Arena, Tina - Show Me Heaven Lyrics

There you go
Flashing fever from your eyes
Hey babe
Come over here and shut them tight
I'm not denying
We're flying above it all
Hold my hand
Don't let me fall
You've such amazing grace
I've never felt this way
Oh, show me heaven, cover me
Leave me breathless
Oh, show me heaven please

Here I go
I'm shaking just like the breeze
Hey babe
I need your head to steady me
I'm not denying
I'm frightened a much as you
Though I'm barely touching you
I've shivers down my spine, and it feels divine
Oh, show me heaven, cover me
Leave me breathless
Oh, show me heaven please

Do you know what it's like to dream a dream
Baby hold me tight and let this be
Oh, show me heaven, cover me
Leave me breathless
Oh, show me heaven please

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Arena, Tina Show Me Heaven Comments
  1. Leeanne Collyer

    So good Tina

  2. Kerry Head

    Love Tina's voice was surprised she didn't sing at the BUSHFIRE RELIEF CONCERT FOR AUSTRALIA the other night?

  3. Andre Labelle

    great voice and beautiful

  4. B.A.L.I


  5. marya milagros


  6. Jo Jo

    It is a good cover even I prefer the original version by Maria😄

  7. Bowo Oka Sanjaya

    Yes I want living in heaven

  8. Viantz Pradz

    I prefer to laura branagan version than this, cause branagan version much more have deep soul and emosional music arrangement and much stronger vocal!

  9. Darren Plumpton

    Not a bad effort at all Tina in fact very good but it has to be said that NO ONE but NO ONE will EVER,EVER,EVER sing it as brilliantly as the original artist (and the lady who wrote this superlative CLASSIC)Maria McKEE.

  10. Richard Fakalago

    My favourite jam

  11. kevin mc namara

    lovely tina still the best around 2019

  12. MsNightwish87

    Really not the greatest version. No emotions, and a real meaning of the song got lost somehow. Water ballon fight, little girl eating apple, and the beat & chours in the song about intercourse. What we see and how the music is arranged do not suit lyrics at all. Tina's vocal just okay.

  13. Nina Deniz Dz

    Nice song I fell in love with it

  14. S. Daniel

    Tina's voice is so big yet seamless and pleasing to the ears. I began to love her songs ever since I heard "Burn" and "If I didn't love you. From Philippines with love 😍

  15. Pete Whittaker

    on my Apple library, to run with. Oh, Love you always, Tina, thank you.

  16. Christianity Boxing Mafia

    Great cover of the greatest song ever

  17. Maciek Kulej


  18. luciana volpato

    Perché non ti sei fermato nella mia vita 😢💔😢

  19. Simon Phoenix

    Would of had even more fuzzy-tingle times if i found you in my youth... 😍😍 very beautiful lady and a even more talented singer.

  20. Beysha knowles

    Super fave

  21. Noé AH-LO


  22. Nina Deniz Dz

    looks like Kate Winslet

  23. Genevieve Heiz


  24. ford 2009

    Maria mckee and this girl should sing this together.

    Hafizha Sarah

    Yes please, thank you!

  25. Eliane Peña

    Prefiero la original Maria Mcke

  26. Leo Delgado


  27. Be Yourself - Russel

    Shania Twain and Tina Arena they are my childhood crush! Their song has a big impact in mylife.

    Arjay Clarianes

    Be Yourself - Russel 😍😍😍😍😍

  28. Henry Piamia

    so beautiful and so talented. love your voice tina arena.

  29. Robyn Walsh

    You're so amazing! Love your vocals, always have, always will!

  30. 1968lr

    Nothing on Maria mckee. How people can say she has a strong voice should listen to the original especially for that badass transition not found here.

  31. Tanguy Sirot

    Putain je l'aime trop ! <3

  32. dirtydogg06

    So good....after all these years still sounds awesome and still looking good.

  33. USS Akira

    She has a beautiful & amazing voice

  34. richmondgirlful

    Sorry to say you're not pulling this off Tina. Love your other work, but not this one. It exposes the limitations of your range instead of complementing it. Peeps, see the original by Maria McKee.

  35. garry nicholson

    Just wonderful Tina i can hear this over and over again

  36. ozzyboy1976

    This was always my favorite version of this song. When she sings "there you go"...warm fuzzies. Love you, Tina Arena!

  37. lucas8265

    I have spent ages looking for this again so amazing

  38. Dhameer Govind

    Tried to Google the name of the shop in the video but nothing comes up. Camaioni's market.

  39. Johnno55

    Doesn't compare to Maria McKees rendition. She owns this song, sorry Tina good try but you needn't have bothered

  40. cgscalabrini

    The best version ever . Tina , you are a dream !

