Arion - At The Break Of Dawn Lyrics

And I know
We have to run before we're at the break of dawn

No one can win this war
Wisest to close that door
To erase what we've adored
The memories and the dreams we have lived for

It's the time to kill this fear
We're both degenerating year by year
I thought it would be always clear
'Til the end we both had sworn to be sincere

Crossed the line too many times, our world is upside down
Can't go on, it's the time to turn around

And I know
We have to let it go
Escape before we lie on ocean floor
I know
When all the hope is gone
We have to run before we're at the break of dawn

No one turned the hourglass
Forget and leave the past behind
And I will always ask
Why anything that's beautiful can't last

It's the time to make it right
Turn back and walk towards the light
The dark can be turned bright
We'll end this twisted fairytale tonight

Close your eyes for just one time and lose your paradise
All we had is gone, it must be sacrificed

And I know
We have to let it go
Escape before we lie on ocean floor
And I know
When all the hope is gone
We have to run before we're at the break of dawn

And I know
We have to let it go
Escape before we lie on ocean floor
And I know
When all the hope is gone
We have to run before we're at the break of dawn
We have to let it go
Escape before we lie on ocean floor
And I know
When all the hope is gone
We have to run before we're at the break of dawn

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Arion At The Break Of Dawn Comments
  1. cesar resende

    Alguém sabe os nomes de banda de brutal death metal aí pra passa quero umas músicas que tenha velocidade

  2. Sixth Sanctum Media

    Epic!!! 😎👍🎸

  3. R Shirley

    Elize Ryd is a very talented musician, she is also incredibly hot.

  4. Cássio Mello

    If I had to choose, be rich or marry Elize, I was married.

  5. enniseelia


  6. Bruno Macedo

    Outstanding Intro and awesome vocals!

  7. Psydrei

    I feel sorry for all of you that can't feel beyond the sung words

  8. quasi-evil

    came for Elize, stayed for Arion. And, ya know, Elize. (:

  9. Curajles huplik


  10. Natasha mmm

    There voice's go well together. Love this song. 🙂

  11. Miguel Ángel Torres López

    Me encantan

  12. arvin ghanadzadeh

    Cheese metal

  13. AOR City

    She so hot!

  14. Elliott Barratt

    Please can you do this again with stereo guitars? It'd be so much better if double tracked...

  15. Kelyaan

    This wannabe dive shit is annoying

  16. Jarno Kangasniemi

    Jeah 🙃

  17. Sejin Lim

    Arion is going to play live at ProgPower metal festival next September 2020 in Atlanta. First time in USA. Can’t wait!


    жир 👍

  19. V K

    I see Lassi and I like.

  20. Dmitriy Sinyavskiy

    Elize so natural here without very long fake lashes

  21. Yuriy Shcheglovitov

    I like Liz.

  22. Jörgen B

    just find it...holy crap they rock

  23. Wyldcard666

    Damn good stuff you both have fantastic ranges

  24. war child

    Elize more brutal in this video

  25. TheLarik1000

    Beatifull Elize vocal!

  26. Sergey Gridnev

    Theon Greyjoy on vocals is quit good)

    Nickes Garage

    Love that comment!

  27. cory75FI

    Elize should jump ship into this band!

  28. cory75FI

    Elize should jump ship into this band!

  29. Manuel Valverde

    THOR can sing lol

  30. metalaras999

    Elize i will marry you someday , you just don't know it yet!!!

  31. 300bpm

    good chorus

  32. Dalir Farzan

    Elize Ryd is phenomenal.

  33. Egg

    This is better than the whole maximalism album

  34. GRevolutionVGA

    Elize is einfach der Hammer *.* optisch und akustisch und dann noch die Jungs von Arion *.* 😱🥰😍 perfekte Kombination ich liebe diesen Song einfach ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Alex ander

    so siehts mal aus ;-)

  35. Андрей Палыч

    найтвиш 2?

  36. Akhmad Taufan

    I'm a simple man, i see Elize i download

  37. Aleksi

    Good shit!

  38. V K

    I really hope you get to success! You deserve it!

  39. Mr. Wong Tobias Larsen

    this is one of my favorite songs, i can just feel it! its a masterpiece!

  40. Maxim Kuichik

    needs more bass :)

  41. Hammerfall Zq


  42. TrizzM8

    The thing is my first name is Arion. (Uh-Rye-Un)

  43. Shawn Rodgers

    Elize is perfect, sound and beauty

  44. Elizabeth

    wow this is actually so beautiful! love it!!!

