Apparat - Ash/Black Veil Lyrics

Oh, I swear
Caught a glimpse of her grace
Slightly misplaced

She's around
Without audible sound
Comes moonlight bloom
She's alone in her room

Daytime froze
I'll need a cause
To carry on, on my own
And the walls are melting

The walls are melting
The walls are melting
And the walls are melting
And the walls are melting

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Apparat Ash/Black Veil Comments
  1. Doukan aslan

    sacha your voice gives me peace

  2. Ubenesto Ubenaquello

    Autentica musica progresiva, vamos los Pink Floyds de sigloXXI, con un gran dosis interpretativa y fuerza renovada

  3. Matt Harris


  4. claude mason

    How can anyone hear this and not wield lightening????

  5. Jan Ziller

    Fucking respect

  6. George Brown

    This song must be so fun to play! I love it so much!

  7. José A. Marín

    Llevo años escuchándola y siempre me gusta. Gracias.

  8. Guy Nicolas

    i love this cavalry

  9. Josie Kelly

    I think this is my favourite video on YouTube. People who are awesome at what they do, massively into what they’re producing and working in such harmony to make a fantastic piece of music. Can’t wait to see Apparat on tour in a couple of months.

  10. Radqq

    Damn... This is good!

  11. Alain Thomas


  12. saschaziller

    Ich kann nur weinen, wenn ich dieses fantastisches Stück höre. Für die Ewigkeit.....yeahhhhhhh

    Jan Ziller

    saschaziller ist eines der besten Lieder der welt

  13. beanie b


  14. Alain Thomas

    a masterpiece !

  15. Israel Martinez

    This is soo fucking beautiful. Literraly i cried when i saw this video.

    taka trip

    Israel Martinez me too !

  16. Kinga Kozioł

    The most beautiful piece of music I have heard in many years

  17. David Franke

    This Song is changing my life...
    Thank You

    JI C


  18. Facundo Gonzalez


    Vicer Fx

    um BR aqui :D

  19. Andrea Podadera Rodríguez

    Don't know why but this song talks to me. And it is talking about a witch's death in the most beautiful way ever.

  20. Sophie Malania

    მე ამაათ ლაივზე ნამყოფი ვაააააააააააარ. ბეეე და ეს იყო სასწაული <3 პკთ

    taka trip

    Sophie Malania bet that says you loved it

    თადეოზ ღვალაძე

    ვუააა :დდდ

  21. JoY

    Oh, I swear
    I saw her right out there

    Caught a glimpse of her grace,
    Slightly misplaced.

    She's around
    Without audible sound

    Covers the mood with a gloom,
    She's alone in the room

    ...And the walls are melting.

    Today time froze
    And I will need a cause
    To carry on on my own

    The walls are melting
    The walls are melting

    je vous merde tous

    thank you !!!! merci !!!! =) top génial !!!

  22. Equi valenTo

    My love inside all the notes of thise composition Sasha i hope that your life vill be long and full of the inspiration. With love from Moscow


    братандо, привет!

  23. Oceanographer Radio

    Juro que la vi allá fuera..
    alcancé a ver de reojo su gracia,

    aunque un poco desenfocada.

    Y es que ella está por doquiera,
    sin pronunciar ninguna palabra audible.
    Cubre su tristeza en la oscuridad,
    en su refugio de soledad.

    Las paredes se están derritiendo...

    El día de hoy es congelante;
    creo que necesitaré una razón
    para seguir adelante,

    sin nadie alrededor.

    Las paredes se están derritiendo...
    las paredes se están derritiendo...
    las paredes se están derritiendo...
    las paredes se están derritiendo...
    las paredes se están derritiendo...

    Las paredes se están derritiendo.


    Que bien la traduciste, muestra que tan bellas son las lyrics sin importar en que idioma.

  24. heytheremogwai

    Might be the best live performance I've ever seen. Cheers.

    taka trip

    heytheremogwai all their live performances are equally stunning

  25. Vinciane CACHEUX-LEGER

    My favorite song ever. Hope to see you one day

    taka trip

    Vinciane CACHEUX-LEGER me too. life dream. saw peter gabriel finally, haha.

  26. Liz Rojas Reyes

    OMG! <3 <3 <3

  27. Rutwick Gangurde

    I came here to listen to the album version and found this version. NOT SORRY. I'M IN TEARS. :(

    taka trip

    Rutwick Gangurde haha. itsbetterrrr

  28. Dylan Weyer

    Absolutely genius!

  29. pameliux10

    maravillosa fusion de sonidos, es perfecta!!

  30. anavi 228

    Captivating melody, a little melancholy, but full of passion and emotion. AMAZING!!!

  31. Deidre Glasgow

    Pure sorcery. They are magicians, epic just epic.

    Equi valenTo

    ure love pure life pure freedom

  32. Hyun Jin Cho

    holy is that jonny greenwood????

    Somni Spleen

    On the keyboards? Yeah, totally haha

    Nick Adrian Music Official

    its really him?

    Somni Spleen

    Dk Kid I don't think no, unfortunately. Could be a great reunion ;)

    Hugo Arellano

    no, no es Jonny, como lei en comentarios abajo, it would be a great band!!

  33. Put In


  34. Joaquin Espinoza

    Very Gooood! Its like a Freefall flight!!

  35. robmac741

    love it.

  36. Roman Caka

    Einfach nur PERFEKT!!!
    Das sind richtige Künstler!

  37. LailaSa3ida

    getting lost in it......

  38. LailaSa3ida

    getting lost in it......

  39. inni

    Wow! Just for one song!

  40. barbotes


  41. Eric Grassi

    I thought the album version was good... wow. Just wow.

    Teiichi Kousaka

    Thought the same here

    taka trip

    Eric Grassi all their live performances beat their studio/album tracks

  42. Jae Overtech

    See this performed live in Budapest with my girlfriend... Amazing! <3

  43. Teresa Nabais

    Exquisite music. Amazing!!!

  44. Ηλιόπουλος Γιώργος


  45. Maria Laura Mustone

    Beautiful discovery!

  46. selectedDARJEEling


  47. PainfullyShy

    Stunning beyond words.

  48. Audin Sylvie


  49. Matt


  50. Action Motors

    only 4 comments...I must count for the other 15,577 views...wouldn't oubt it

  51. Aldente

    Der Drumer war mal mein Schlagzeuglehrer... EIN GOTT!

    Action Motors

    @Aldente Yeah what he said......nice!

  52. JI C

    Impresionante canción.

  53. TheKinole

    ich liebe diesen song !!!!! danke......