Armin Van Buuren - I Surrender Lyrics

Everybody’s seeking meaning
A place to call a home
Something to believe in before we’re gone

Everybody’s seeking comfort
Someone to be a friend
A hand to hold on to in times of pain

I need some love
I need to heal
The ache of no reason has taken its toll

I think it’s time for giving up
I think it’s time for giving in

Too tired to fight
All I am I give to you
You are home
In you I feel my meaning

I surrender, I surrender
Surrender, surrender
I surrender

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Armin Van Buuren I Surrender Comments
  1. Ivan Babojelic

    Relax and drive



  3. Виктор Зубель

    Why this track is so undervalued... I barely remember this track was anywhere played. But it's so grate. The vocal and music - amazing!

  4. Paweł Kowalski


  5. Angry moon

    I used to listen to it when I was younger now I'm 30. It brings a lot of memories to my mind

    Tausif khan

    Really time flyz

    Allen Shaw

    Hi i am fifty next month this never grows old why should you, past years are the best, same as the music enjoy .

  6. SkylineTrance

    When Armin was Armin...

    Fuck_asshole iran

    Of course you are right !!!!

  7. Stijn de blauwe

    very underestimated track. it's wonderful!

  8. Herma

    great tune get in the mix you are the greatest Armin Gby

  9. CaptainSlowE92

    Loved this track since hearing it for the first time. This is trance at its best; I just close my eyes and pretend I’m flying through the clouds. 😍

  10. Gamer In A Trance

    Can someone explain to me why the vocals for Armin van Buuren feat. Cathy Burton - Rain are in the description box for this video?

  11. TheOne42

    One of my all time favorites Vocal trance songs.
    the melody.. the vocals.. the energy.. simply AMAZING tune.

  12. Vasiliy Fadejev

    Another masterpiece. One of my fav top tunes!

  13. Irenicussly


    Best techno/trance music ever. Ever.

  14. Mz_Polska

    love the vocals !! ♥

    Hishem Ab

    Mz_Polska woooow. Pretty smile