Armin Van Buuren - Burned With Desire Lyrics

For each forgotten kiss
For all the memories
For all the times a look
Said all we had to say

You played your part so well
A modern Romeo
You came on Cupid's wings
And then you flew away

When you touch my face
When you call my name
I burned with desire

When you touch my face
When you call my name
I burned with desire
But you left me in the rain

For every sleepless night
Forever in your arms
For every hour spent
Lost in the reverie

You broke your promises
No shame and no regrets
You burned the bridges too
An endless mystery

When you touch my face
So beautiful
When you call my name
My name..
I burned with desire

When you touch my face
So beautiful
When you call my name
My name..
I burned with desire
But you left me in the rain

When you touch my face
So beautiful
When you call my name
My name..
I burned with desire

When you touch my face
When you call my name
I burned with desire
But you left me in the rain

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Armin Van Buuren Burned With Desire Comments
  1. nilay majumder

    My favourite genre vocal trance

  2. AJ86 !

    2020 !!!

  3. Sheih Airsoft

    MEGA Ахуенный трек, несу его в своей душе сквозь года.

  4. Andrzej Zieliński

    2019 December

  5. Alexis Cortés

    Por siempre vive la Música Trance

  6. Ana Acs

    🌷Be patient , my sun !❤

  7. Taif Motor Sport

    Big track!!! The best

  8. PoDxBoT

    0:00 - 0:15 track????? please

  9. Siki's

    2019. and counting

  10. Igor Morozov


  11. Jonathon A

    2019 ? 😍

  12. Gene Lee

    2019 and I'm still listening to AvB and Justine Suissa :) ~XRP

  13. Samantha AAaa

    2019 still listening this real trance !!!

  14. Wim Van Gelder

    Love it. When trance was trance!

  15. Beefy B

    2019!!! Still a tune!! 🙌🙌🙌

  16. Naim Bhollah

    Still alive 🤘

  17. Amadeo Fitipaldi

    This is an eternal anthem!

  18. Igor Morozov


  19. GielMugr Music Production

    2019 and still listening to this one!

  20. Davor Horvat

    2019....release burned with desire Vs ride The wave

  21. ahmed elfiky

    2019 and still..

  22. Brigita Daunoraite

    So so amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️ I wanna cry... Such a feelings...❤️2019❤️

  23. Identidad Corporativa

    ...cuando Armin era Armin y el trance era esa esencia que trascendía el tiempo, el espacio, las memorias... que nunca se olvidaba, que generaba una emoción y alucinación extraordinaria mientras se escuchaba la nitidez de cada sonido, cada melodía, cada arpegio... ahora.. si.. lo comercial es tan efímero que no dan ganas ni de escucharlo.. prefiero los remix de los clásicos.

  24. leszcz18

    For me, best trance tune ever made. So many feelings with this track, oh..

  25. Антон Кострыкин

    Не умерающий ХИТ !! Спасибо за классную ,душевную музыку!

  26. Ross G.

    Those days when talent was everything and not the look 👏

  27. Mehdi Moujahed

    good all times .....

  28. GreG Zloi

    still here

  29. Bread Burner

    Thank you Armin... you were always the bravest of us all

  30. MegaKaiser45

    Barely 1+M vieews? Unbelievable. Most people have no good taste at all and meanwhile plastic generic music is out there and still has no answered for its crimes.

    Trance is my religion!

  31. Jack Loon

    Listening in 2019....


    Name of the song at the beginning of the video plssss

  33. Moey A


  34. Jose Napoli

    Best vocal of the trance music. Beautitul song.

  35. Klavair 89


    For each forgotten kiss,
    For all the memories,
    For all the times a look,
    Said all we had to say,

    You played your part so well,
    A modern Romeo,
    You came on Cupids wings,
    And then you flew away,

    When you touched my face
    When you call my name
    I'm burned with desire

    When you touched my face,
    When you call my name,
    I'm burned with desire,

    But you left me in the rain

    For every sleepless night,
    Forever in your arms,
    For every hour spent,
    Lost in the reverie,

    You broke your promises,
    No shame and no regrets,
    You burned the bridges too,
    An endless mystery.

