Armin Van Buuren - Sound Of The Drums Lyrics

My heart is a beating drum
Moves mountains it’s so strong
My love is a silent song
Everybody moves
Everybody moves

And I wait all day, I won’t give up
’till the sound of the drums bring you back to love
And I wait all day, I won’t give up
’till the sound of the drums bring you back to love

Back to love
Back to love

And I wait all day, I won’t give up
’till the sound of the drums bring you back to love
And I wait all day, I won’t give up
’till the sound of the drums bring you back to love

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Armin Van Buuren Sound Of The Drums Comments
  1. Aryan Ehmer

    now there is nothing like this track .sadly

  2. The Immortal

    By far one of the best vocals !

  3. thebringoo

    Oh snap! It's Laura Jansen who singing this track? I love her since Use Somebody

  4. Mateusz Roszak


  5. KiproS


  6. jesus alberto montes calleros

    Mi favorite song of armin

    Tage beevolve

    Intense album best forever

  7. Volkan Ülkü

    King is burningg

  8. MrKielas6

    1:30 :D

  9. Fra Nk

    Was war das für eine geile Zeit

  10. Ritz Zyro

    Underrated beast

  11. Erik Kjellsson

    2020 and still awesome right?

  12. Melanie Guerrero

    Damn se necesitan mas de estas canciones extraño el trance de antes de armin 🖤😪

  13. Lipe Lefeu

    Muito massa essa em especial o Album eu gosto de todas musicas o Armin van Buuren é Melhor Dj do Mundo..

  14. Nicola Notari

    Sono fantastiche tutte le musiche Di Armin BURENN NICONOTARI 123GMAIL COM

  15. Juliosuriel Juli

    Me fascina está me eriza la piel con escuchar esta musika armin van buureen

  16. Viktor Muhoray

    Fantastic Laura

  17. Guydo Heredia

    Armin van Buuren was the king of this music style,and he will olways be!!!!!! THANCK YOU for all this beautiful music !!!!

  18. Fajar Aulia

    2019 anyone?

  19. 詹偉錡

    2019 still listening

  20. Claude Monete


  21. daniel ferreira

    Top essa música

  22. megaera2988

    This is a such powerful yet pure song ! Way better than a lot of their pop beats from Armin !

  23. Tim Anon

    This song along with the Sofie Baxter one saved my marriage. Back a few years - still strong 9 years later!

  24. S F

    mi favorita de todo el album :D


    Sounds like this can make any person in this world fall in love with trance music.

  26. moka ASOT


  27. Link Inn Hotel


  28. Oscar Rodríguez

    Que gran legado está dejando Armin con estas canciones :'), el trance es vida.

  29. Damian Wiktorowicz

    When 2mln??????

  30. Xenomorpheus

    I can't get enough of this.

  31. The_Slo0omE

    2019? <3

  32. Luis Azevedo


  33. skyblue

    2019 anyone ??

  34. Gabriela Aragao


  35. Koireng Ng.

    2019 anyone guys

  36. L.M.

    RTLZ 😍 found this song by the lyrics.

  37. Mandy Hernandez

    Estoy aquí recordando este gran clásico que marcó mi alma mis lágrimas corren en mi rostro cuando recuerdo el momento con Armin en Guatemala Asot 2013 🙏💔 terminando el año diciembre 2018 🙏❤️

  38. Dan Brown

    Amazing mix I wish I was at tomorrowland to hear this live keep up the good work your music is loved over here in scotland😉 👌👌👌👌👌

  39. Sergio Tatis Anaya

    2018 😍
    I Love This Song, Is Perfect 😍

  40. Miguel Merida

    Una mas a mi repertorio que nunca se cansa de escuchar gracias a Armin mis seciones de ejercicio son más que activas

  41. Asad Anees

    1:30 ♡
    Trance forever 🔥
    2018 ?

  42. Shivam Patel

    Like a prayer❤️❤️

  43. Sergio Tatis Anaya

    Aún la escucho en el 2018 😍

  44. NurhaBlurs

    this song totally rape my ears

  45. 이재혁

    a song for now

  46. Abdelmalek Herida

    august 2018

  47. Tom Lenny

    Suuuuuuuuper 💎🌎

  48. Ishan Blak

    @Armin please make a badass comeback!!

  49. oerni79

    Thank you @arminvanbuuren for this really awesome Track 😊🎧🔊

  50. bangor adul

    Ntill now and still one of the best

  51. pontape123

    Hands up if you listen to this song in 2018! #muchlove

  52. Lorenzo Stenca


  53. Harnis MJ Infinity

    The times when armin was into trance ♥️😭

  54. Jessica Belcher


  55. Rebellion Amit

    2018 anyone?

  56. Nada Elasri

    2018 ❤

  57. Katie Prochaska

    Seriously one of the best songs! 2018 and still love this! Amazing to see in person at edc Chicago!!

  58. bash


  59. Jonathan Gallagher

    Still listening May 2018 :D

  60. luis perez

    2018 ❤️❤️

  61. blackbull84

    She sounds like Leann Rimes

  62. sooraj nair

    If you guys love this song so why only 14 like only ???

  63. Edii EdmTV

    This track make me cry 😭

  64. Arun Manuel

    It's 2018 and it still makes me feel like I am listening to it for the first time.....

  65. Junaid Aslam

    Hey, may i use this song on my video or there would be a copy right issue. Pls tell me the solution. How can i put it on my video

  66. ᴅʀ. ʀᴜᴅᴇ

    Its 2018 and I still got goosebumps.🌵

  67. David Santos

    2018 ??

  68. vlad dkhar

    6 year my girlfriend left but I still in love with her

  69. Petak Rawks

    2018 and still in love with this💕😍

  70. Saket

    This the beauty of trance! really this feels me "INTENSE"

  71. Norma Deharbe


  72. Onur Ates

    2018! A true evergreen...

  73. davidleeswaguer

    algeria 2018



  75. Waneck WNK

    1:30 lloro de la emoción por esta sublime canción love Armin

  76. Ayush Bansal

    2017 and it's still in MA mind

  77. Astr0z

    This is a song that will always make my heart beat fast

  78. Tarmo P

    Real classic trance. Very good song.

  79. Gabriela Samson

    Hands up if you listen to this song in 2017! :)

  80. Matthew

    Still loving this song in 2017 💙💜

  81. Edit Cucuta


  82. Moongoddess2410

    Hands up if you listen to this song in 2017 @ShanaHaniqqa #muchlove

  83. Ueli Riahi

    i dont know why but i love chickens

  84. DarkSpac3_Music

    I'm in love with this song 😍

  85. AdynaAnto

    2017 & forever! ❤

  86. Jefferson Calle

    alguien sabe como descargar las canciones de Armin alguna pagina

  87. Fred L

    Your the king

  88. stanchung69

    its 2017 and just as great

  89. hirech baghdad belkhire

    01-09-2017 and still a great tune

  90. Ernest Solis

    I love this Song!! Its amazing

  91. Nidia Santos

    Just AWESOME!!!

  92. Franchesco Totti

    4 años han pasado y ciento que es la primera vez que la escucho denuevo y sigire esperando a esa chava no me rendiré un hasta que los sonidos del tambor le devuelva el amor