Apparat - Heroist Lyrics

Deep, deep down in the long roots of doubt
I stop, so I could sigh some more breathing out
Oh, but I could not breathe in
As this moment rose the dream is gone
Oh, steering these waters you show me dawn
That I adore
Made me want so much more

Long, long gone in this field of draught
I drop down to hear my mind breathing out
Oh, but I could not breathe in
As this, I'll source the pain is gone
Oh, clearing these waters you show me dawn
That I adore
Made me want so much more

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Apparat Heroist Comments
  1. neptunb

    This looks like a film adaptation of "Echopraxia" by Peter Watts.

  2. Luis García

    This song came out just in my happiest days :( now they are not so much. But it's cool to remember them with your music.

  3. Euler

    like the tune. video should have a seizure warning

  4. Господин Сан-Франциско

    Снимались в клипе одни русские...

  5. usual atoms

    I'm filled with gratitude and this song resonates powerfully now.

  6. Ground Zero

    i really think this video should have
    photosensitive epilepsy warnings

  7. Chromozol

    Why is the description in ALL CAPS, is that some new ardistik means of egzpreshun?

  8. Franco Chamorro

    I feel like that like always, to normal...the other just point her fingers at me...

  9. Sola Lácrima

    This atmosphere...this is what i am looking for.

  10. Arcoirys

    legal, tô apaixonado por esta maravilha

  11. Sojto16

    and as always only young persons

    Venus The Planet

    You'd like to see older people in these videos?

  12. Hero 96

    Tycho fellings

  13. aziz jouini

    where are you come over here to tunisia

  14. Nika Winamdzgvrishvili

    ბავშვი როგორ დაკარგეთ თქვენი დედამოვტყან

  15. World Online

    Наркоманская тема. Лучше бы регги делал

  16. 1 ball boi

    actually this is art

  17. Nicolas Claudel


  18. Zoárd Székely

    Perfect combination of etheral music and extraordinary visuality.
    Thank you for providing one of the best 6 mins of this year.

  19. lion

    Give back our moderat!!!! :((((

  20. Marcelo

    so in love with this song!!!!!!!

  21. Andrew Bloom

    F E R A L

  22. Nathalie Rongé

    Top clip and sound !!!

  23. João Paulo Salvatori

    Histoire de la folie. Merci.

  24. celia ayneto


  25. ValeriaWilde87

    I love Apparat and Moderat music,but this video isn't for me...I'm epileptic :D

  26. Alex Baturo

    Великолепно ❤️

  27. deliciouspops

    hm. i don't want to feel that

  28. HOW TO WIN


  29. dizelvinable

    When a person refuses religion, he gradually turns into an animal.

    shawn page

    Only a religious person can have that kind of opinion.
    ...Also you clearly didn't get the message from the video.

  30. creator Space

    That's a good one.

  31. john kehoe

    great song

  32. Tom Dickel

    I want to get to know the creator of this art so much.

  33. Hugo Treger

    Beautiful, often disturbing images. Heroist-the video is a dystopian nightmare worth watching multiple times

  34. Michael Greenburg

    Credit the Director and editors!!!

  35. SYKER

    Inspires to create.

  36. Nagvai OS

    Саша, да шо ж ты такой грустный?

  37. Канал Antwood'a

    this is really strong..


    x1.25 gang

  39. Marr Hedo

    Як знеболююче... 🖤

  40. Rômulo Paes Landim

    Perturbador, mas libertador.

  41. r__dg

    fuck.... heavy

  42. Denko

    Finally YouTube recommends something worth watching. This is art.

    devender sehrawat

    Check out moderat

  43. Le Mat

    it sound like the others..nothing new

  44. CankerousBooch Arís

    Is that the singer guy from Moderat?


    thom yorking

  46. Jeff Brunecz

    ROFL this is so "on the Nose" The music is Mediocre AT BEST...the beats and mixing is sub par and the video is just a rip off of Trainspotting. This kid isnt a real artist...hes a REAL FRAUD.

  47. Elijah Fink

    Apparat's vocal delivery has really matured!!

  48. days of radiation

  49. fredricful emilsen


  50. JackyDOS

    no i´m a god

  51. aelehn fee

    That time scientists discovered LSD and just started testing it on people to find out what it does.

