Architects - Dead March Lyrics

I've watched you from a distance but never spoken a word
I have seen every flaw your try to hide from the world
I sit silent in shadows watching the paths you have made
If only you knew my intentions
I've watched you make the same mistakes over and over
This is not healthy
I need to some how stop this
But your beauty intrigues me
It seems to be pulling me in
All I want is a moment or something I can hold close for eternity
I've watched you make the same mistakes over and over
I only you knew my name and all of my motives
Yet I sit in the same place every night and wait for you to come back home
A few moments would help me find myself
But this problem has taken its tragic grip
Just a few moments will help me find myself again
If only you knew my name and all of my motives
I need to somehow stop this
All I need is a moment or something I can hold close for eternity
Something I can hold close to me

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Architects Dead March Comments
  1. Hunter Avagon

    Oh If only you Knew my name! Oh and all of my! All of my Motives!

  2. Joe Bluck

    tom... :'(

  3. Doug Bf

    architects >> bmth

  4. ReprogrammedToHate

    Goodbye Tom.

  5. Seth Adkins

    The description is true

  6. iuiusc

    these things never get old

    Patrick Damacet

    hell yeah

  7. m0raka_

    i dont understand whats to fight about, both bands are really good

  8. Chloe White

    Epic gig on Monday with Deez Nuts, Bury Tomorrow and Acacia Strain!!!

  9. Sastrvga

    "COULD YOU PLEASE STOP ARGUING ABOUT BMTH AND ARCHITECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" hahahahaha you should

  10. Zach Stadelman

    I dont see what the argue is about? both bands are really good friends with each other and bounce ideas off each other. And they have both done guest vocals for each other. Stop bitching and enjoy the music

  11. Netbat63

    What does bmth and architects have to do with each other? mostly when bmth is one of the worst bands around there and architects has been the sensation of the year of 2012...

  12. sam williams


  13. LucaLW ScreamsGothiccore

    100% same opinion^^

  14. Nik Aleks

    I will hope that they will play in the final round is at least

  15. Evelyn Brady

    @hugplease I will eat your sould for brunch

  16. danthedrummerWAIL

    Do they ever play this live? Just realised there is no videos of it live and I really want them to play it when I'm going to see them

  17. GuitarGeek

    i tried to play this once on my guitar, sounds nice but it hurts alot if your not used to it

  18. Vincent Petro

    y are they mimicking malevolent creation songs when they sound like the underside of a 7 year olds twat? I am so confused........

  19. Gold Soul

    You guys know the Architects lead singer is hanging out with Oliver sykes in the Lads on tour dvd right? So stop the dick riding. They're both good bands.

  20. ThePowerOfMusik

    @FanXD100 too!<3

  21. Ivy Ahrens-Konig did i get here from a decapitated video? back to real metal :D

  22. CauseIFuckingSaidSo

    @DecimationResolve They have pretty damn good lyrics, whether it's their more serious controversial songs, or you're pissed off and need to just have something to get you pumped up to beat some ass. There's perfect moments for BMTH.

  23. Chris

    I love this song, but the reason there is a dislike button is because Youtube don't exclusively has music on it. :)

  24. Jake Scott

    The American Architects suck bollocks. Sam Carter <3

  25. Regan Cuthbert

    God i love Youtube Bitchfests in the comment sections, can't just enjoy the music eh? Fuckin cunts.

  26. Beast2x - Old Account

    @GingerMidget1 haha fail

  27. Tieler

    @DecimationResolve ahhh calm down dood im just fucking with you XD

  28. Tieler

    @DecimationResolve i thinck u iz just hatin cuz of some dumb architects fanboi shiz bmth has alout of energy in there muzic and i wil spel liek i wuntz

  29. Tieler

    @DecimationResolve no u pprob just have some dumb reason as to y u dont like them and it prob has nothing to do with their music

  30. Lilly-May Feaviour

    @blooddrunk163 ME TOO

  31. SleepyFroggy

    @WinnersByDefault1 12/4, 7/4, 12/4, 7/4 for the opening riffs.
    Its wierd

  32. FelixFweak

    like your description text

  33. Tieler

    i dont really think that bmth and architects sound the same

  34. blooddrunk163

    it's a festival in knebworth, in england
    it's gonna be insane
    slipknot and metallica are playing!

