Arion - Watching You Fall Lyrics

Priceless, you think you're flawless
You'd sell your soul for the fortune and the fame
Useless, you are so worthless
A human stain that we need to wash away

There is no price that you won't pay
No part that you won't play
You need to make it so the page today 'cause
Your story has been told
Your soul already sold
The truth so cold it makes you kneel and crawl
I'll enjoy watching you fall

Ruthless, you are so hopeless
Do what it takes just to make it to the page
Famous for being so famous
It's all the same, everyone knows your name

Your beauty is fleeting and fame will fade fast
The life you are leading, the shadow you cast
You're no one, mean nothing at all
All that you were never mattered anyway

All that you are is a portrait of years of decline
Treated with blood and tears, the lies,
The pride sacrificed
Your fall will be fast and we will forget you
We've all grown to hate you
And sooner or later you will hate you too

You're dead to the world
You can't even look yourself in the eye
You're dead to the world

Don't pretend, you're dead to the world
You've made your bed and in it you'll lie
You're dead to the world
This is the end

Don't pretend, you'll never be on the page again
This is the end, you'll never make it again
You're dead to the world

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