  52. Chris B

    Yo is this the dude from alt-j? o.O

  53. netwalker Pablo

    incredible music ! Thanks apparat

  54. Nathan Burnett

    Reminds me of anima

  55. Andrew Newman

    such a stunning piece all around. this entire album invokes a ton of mysterious feelings. hands down best album of 2019

  56. aizen sosuke

    Sasha you're so special.... i need you

  57. Kostaszigiris

    Masterpiece dark anthem...

  58. Klaudia Landowska

    02:08 I have got goosebumps

  59. Brian Díaz

    It starts with the same notes as Tatu's song O.O (all the things she said)

  60. canis lupus

    Da ist sicher thom jorke am Werk gewesen 🤗😍🤗😍

  61. Dee Kang

    Great album

  62. Through Riverlands

    Este es el video mas depresivo del mundo. Epic!

  63. Felipe Provoste

    A masterpiece!, thank you for it.


    Again, a timeless work of art by Apparat! This is why I love electronic music so much. There are no boundries, no limits... 😏

  65. bozbontins

    just like a thom yorkes solo

  66. Андрей Андреев

    Наркомания это плохо. Клип это показал

  67. Henry Louis

    Cool vibe weak vocals

  68. benniride

    Wow, mon âme à fortement apprécié.

  69. sky

    i love chill paranoid insomniac city stranger music

  70. Алексей Баранов

    why not in the top!?

  71. James Daily

    Major Ghostmother vibes

  72. Neptune Vibe

    This works very good with strong opiates... Ahhh.. I love opiates.. and you should too.

  73. Mircea Brs

    Great video


    cheers bro!! good music

  75. Rodo Espejo Carreño

    hey! hey! thank u mister algorithm!

  76. renzo590


  77. SubVenue

    Absolute genius

  78. Castlebell

    All the drugs in this world won‘t save you from yourself 🖤

    Angus McLachlan

    @Benj Just say:" yes "

    Hilton Elske

    Psychedelics bruh

    Sean Gatchell

    So very true. I'm done doing that nonsense.


    Hilarious statement! But do you want to save yourself from yourself in the first place?! Hahaha


    Pure mdma will.

  79. MeinAnmut

    Stop scrolling!! I wanna see boobs!

  80. Maria Hrisafinas

    I feel like if I bestowed any more love onto this visual menagerie, my heart would burst to creat a million little shards.

  81. Dzintari

    Wow. Very aestethic vid, and perfect music.

  82. Milicent Fambrough

    Visually, this is stunning and powerful.

  83. James Harbaugh

    Has an emerald tablet vibe... dude shouldn’t have traveled in those angels.

    Mehak Chauhan

    Emerald tablet?

    James Harbaugh

    @Mehak Chauhan Of Thoth, Tablet 8 -
    List ye, O man,
    to the depth of my wisdom.
    Speak I of knowledge hidden from man.
    Far have I been
    on my journey through SPACE-TIME,
    even to the end of space of this cycle.
    Aye, glimpsed the HOUNDS of the Barrier,
    lying in wait for he who would pass them.
    In that space where time exists not,
    faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles.
    Move they only through angles.
    Free are they not of the curved dimensions.
    Strange and terrible
    are the HOUNDS of the Barrier.
    Follow they consciousness to the limits of space.
    Think not to escape by entering your body,
    for follow they fast the Soul through angles.
    Only the circle will give ye protection,
    save from the claws

    Just a guess but the vid is pretty esoteric as many are.

  84. solomon kav

    Başarılı ...

  85. Denis Brady

    I'm listening and I'm definitely hearing it...

  86. Rui Manuel

    caffeinated triple for me....

  87. jaime rincezl'oeil

    👊👍 excellent !!

  88. deleted pages

    is this from any movie or it is just masterpiece music video ?

  89. Marko Medic

    mazing amazing

  90. Aorta Portal

    Big love respect, etc. From Russia. Bro, you so. Im so.. Can't explane


    Me too! Perfect work! Keep doing that...

  91. Bryan Fox

    Epileptic's heaven (to die)

  92. Андрей Цветков

    always, when you come across something new from apparat, you know exactly what you will hear is something dope...the basses in the track make sex with my ears