  45. Arion Hveding Grønvold

    My name is Arion

  46. Xiao Wei

    All Band with Elize, Hair shake is amazing, with vocal harmony 😀

  47. Kippert

    this'd be so good for a fantasy movie

  48. Alexis Lagreze

    Arion continue comme ça 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  49. Banan O'donnell

    The musicians are fantastic not sold in vocals yet maybe after listening to all songs


    If you look up Amaranthe, Elize Ryd is the female vocalist in that band , so if you like her she might be worth a look, One of their face songs is the nexus,

    Viethnasty thats one with her two, if i could id wife her up

  50. Alexis Lagreze

    Arion continue comme ça

  51. Victoriana Iryne Algria

    All i know that elize have a stunning voice, kind of ethereal >_<>_<

  52. Courtney Campbell

    On repeat all day every day xo

  53. Alberto Rodriguez Martinez

    Elize in a catsuit can boost any video!!!


    If she was the one that played catwoman .. perhaps the movie would have done better ..


    Yes, she is beatiful, but please, listen to her voice...

  54. Simon Adams

    Saw these guys last night in Leiden, NL, absolutely superb. This was the set closer.

  55. Albedo D. Overlord

    1 like is nit enough!!! 100B likes is not enough too!!

  56. Dolores Critiques

    The singer looks like Theon Greyjoy and it's quite disturbing

  57. Василий Капитонов

    русские не смотрят чтоли? Привет всем русским.

  58. drewboobies

    The rabbit hole lead me here.....I'll show myself out

  59. Stargazar

    Saw them live with Battle Beast in Germany! Great Performance!!!

  60. Spectral

    Had me at “Elize Ryd”.

  61. EvilJ069

    I wonder if the thicc hottie takes it in the ass...

  62. Otto West


  63. Juho Hurttila

    One of the best upcoming metal bands in 2019. If not, then theres something wrong in this world.

  64. A Google User

    Elize this is better than your normal amaranthe band.

  65. Shatanka

    Clone hero brought me here.

  66. YourOwnAzog

    the best heavy-metal song I heard in 2019. Danke!

  67. maruski

    This song sounds like an anime opening to me 😂😂


    Yea tho. It suits for a final op of an anime

  68. DunPat69

    Think I need to hear more from this band, this is amazing

  69. Roger Schabelreiter

    Amazing and powerfull song )))

  70. Schatten2712

    And I knooooowoooohooo
    !!! We have to let it go
    ! Escape before we lie on ocean, lie on oceaan...!!! fucking amazing! are these guys an emerging band or something? if so they're doing it pretty nice

  71. Paweł Kałuża

    The song extra.Elize is always perfect 😍😍😍

  72. carlos V

    Great song! This band is amazing, and I love the last album.

  73. Frenzied Unicorn Productions

    This Video is probably Pretty deep … or so i hope. xD Because i really don't get

  74. Otto West


  75. hector rafael garcia

    Elize's voice fits perfectly with the music of this band, it would be cool if she joins them permanently


    I know I wasn't crazy!
    somebody else remembers the lyric video!

  76. Christopher Gerosky

    So fucking glad they did a proper video for this song,kick ass tune!!!!!!

  77. Metal Machine

    It is epic

  78. CyGuy

    This album (life is not beautiful) is awesome. Every song is super catchy and just bangers. This one and Frozenland debut are my two fav PM albums currently.

  79. Manuel Johannes

    spotify recommended the song to me and i gotta say that i havent heared such fitting voices within powermetal for quite a time. awesome job! :D

  80. Serge Galkin

    Amaranthe`s clone

  81. Jan Rise

    115 thumbs down. What's the matter with you? This is the no doubt one of the best powemetalsong ever made. Awesome song, awesome band👍

  82. Juan Rodriguez

    what's doing pewdiepie singing? :O

  83. Mister Man

    Elize Ryd très belle femme avec cette superbe musique qui déchire sa race !

  84. Neirith Maiken

    Why Amaranthe didnt take this guy with they new singer... Amazing.

  85. Hunter Cook

    Elize is perfect in every single way.

  86. Abel

    who said Elize do only pop singing! THIS IS HER METAL SINGING STYLE!

  87. Zato

    Awesome! <3 Elize!

  88. Jan Rise

    This is awesome!

  89. Brian Dougherty

    Now that Elize Ryd's been in an Arion song, she needs to be on an Ayreon album. <3

  90. reaverofsouls

    First time hearing this (don't know why) but man, that opening riff is blistering. Love the vocal blend as well.

  91. ScimitarOfFire

    That chorus is huge! Well done ladies and gents. Will definitely be checking this album out.

  92. Jê Anderson

    Thunder Force IV Theme

  93. Solar Kiefer

    eu amo essa música aaaaaaaaa

    i love this song

  94. Road Runner

    Faces of Meraluna, think I'll have to attend sometime. Looks awesome

  95. Faithful Loyal Servant

    I used to make fun of bands like these one saying “one day we will listen to bands like pantera but, with Madonna or Cindy lauper singing in front of the band” an look at this now. These guys are no kickers and the guitar solos make the song even better. Respect