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I don’t live here
I don’t play
I don’t wake up
I don’t want to
There’s no up
There’s no down
Small windows
Dead of sound
Forced upon me
The same all fear
I am forever trying to forgive
And except the way things fall in
I’m not thankful I’m not you
You punished me from birth
I am here
I have heard of thankful rain
Ride in circles
Ride in squares
You punished me from birth
I am here
I’m here

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Archive Riding In Squares Comments
  1. Geogaddi

    This song was live like a gunshot trough my head. I was so blown away.

  2. Agata Lewy

    *ride in squares


    Thank're right....I changed already

  3. migrab1960

    It's seems quite good... Not so easy to feel to the end at one time.

  4. ANNA C.

    Good job!!!!!!