Arion - Lost Lyrics

So brittle and broken,
Loved only in her prayers
A little girl lies in her bed
Hears footsteps on the stairs
So hollow and hopeless
Her sleepless night awaits
Likee a twists dream where
Love takes a violent shape

So lost

She tries to live
Forget, forgive
So filled with fear
"Please take me away, out of here"
Her distination is slavation
She's not lost

She buries the sorrow
Dires every tear that falls
Her pain keeps fading
Until there's nothing
'Til she doesn't hurt at all
An angel calls her and
She's no longer weak
"Child take my hand
And fly away with me"


You'll learn to live
Forget, forgive
I'm always near
I'll take you away, out of here
Our destination is salvation
You're not lost

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Arion Lost Comments
  1. Troy Armitage

    Amazing album guitars vocals everything top notch.

  2. BlutBad

    Suomi perkele Torilla tavataan

  3. Torbjörn Dalberg

    After discovering power metal about a month ago, I've been scouring youtube looking for good bands. Found some very good ones, but I always felt like there had to be something better, some band that really nailed everything I love about this music. Tonight I've listened to four of Arion's songs, each of which left me thinking "Holy crap, that was amazing!" and I think I can say I've finally found the band I've been looking for.


    Torbjörn Dalberg There is a ton of great power and symphonic metal out there. Arion is great symphonic.

    Man of the north

    Finland delivers again.

  4. Paklur Svetlanovna

    oh back then when UMK was filled with awesome songs. This song was my favorite but they pick Krista instead lol
    but they made me discovered this awesome band!

  5. Búri

    this band has to be one of my favourite new discoveries. Arion are just sooooo good.

  6. Serge Tartare

    une nouvelle écoute de tous les titre de ARION ist wonderfull !!!!!!

  7. Serge Tartare


  8. Paul Harrington

    Came across this band on spotify under goddess of metal with their song ft elize totally jamming to all their songs now. haha

  9. tee nsche

    i love this song !!!!!

  10. Carlos Mujica E.


  11. KyesMusic

    Let's see lil wayne or any other rap "artist" pull this off.


    +KyesMusic Thanks for posting this. Arion is a hidden gem - love finding these unknown PM bands.


    No reason to hate on other art. Comparing two different styles like that makes 0 sense.

    Apostolos Farmakis

    modern rap is not art! They basically talk about how to give drugs and money to your gf to gangbang her