  35. lilshaun250

    @blooddrunk163 ace :) will i sound dumb if i ask you where the sonisphere is aha?

  36. blooddrunk163

    @lilshaun250 i'm not sure
    but i'm goin to see them at sonisphere as well :D

  37. lilshaun250

    @blooddrunk163 yer its quite odd right. architects are pretty sweet live man. yer, how long are the sets gona be you reckon?

  38. jessicahaberl

    i've seen them at the Bring Me The Horizon concert in munich
    it was great <3

  39. Aliff Aminuddin

    shit ! sounds like bmth .
    i thought it was oli sykes lol .

  40. Gordon Smith

    @GenkeiNoHattori55 How are they more unique?

  41. blooddrunk163

    @lilshaun250 i was surprised that parkway drive were supporting
    i wish architects were higher on the bill, i haven't seen them before and longer set would be good

  42. lilshaun250

    @blooddrunk163 hittin that one fosho, though theres no way parkway architects and tdwp should be supports for bmth tbf :s

  43. Failtalitist

    @KD1AWB i see these boys BMTH and TDWP on the 25 january in hamburg :D

  44. Failtalitist

    @KD1AWB i see these boay BMTH and TDWP on the 25 january in hamburg :D

  45. blooddrunk163

    @AR15Justice well said
    i respect all musicians, it's just people like cheryl cole who don't even write their own material, yet pass themsleves off as musicians, and people look up to them!
    it's fucking wrong, when bands such as architects are working their asses off and not getting the same kind of respect because what they play isn't popular on the same scale

  46. blooddrunk163

    @KD1AWB i'm actually going now
    they're touring in the UK
    it's BMTH, Parkway Drive, Architects and TDWP

  47. keybladeguy776

    @KD1AWB Fuck that, all three are great, especially at one show!

  48. Drakkengoth

    well... these guys r better than bmth

  49. darklord46

    get stoned to this. and kill some senior citizens. fuck yeah.

  50. Sandra Schmidt

    @GCErik Haha ticket's already ordered! Beyond stoked, man! :)


    I love these songs,they do the screaming for me.

  52. Dubster95

    @GCErik in netherlands they coming with ; bmth, the architects, the devil wears prada and tek-one :D :D

  53. Etienne Reyes

    @GCErik r they coming to the US

  54. blooddrunk163

    @GCErik are they coming to the UK?
    cos that would be fuckin sweet!
    i know they're touring mainland europe together but don't know about the UK

  55. BassMoutarde

    It's sound really like BMTH ...

  56. BassMoutarde

    Ya really Oo

  57. Asiimov

    holy balls they so much like BMTH

  58. Steve128967

    @harmonykorine471 It's not really a genre when every band that's classified as being mathcore sounds totally different...

  59. George Washington

    Thank you for showing me this epic song.

  60. Andrew Kasabian

    My favourite Music Genres are AppleCore, JewCore and "MadeUpGenreToTakeThePiss"Core......Suck on that MusicGods :D <3LoveYouAll<3

  61. Steve128967

    @liamgardinerrs Mathcore is not a genre, and by "playing in complicated time signatures" I assume that also makes Dream Theater, Blotted Science, Spastic ink, Meshuggah and Animals as Leaders mathcore?

  62. oliver sharpe

    oh if only you knew my name

  63. joel stylis

    fuck everyone yous are all gay

  64. MrJabari43

    Why do people argue over good music?

  65. XxSelethusxX

    Architects is easily the best band from the UK i've ever heard. EVER. BMTH is good, but, they're all dicks as far as i know. But besides the point, These guys are my favorite band right now.. they're just so good.. i'll be listening ot them when im 40 and my kids willl be like WTF IS THIS MASTERPIECE?!

