible this is Armin van Buuren !!!

  35. Mourning Paul Baumer

    170k ? o.O More, more. 

  36. Nasrin Khosravi

    Beautiful vocal !!!

  37. Kimo GamesVEVO

    Awsm song i love it

  38. Ginés Nicolás García

    I've got the More Intense Edition! :D

  39. Trance Music station

    Armin, Armin, where is the time when you play your music (2005 - 2008). Now I still play all round commercial nonsense. It sucks. You've changed. It's not the good old Armin van Buuren. It is sad. It's not the super relaxed trance music. It's for the masses. So you took more people who have never trance listening. What are you playing now is a commercial trance. I do not like it and more and more often lately I listen to Mark Khoen. He plays fair trance. And I listened to your music for about 8 years nonstop.

  40. jhonny mendoza castrillon


  41. sara benali

    love this one !

  42. Helder Capelo

    best track of the album and much better than the remix

  43. Daniel Kim

    i love this song

  44. Jesus Javier Peña Palazzi

    Just awesome *-*

  45. Luis Felipe Altamirano Mendoza

    The feelieng in this one makes me feel like the Mirange single "Youtopia" its the sweet and shiny side of the giant Armin ¡¡¡

  46. israel lozano salas

    esta musica me pone en relax temaso armin van buuren

  47. labakais16

    cool i prefer Armin's music

  48. Samuel samu

    I prefer David Guetta.

  49. Vali Tufan

    Tomorrow Armin will be Nr. 1 again!!!

  50. Perpetje

    There's no reason we should stop believing
    We can turn this love around
    We can do this, I know we'll get through it
    If we turn this love around <3

  51. Max White

    In my opinion, the most "dissapointing" track from his last album. Still good, but not as good as it Armin should do (just my opinion)

  52. Romario Thartori

    its groovy voice instead of the melancholic trance-type , its nice to change sometimes ;-)

  53. MonieSch.

    ¡Que voz!

  54. cnc 1

    ・゚‘゚*.:。 ✿*゚‘゚・◈♫ ♬♪♩♭♪◈*.:。 ✿*゚‘゚・

  55. xxsnipehshotxx

    lucky :D but beautiful life probably sounds better on 7.1

  56. felixlozano14

    True am playing on 7.1 surround sound, sounds AMAZING!

  57. juano402

    35 people doesn't have audio in the pc

  58. Gürkan Hazar

    ıts like 90's

  59. Naaza Agnello


  60. Lucas Matheus

    you mirin ? blargh ...

  61. ATGFitness


  62. Sophie Cheng

    the vocal didnt sound like Armin's style~but i love the melody~

  63. Mario Bladimir López López

    bullshit... I want the real Armin

  64. Nestor Amaya

    Armin you are the king

  65. yan leiva

    Buenísimo !!!

  66. Amel Ben Ammar

    This song reminds me In and out of love

  67. Jérôme

    I think it's my favorite of the album !

  68. AresTheGod

    your right...this sucks, it has no emotion at all, his mirage album was way better.

  69. Lin Den

    simply stunning! . i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. i am telling you, your address and mail id is enough to receive ur ipad3. have a try and enjoy :) >>>

  70. Maik Nowack

    kann ich nur bestätigen........

  71. EnigmaticVoyager

    take a listen to armin only 2006, and you'll hear real trance

    intense is filled with poor trop/trouse sounds (90%)

  72. Martin Solorio Acevedo


  73. Luis Carlos

    its a VS lol...

  74. EnigmaticVoyager

    not trance...

  75. SkyScourgeGod

    This is officially my favorite song of 2013 by Armin van Buuren! I can't get enough of his track! Thank you so much for giving us such great tracks to listen to! I am forever a fan! :D

  76. Luger16

    Why not? I ♥ it

  77. Alex Rangel


  78. David Niemira

    Yes. It´s new. 2013

  79. Matthew Bastidas

    Para participar en el Campus Playa

  80. Maryann Barrowman

    great wee track cant wait to get it and the remixes :)

  81. Cassie Ballard

    This is a pretty good song :)

  82. mrplinks

    this is honestly terrible.

  83. Sven Jörns

    Don't forget google play Armin_van_Buuren_Intense?id=Bnn6ctnwyzvyxzmch7jyxvu7utq

  84. hellivee7

    best album ive bought this year. do it, you won't regret it!

  85. fredjones74

    i should prolly buy this album.

  86. haiyah6

    sounds like circuit music.. bleh..


    I think it the best of intense

  88. Ricardo Baldelomar

    Ta bueno che

  89. Marcelo

    The best from Intense for me.

  90. brian ferguson

    do not care

  91. labakais16

    no offense but sounds like avicii

  92. Iain McNabb

    -_-, Its part of his NEW album which is being compiled of new tracks, so yes it is new

  93. as0t

    Armin when you come to Portugal?

  94. Pablo Navarro

    Follow my cousin on IG Alan_956

  95. Amr Abdelaziz

    Armin wil remain the best in everything, keep it up Armin we all love u