Arjun - Alone Lyrics

Girl, I don't wanna be (alone)
I know you don't wanna be (alone)
(I know you don't)
Girl I don't wanna be (alone)
I know you don't wanna
(I know you don't)
Wanna be alone

Peeti ni daaru par mainu chad di na
Bas tuhi mera nasha hor tere koi wargi na, uh
Main mar jawa je tu mere utte mardi na
I wanna hold you close jad tu hath mera fad di na, uh uh

Bas tainu main chahwan
Hor kise nu sinne na lawaan
Dil tera dhak-dhak karda taiyon tere kol kol awaan
Bull tere kehnde na na
Par akhan kehndiyan kol aaja
Tahiyon main tere kol aayaan

Te ajj naiyo hona tetho door
Laina poora pyar da saroor
Dilon baby hoya majboor
Rehna nai main rehna tetho door

Hona main hona ni alone
Hona main hona ni alone
Hona main hona ni alone
Hona main hona ni alone

I can see in your eye you don't wanna be lonely
Baby there's no deny and I know what you told me.
It's when you miscalls how you're missing me badly
You need me as bad as I need you, you feel me
Tonight I'ma break it down
I can be the man you can't live without
I can be the fire you can't put off
Like a boomerang I'ma come around
In a twenty minutes
I'ma see that you finish
Don't be get it sentimental
Like I do it for you better
Than the gentleman you are messing with
Better be believing it,
I can be the enemy, the fiend for the hell of it

Close your lips, there's no need to speak
Cause your eyes tell the whole story

Main ajj naiyo hona taitho door
Laina poora pyar da saroor
Dilon baby hoya majboor
Rehna nai main rehna tetho door

Girl, I don't wanna be (alone)
I know you don't wanna be (alone)
Girl, I don't wanna be (alone)
(I know you don't)
I know you don't wanna
(I know you don't) (alone)
Wanna be alone
(Hona main hona ni)
(Hona main hona ni)
(Hona main hona ni)
(I know you don't)
(Hona main hona ni)

Girl, you bring the vibe
Let's forget about time
Nasha vi peya bathera
Let's light up the night

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