  66. KillzorPhilzor

    I swear to fucking God. Not a single FUCKING video on youtube of ANY band that screams/yells without people bitching. I fucking hate so many of you.

  67. Helmhoff YT

    " hey im emo and i know everything about every kind of music " srlsly just listen and like or dont like it

  68. SheriffCking

    post metal rock core mega omg core who cares hahahaha this is just good, and if you like this how can you not like bring me the horizon its both sick ? its just ppl that want to be smart or kids that wanna bitch on something bec they wanna be right and have something in life ;D peace !

  69. killshot123

    @kaylalikescereal Lol, nah. It's just technical. Most songs have some sort of a connection to nature, or water, because they are unpredictable. Try listening to SikTh or Dillenger Escape Plan.

  70. Barnacles

    We can't like two bands who are kind of similar. Keep the flame wars going!!! come on youtube law dictates it. We have to hate each other even though there are two perfectly good bands (well bmth's first album was i dont like the second that's just me) who we should just listen to.

  71. blooddrunk163

    @magna378 i know what you mean lol
    Funeral For A Friend wrote pretty much a whole album about that kinda thing
    but i'm not sure what it's got to do with Architects

  72. Tom Day

    My favourite song off of Hollow Crown. I love Architects!

  73. NexX

    Yet I sit in the same place every night and wait for you to come back home!
    awesome :)

  74. almightyjass

    what? you can't think of any signed bands that suck??? not saying architects suck, they are fucking great.

  75. Kaitlyn S

    agreed. ^^

  76. fatafreak91

    thats not always true. peoples opinions differ. it might suck to someone but to someone else itll be good. Like i hatehatehate Black Dahlia Murder. but a lot of people like them. so in my opinion they suck and shouldnt have ever been signed. but thats my own opinion and some people love them. so thats not really true that sucky bands dont get signed. and there are a lot of great bands out there that dont get signed.

  77. Rodolfo Hogan

    touche XD

  78. Rodolfo Hogan

    im about to

  79. P swayZ

    the only man who understands music is not a contest. Honestly when did music become a sport?

  80. P swayZ

    All of you are fucking stupid.

  81. Steve Hildebrand

    @aronhow216 altho they're from completely different parts of the country ??

  82. Smurpey

    I've got major respect for both the bands. The 2 bands obviously have respect for each other, so what the fuck is everyone's go? When did it suddenly become about who is better than who? Just sit and enjoy, fuck.

  83. Sandra Schmidt

    first, i'm a girl, second, not a FANGIRL, and the fact that that's the reason you don't respect them as a band makes you quite a loser, don't you think? haha funny reasoning, mate!

  84. Crankeye

    See, if it weren't for the fact that you're a BMTH fanboy, I would consider having respect for them, but since you are, fuck them.

  85. Sandra Schmidt

    stop hating on bmth, everyone has a different taste, so respect every band and their fans and grow up, idiots.
    Architects are awesome, and bmth too, god damn it...have some respect guys.

  86. Jacob Little

    these guys are a SICK live act

  87. schmamon123

    this is so amazing :-O

  88. captiansprackedsparrow

    this is a good band but BMTH in my opinion is better but this is a kick ass band

  89. Reynna Dela Cruz

    sam's vocals are amazing

  90. bringemmathehorizonn

    absolutely beautiful.

  91. Cody Griffin

    Ahh this song is probably my 2nd favorite song on the album next to Numbers Count For Nothing. I love the singing part in this song it's soooo fricken awesome.

  92. isearchforfullmoons

    That's cute but The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus sucks, and this band is amazing. These guys are great instrumentally and vocally. RJA is kinda... wussy

  93. TheDamWillCollapse

    Is that why the dinosaurs died out?

  94. killshot123

    "architects pwn <3" fuck you, scene kid

  95. killshot123

    fuck you, spastic!

  96. yeeeeeeeoman

    lol well i'll give you that, but most of them are unnecassary