Arion - Last Of Us Lyrics

Winter night, hours of black and white
Haunted road with slowly fading footprints in the snow

Fallen trees, as far as I can see
Dreadful destruction near complete
Will be soon forever sealed

Our world is the place it should not be
And I believe we have destroyed our dream

What have we done?
Now all we had is gone
We've lied, we've stayed alive
We have drowned, we've sold our pride
What have we done?
We've cried for thousand nights
When the last candle dies
We'll be waiting for sunrise
One last time

Pointless war, era of peace was torn
Like before, In the end there's no one on the throne

We let go, no one cared anymore
Then we forgot all we stood for
Set on fire our land adored

Is there a reason why we've fought?
And once more pride comes before the fall

After sinless blood's been sacrificed
The earth will be purified
Our appetite now satisfied (but never justified)
Light up the last candle and let it burn bright

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