  41. Rowann Clstno

    Still love this song...who's still listening right now?2k18

  42. blueflamingo1986

    2018 anyone?

  43. Rose Agaatsz

    Très belle chanson ! J, adore Tina Arena 🎼🎧🎶👀

  44. Marzanna Buczak

    Piekna kobieta Tina i przepiękny głos . 👍👏🌹🌞

  45. Bev McGeechan

    yes you make my kundalini rise, no surprise

  46. Alexa Rickman


  47. Ross Salvatore

    Simply the best Australian female artist.

  48. Bev McGeechan

    sorry to cut you short but my pets don't like this , they like tranquil rainforests lol :-) <3

  49. Sahrial Ahir

    Robin zander

  50. Mark Biggs

    Almost 20 years ago i saw her at Wembley Stadium as back up to The Bee Gees all i can say is Wow what a voice my second favorite Aussie :)

  51. Bian Putro26

    Memory Song.... Nice Tina I Love You From Jogjakarta Indonesia💋💋💋

  52. Gina Cecille De Jesus Araki

    Beautiful song and beautiful singer! Love this one very much! Amazing Tina!

  53. Manfred Schollmann

    Do you know Maria McKee. Not really? Ok, shut up Tina...

  54. Rose Agaatsz

    Magnificient voice and song. Love Tina Arena .

  55. Nerrel Crowl


  56. Emilio Uceda Díaz


  57. D T

    Yessss I finally found this song!!!!! I had it in my head but had no clue who sang it

  58. Kevin Finegan

    You are nowhere close to been as good as Maria McKee.

  59. the typical tuber

    This is fake Maria McKee is the original

  60. Rose Agaatsz

    Great Song! Beautiful Tina.

  61. Marcel Buchmelter

    Baywatch brought me here. I loved that Song when i was 16. So much memories. And now twenty years later, i watched an old Episode of Baywatch and i finally figured out who sings this song. Thanks Siri^^

  62. Juana Ouarak

    Beautiful,version,great Aussie,Singer Tina Arena,the greatest!

  63. Mario Jaspers

    Bella y perfecta.

  64. Mario Jaspers

    Bella y perfecta.

  65. Tina simon

    The music industry is a phrase , Jesus is the only way .

  66. Ciprian Radulescu

    Not as intense as Maria Mckee....

  67. Garry Martin

    I love this woman for all my life


    Tina this is so beautiful darling I’m falling in love with you sweetheart so well done
    Now I’ve shivers down my spine Xxxxxxxxxx

  69. Daniel White

    this was used on a Baywatch season 8 episode

  70. Marvin Lewis

    This woman has an awesomely soulfull voice.

  71. Project Africa TV

    I love you Tina here from Nigeria. I love your songs too. Go on, conquer more grounds...

  72. Gordon fair

    L am an Australian watched Tina grow up the best female singer we have but Maria McKee s the best singer on the planet go listen to her other music

  73. Véronique Dupuy

    Superbe j adore Veronique 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  74. Véronique Dupuy



    My most favorite song,,,it really gives me a special

  76. T U


  77. Abena Adepa Susan

    Waoooooo thumps up

  78. Sarah Bowers

    🔥just beautiful..

  79. Nio Antonio

    one of the best Australia female singer with lovely song , Jan 12 , 2018

  80. Df z

    I miss this song. From my teenage years ✌

  81. Nicky Maus

    better as this Voice.. i lov3 it

  82. Nio Antonio

    lovely song show me heaven by : Tina Arena like it , dec 22 - '17

  83. Indo Resources Sand, Stone, Anthracite, Carbon

    love it !

  84. Aleksandar Pljevaljcic

    What a crushing of the original song....

  85. THUNDER 666

    typical australian just the best.

  86. Link The Fox

    If this didn’t have crappy 2000s music in the background it could be great eg piano in the background

  87. Annette Murray

    Tina is the best voice 😘

  88. Lia Angga

    beautiful singer with strong and beautiful voice....

    Jacek Tokarski


  89. P M

    Tina always sounds better live than recorded ...the sign of a true singer

  90. Liofa

    The cadence is all off... MM version is much better.

  91. Annette Murray

    As old lady ..i grew up on ytt and tina...the best voice 😘

  92. Emilio Uceda Díaz


  93. Glimpz Chavz

    where is she now?? listening now aug 2017

    kim Phillips

    Lornz Chavez
    Tina hlis currently touring Australia...saw her in Sydney on 23 Sept. Amazing voice still.😊

  94. Salime Rayid

    María Mckee The best song

  95. voice of heart music

    this is a musical heaven

  96. David Biggs

    The best female vocalist Australia has ever produced. Why is Kylie even a star?


    kylie played the fame game.. Tina had no interest in that side of the business..