Aretha Franklin - Sweet Bitter Love Lyrics

I talked to you today, we've loved each other
For so long in that special way
And if circumstances should keep us apart
I just want you to know
That you will remain forever here in my heart

Sweet, sweet bitter love
The taste still lingers, going through my helpless fingers
You slipped away, ooh, yes you did

Sweet, sweet bitter love, what joy you told me
What pain you didn't mean to but you brought me
And so sure, baby and so sure to stay

Our magic dreams have lost their spells
And where there, where there was hope
Oh, there's an, an empty shell

Oh, sweet, na na na, na na na, na na, bitter love
Why have you awaken and then forsaken
A trusting heart like mine

My magic, my magic dreams
They've all, they've all, all lost their spells
And where there, where I had a little bit of hope
Yes sir, there is, oh look at me now, there is an empty shell

Oh, sweet, na na na, na na na, na na, bitter love
Why have you awakened and then
And then and then and then and then you know, you have forsaken
A trusting heart, yeah like mine, a trusting heart like mine
I love you boy, yes I do, like mine

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Aretha Franklin Sweet Bitter Love Comments
  1. Shropshirecca

    Aretha did so much fantastic stuff for Atlantic but this is the one Columbia track that tops the lot. Simply sublime.

  2. docsmithdc

    Here her voice is still crystal clear.

  3. Thomas Lombardo

    She recorded this twice but this is my favorite version of this song.😊

  4. Ivor Curtis

    We all have our favourite Aretha tracks. This is mine. What a vocal on this. Simply awesome.

    Joanne Long

    I believe many of her fans never even heard this soulful song

  5. Tom Joad

    This song makes me cry every time I hear it.

    Luke Rickford

    I'm with you Tom

    Luke Rickford

    And the highway is alive tonight!

  6. John Hobson

    Okay, now I am just a pile of tears. If this song does not make you think, or cry, you are made of stone and I feel for you.

    So long Ree Ree. Heaven just got brighter.


  7. thomas Grizzell

    She was the Epitome Of Classy Soul there wont be another .R.I.P. Aretha Franklin.

  8. E Lo Marr

    ARETHA!!!!! 😭 BEAUTIFUL song 😢

  9. Dark Sith

    Rerst In Peace, Aretha

  10. Patrick Wilding

    Goodbye Queen and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your songs. <3

  11. Deborah Dessaso

    Today, our Magic Dream, Miss Aretha Franklin, lost her battle with cancer. There will never be another Aretha. The angels are truly rejoicing!

  12. Jr BLACK

    The 1 and ONLY ARETHA !!

  13. Del Stanley

    One of my favorites of Aretha. I first heard it during her Queen of Soul years in the 60s. It was the B-side of one her hits on 45 rpm, the year was circa 1966. This track didn't get any play time on the air then, but it became my personal fav. Van McCoy (1940-1979) wrote this song.

  14. Marcus Cerdan

    You see what I mean, I just wish the music industry bring music like this back, because , this mess out here today is not music! I think the music today is fake and negative I am a black 15 year old ,oh my god get rid of rap music please it sucks maybe these little boys will pull up their pants and be men!!!!!!!

    Tom Joad

    Real Hip Hop music should be brought back.


    Don't hold your breathe.....


    The Queen of soul Miss Aretha Franklin no one sing this as beautiful as she does this is what I called sweet music

    Nurse Grace

    +Everton Hudson I like her later version from the mid 80's better....her voice is deeper there, and the whole thing's more heartfelt : )  Or should I say : ( Beautiful song

    Gregory Batiste

    I am gonna miss her may she repose with Almighty God for all time.

  16. Joyce D Comegys

    Simply beautiful, Aretha at her best, beautiful arrangement.  They don't make them like this no more.  I love her music takes me back to when i was a youngin. :)

    Roger Joseph

    i like this arrangement a lot - and just beautiful singing!!!