Arena, Tina - Heaven Help My Heart Lyrics

Two smiling faces
That's how it used to be
What once was forever
Now a faded memory
The perfect illusion
For a while I guess it was
Without explanation the bloom fell off the rose
Heaven help my heart
'Cause it's a lot like me
Wondering when this all will end and I find the love I need
I know it's out there somewhere
Somehow I still believe
I'm asking please
Heaven help my heart

This world can get crazy
These are troubled times
I'd walk through fire if love is what I'd find
It's out of my hands so I put my faith in you
I say a little prayer and hope that it comes true
Heaven help my heart
'Cause it's a lot like me
Wondering when this all will end and I find the love I need
I know it's out there somewhere
Somehow I still believe
I'm asking please
Heaven help my heart

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Arena, Tina Heaven Help My Heart Comments
  1. K Mac

    This song started what would be my 3rd marriage. It's lasted 20 years. : ) I will forever love this song.

  2. Erin Swale

    I still feel this song like it's 1996

  3. Hollys Buddy

    One of her best. Great musical arrangement and vocals. Such a talent!

  4. Catherine Kirkpatrick

    Saw this lady in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia in the 90s. I had goosebumps during the whole concert. I was a relatively new mum and was overcome with emotion when thinking of how proud her parents must feel knowing they had produced such a beautiful and talented person.

  5. Dark Raiden

    "I'd walk through fire if love is what I'd find..."

    That lyric has, for some reason, been running through my head all day. And hearing Tina sing it just sounds so beautiful...

  6. Tom Ripley

    I'll never forget you, my darling.

  7. jsbl 2023


  8. Vernon Govender

    Memories from 20 years ago come flooding back....I love this song❤❤❤

  9. Guy Dess

    Top voice, top track, top mix

  10. Noahide

    Dear Tina. Poonam Singh's song 'Guyana' is well worth checking out. She's doing great work for her country. Really happy and upbeat tune. My website is - Heaven is helping your heart Tina.

  11. OliAliNes3723

    wow, this music video hasn't aged a lot and I feel like it was released 3-4 years ago!

  12. David Devenish

    What a song, what a voice......

  13. TAC


  14. Maurice Manser

    Great woman, great voice, great music. Nothing more to say!

  15. asdfghjklkjhv bvcvjhvlyhb

    a lady with class . the earth needs more people like this

  16. Thomas Cuddihy




  17. Kathy Whitaker

    My go to song when I’m feeling down!

  18. hannach jamiro

    Two smilin' faces, that's how it used to be.
    What once was forever is now a faded memory.
    The perfect illusion
    For a while I guess it was
    Without explanation
    The bloom fell off the rose
    Heaven help my heart 'cause it's a lot like me.
    I'm wonderin' when this all will end
    and I'll find the love I need.
    I know it's out there somewhere
    somehow I still believe, so I'm askin' please,
    Heaven help my heart.
    This world can get crazy
    These are troubled times
    I'd walk through the fire if love is what I'll find.
    It's out of my hands now, so I put my faith in you.
    And I say a little prayer and hope that it comes true.
    Heaven help my heart 'cause it's a lot like me.
    I'm wonderin' when this all will end
    and I'll find the love I need.
    I know it's out there somewhere:
    somehow I still believe, so I'm askin' please,
    Heaven help my heart.
    Heaven, won't you help me.
    Heaven, won't you help me.
    Heaven help my heart 'cause it's a lot like me.
    I'm wonderin' when this all will end
    and I'll find the love I need.
    I know it's out there somewhere
    somehow I still believe, I'm askin' please,
    Heaven help my heart.
    Heaven help my heart.
    Heaven help my heart.

    Thomas Cuddihy

    Thank you for the words

  19. Supriya Halder

    This is my very favourite song

  20. Kerry Head

    Great singer in at least 3 different languages, proud to call her home Australia!!!

  21. glocksheepdog

    I hear some Jude Cole, Foreigner, and Lou Gramm influences in this song

  22. 126er

    Only a good soul can write a good song

  23. mira takagi

    The song in the recording scene is a unique and beautiful voice while the singing ability and the vibrato are great for the intonation technique so I like the way I sing. I also like rhythm and melody. I agree with my guidelines. · Dilettant · TS. Also includes technical terms related to music and movies in the comments. PA, mixing technique, multitrack recording, shooting technique, ceiling twist, camera, bogie camera, sero crane camera, movie technique technique, cinema look filter, video composition The transition of video editing is great.