    When you touched my face (So beautiful)
    When you call my name (My name)
    I'm burned with desire

    But you left me in the rain

  36. Krzysztof Witek

    Piękne - kocham

  37. Matheus Bandeira


  38. Евгений Скворцов

    Лайк из 2019

  39. Hemant Bisht

    Miss those days. It hurts :(

  40. anso mell

    Primero En 2008 y ahora otra vez 2019 ... 😪😫😥

  41. Cooldude 22

    Wow Armin Van Buuren those were the days!

  42. Cristofer Daniel Moreno Garcia

    Soy gay armin te amo

  43. crazyg74

    the voice of an angel

  44. Abdiel Abrego

    mi genero favorito .saludo desde panama❤🇵🇦

  45. John Devlin

    Still sounding good in 2019 👌

  46. Dafne García

    2019 😍💿

  47. Jesus Palacios

    2019 ??

  48. Colourful 999 Real

    The flying Ducht

  49. Chillzone

    o:56 jeff

  50. DajMan

    Miss those days...

  51. Антон Морковников

    Justine is forever. Best voice in vocal trance ever

  52. Evenstar KRS OFFICIAL


  53. Chris K.

    You let me in the rain, you broke your prommises

  54. kamazilo1


  55. Fredyamaya Amaya

    Armin van buuren saludos desde El Salvador

  56. victor zamorano

    best ever

  57. elver gonzalez

    Alguien en el 2018

  58. AQ19

    AO 2011 Poznań -POLAND
    BEST EVENT EVER ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  59. Wiesław Lewandowski

    Piękna kobieta

  60. Osama Bin laden

    , justine🤩

  61. Marko Haapalainen

    [email protected]

  62. Marko Haapalainen

    loweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is best thing this world tanks calaxy

  63. Tulus Hamdani

    #ASOT886 brought me here

  64. FresitoP Mercatus


  65. Gayrat Allayorov

    2k18 10 14 слушал пиослезилься

  66. Cielo Gonzalez

    2018 😍

  67. Markus Savelsberg

    This tune is a 1 of my faworit tracks bring my power in my heart thank Armin and justine so very nice music Form heaven

  68. Hdgfhh Jvfyedh

    Trance is a something else than music...

  69. Beverley O,sullivan

    Wow absolutley this one of armins classics . Such power

  70. глобус пропил

    какого хуя так мало просмотров а пидоры!

  71. Ricky bass

    Listening 2018 !!!!

  72. Omar Ashraf

    2018 ❤

  73. Rebel

    nostalgia <3

  74. Jacknicknila


  75. deutschesmaedchen

    Wow, the beautiful stuff he used to produce and the garbage status he’s brought electronic music to. Pathetic.

  76. Bruno Miranda

    Somebody knows the name of the music intro?

  77. Depp Dark

    *I love TRANCE*



  79. Idanor Glazier

    I hearing that track from 2003 (I guess 1500+ times and more! this is my 1 st favorite track!!!!)! thank's Armin!!!!

  80. Bruno Miranda

    Listening in 2018!

  81. Стас Зверев

    2018 and this song so good! I miss that time <3

  82. Jonathon Kearney

    Looks like she's lip syncing..

  83. Roberto Cesar Muñoz Salazar

    Alguien sabe como se llama la canción que es el intro antes de comenzar el video

  84. DL.

    Oh my days goosebumps.

  85. angela cabrera

    TRANCE !!!<3

  86. Angel Hernández Pèrez

    Hermosa canción 😚

  87. smutek222

    This song is wonderful!

  88. Adzerk

    What concert was this?

  89. Aliu_Q60 A

    Let’s goooo!!!!!

  90. mAus i

    name intro 1st music please !!!