Arena, Tina - Greatest Gift Lyrics

I awake to my beating heart
You save my soul from falling apart
Say goodbye I'm leaving the race
How I long for your embrace
How long did it take me to find?
So close I won't be left behind
I believe and to you I confess
I gave up on me
But you showed me happiness

Your love is the greatest gift I could hope to receive
I'm on my way to being so complete
I'd make no change to a perfect idea
Your love is the greatest gift I have ever seen

I found was missing inside
No longer does this girl need to hide
Lay me down that I may be strong
'Cause together is surely where we belong

Nightly I pray, no harm befalls you
Needless to say, it's all I can do
Your every desire I promise no less
It's true I can say, because of you I've found happiness

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Arena, Tina Greatest Gift Comments
  1. Bev McGeechan

    I'm just hanging out with my best friend , me , and I'm feeling okay, if you come here for me that's gr8 and if you don't today , that's okaty... Strangely I have no expectations ,

  2. v8sainter

    This was our bridal waltz song back in 1997. Still love this song. Thank you