  24. mira takagi

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  25. Tomasz Orzechowski

    Przepiękny utwór i wykonanie. Pozdrawiam Tina Arenę i Cały zespół.

  26. isai marin

    Tina is so Underrated...

  27. Michael Lee

    Has a kinda Country vibe. I love it, I love everything I've heard by Tina...

  28. malc daley

    Love this woman's voice.the best singer to come out of Australia ever .love u Tina love from England 😘

  29. David Beattie

    My mum loved this song and played all the time when I was a kid

  30. Jimmy A

    how is this only 445k should be millions tina arena aussie hits are underated on youtube but they are played on smooth fm all the time

  31. Mike Hurn

    I was having a garage sale and was selling all my cds and found Tina’s greatest hits I decided to keep Tina haha

  32. Andrew Skinner

    I want to interview Tina Arena on my radio show

  33. Rachel Maree

    She was so unappreciated in Australia sadly. fabulous voice and had more respect from the French.

  34. Reginald Crapo

    Can you really play piano, Tina?

  35. studioJASON

    This is a timeless favourite, beautifully sung, well composed and words that go deep. For me it’s a sad memory.

  36. Phong Vo

    Good song. I really like it

  37. Manuel Odon

    tina help my me !!!

  38. Henry Z Hmar

    Still listening -2018

  39. Warren Joeman

    Adele looks like her, here.

  40. Edward Winch

    57 people don't have Speakers !

  41. Gavin NOYFB

    I love this song, lifting my spirits at the end of the toughest day of my life. Thank you Tina.

  42. Pasquino 0

    She was great. So why... did she end up doing covers of other obvious musicians when she should be continuing to pursue this talent!

  43. David Wilder

    Heaven help my empty wallet ✌

  44. GARY Paul Simon SHAW


  45. stormboy

    I hope you found that love you were looking for!

  46. Andrew Wilson

    I just found my DVD Hits 1994-2004 after years and played it while I made dinner. It was Great Thanks Tina

  47. Synth pest

    She does resemble Adele in someways but a total different voice. Love this song. Done some shaggin to it


    Wayyyyy better vocalist than Adele though

  48. jimjfox

    Gorgeous song, singer & location; nice to see the band performing.

  49. George Pelser

    What a sexy lady and wow,what a VOICE!!!

  50. Rene Seeberg

    81 neighbours as well? Where dat song at popo

  51. GARY Paul Simon SHAW

    Whatever was happening with this album I don't know ... But it was all totally there! ... The songs ... The producer .. The singer! ... Sometimes for some inexplicable reason, time and chance come together in an incredible often times unrepeatible way!

  52. mickrick84

    I like the drummer, he is a hard hitter, good so.. ;-)

  53. cheryl Martin

    Help my heart..💕

  54. David Down

    Stunning song ....stunning lady....It's got t all !!

  55. Iain Wooding

    Stunning voice, such a sexy video in a very understated way. Tina has style, class and an amazing presence without being like the slag singers today that think getting their tits out makes them better! Oh no no no, not a patch on Tina

  56. Amanda Smith

    Why wasn't she bigger in the UK?

    David Wilder

    Amanda Smith She was!! She was 5'7" in the UK but only 5'6" in Australia 😁

  57. Alexander Haider

    amazing song, perfect!

  58. Mark Myerscough

    quality. .all that needs saying 👌👌

  59. david byerly

    Wynonna Judd had a big hit on the country charts in the states with this one

  60. Paul Savage

    I'm looking at all these awesome comments from so long ago like 3 or 4yrs and here I am in December 2017 still diggin her music. lol

  61. Espen Abusdal

    I Will Strap My Family In.

  62. Espen Abusdal

    Eh, Everybody Are Welcome in The Talented World of Angel's and Demon's(Goofy Lisa Ekdahl Dorky,..Peaces)

  63. randall scott burress


  64. Stu Pidity

    Happy 50th birthday Tina Arena!!!

  65. Geht dichnixan

    Heard it today in the morning at baywatch in german television. I love it. Great voice.

  66. Rob Hemmings

    I've always been in lust with Tina.......Those eyes that voice YUMMY

  67. randall scott burress

    Why do some so-called Christians hate Homo-sexuals soooooo bad?//they didn't know Jesus loved me toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  68. LOZlaura

    It's my Birthday today and singing this while I get ready is giving me awesome Bday vibes 😍🎉

  69. Mark Della Ca

    This little Aussie girl knows how to belt out a tune!!! So many great songs from our Tina xx

  70. randall scott burress

    I so tried to tell him he was going to lose my heart...hope he's o.k still..i doubdt it??????????what is love ..far behind?????????

  71. meeeee1968

    timeless perfection, pure powerhouse , classy and amazing vocalist

  72. Mark Cripps

    Fantastic song.

  73. nigel fletcher

    Awesome Tina

  74. Peter Foster

    great voice and great song!

  75. stephen brookman

    cool song

  76. Jim Reece

    what a voice, the girl has style and grace, and always has had it.

  77. Charles Perez

    ♥ ♫ ƒ ▄ ▀ ♦ Tina Arena ♦ you are beautiful inside and out ♥ then → Now & Always ←█ ☼

  78. john smith

    Word is she is coming to Brisbane ?
    Am I wrong?

    Matt 2002
    has the dates and yes she is going to brisbane

    Eva Shanmugam

    john smithsmth chips safer and dad creaderscewater he is my brother is coming from Eva Longoria Parker and also the money is my first time I am a little more about your experience

  79. Ameee Saeee

    why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Thomas Weise

    .....simply the best......😉

  81. muhtar binto

    my diva

  82. Basil Blue

    Awesome effort ! Our tina should been our adelle .... what happened ? This girl oozes talent and class, always has, always will 🙋


    Adele is bad tbh. Her vocal chords exploded, she needed surgery to fix it.. and then she blew them up a second time , again requiring surgery. Really BAD , unhealthy singing.

  83. Violen Helen Pirsouw

    I have long been looking for this song.
    This song is very beautiful, and since 1994, I really like this song.
    I cry when I hear this song again in 2017,
    thanks for sharing.

  84. Joerg Schlottke

    A simple song. Simple, but brilliant. That's what I call singing with passion!!

  85. rayana jahra

    I still love dis song! Still have it in my music library!

  86. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    She should be much bigger in the US! Girl got pipes and style...

    Mark Cripps

    Pipes and style - Love it Jeff. Met her once - She was lovely :)

  87. Dime Singer Songwriter Artist

    love u - my aussie talented sister I'm googling now where u are these days day hope to meet u babe x



  89. rnDSQ

    molto bellissimo

  90. D J

    Brilliant song. Great talent. Love it.

  91. Percy Saunders

    Grew up listening to Tina and she is fantastic with are great voice and are great Aussie icon u rock Tina

  92. Andrew Howden

    great song and album.

  93. Sung Ho Shin

    Ms. Judd’s version is also beautiful. Ms. Louise Dorsey also sings the song so beautifully (Engelbert Humperdinck London Palladium, around 48 minutes into the concert). The fellow musicians of all three singers are beautiful musicians.

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    Do you hope to be in heaven after your brief stay on earth is over?
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    This fellowship with God through Christ is produced by the Holy Spirit’s entering your life.
    You know when He has come, because you begin to love to read the Bible, pray, attend Church, and give of your time, treasure, and talents to further Christ’s Kingdom on earth. You begin to love the Lord, and to serve Him. All other involvements in your life revolve around this.
    If you don’t have these evidences in your life, don’t hope to be in heaven.
    Heaven is but the continuation of this kind of life beyond the grave.
    The alternative is hell: “Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire. And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire.” (Matthew 18:8-9)

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  94. Deborah Golding

    My husband sent me this tune and it really got to me when we broke up, Thankfully I didn't get back with him, but never the less I like it. xx

  95. Baby blue eyes

    This song needs to be added to Smule Sing, lovely song, beautiful lady.

  96. Nick Ray

    My God women in this video you look gorgeous x