Apollo, Omar - Trouble Lyrics

Costly, I tell you
You need to grow
Feels close to heaven
Past the unknown

I'm still thinkin' bout you
It's bloody oh I
([?] only trouble
[?] only trouble) I...
You're goin' far
(Only trouble, only trouble
Only trouble)

It's just nice to meet you anyway
Didn't mean to scare you yesterday
Thought you wanted all that I could bring

Kiss me one time
I've been dyin' to know
If this is real life
Then I'm down with growin' old

I'm still thinkin' bout you
([?] only trouble
[?] only trouble)
(Only trouble, only trouble)

It's just nice to meet you anyway
Didn't mean to scare you yesterday
Thought you wanted all that I could bring

I need to wait
Good at rushing
Love on my mind
Days that I, I hope I find

Why you runnin', why you run away
Why you runnin', why you run away
Why you runnin', why you run away

Why you runnin', why you run away
Why you runnin', why you run away
Why you runnin', why you run away

Why you runnin', why you run away
Why you runnin', why you run away
Why you runnin', why you run away

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Apollo, Omar Trouble Comments
  1. Qulique Simms

    Just discovered you a few days and I am OBSESSED

  2. Claude Faraday

    it's just nice to meet you anyway...

  3. jnicolaas

    Frank Ocean vibes. Late night vibes. Drown in your thoughts vibes. Other dimension vibes. Vibes, just vibes.

  4. Dez 68

    He is a underrated artist and is really really talented

  5. Elizabeth Rogers


  6. Monicaaa R

    Came here from Spotify “late night vibes “ and I’ve been stuck to this song 😭❤️❤️

    Dez 68

    Monicaaa R same

    Im-chas P

    Saamee that’s crazy

  7. Yousuf A

    I'm surprised this wasn't really about a girl, it was about him confronting a younger self.

    I kinda wanna write a song like this one day

  8. llaviish Life

    ilysm you deserve a record 🤩🥺♥️.

  9. Alexis Tijerina

    Omar, I can’t thank u enough for this song alone 💙 You have a pure talent and I’ll never stop being a fan 🥺

  10. Chanel Young

    I saw him perform this live last night and the atmosphere was so tranquil

  11. lovzzezy

    His mom is in this video 🥺🥺

  12. Analía Carrasco L

    I love so so so much!!💟💟

  13. Justin Bwoy

    i spy zac

  14. Slothful

    I started crying in class watching this thanks man I honestly love this

  15. Olivia Allen


  16. jenna val

    such a beautiful song ♥️

  17. Katie Inasaridze

    Aww 😊😌🤗🥰😍😘♥️🎶🥂🍫💫✨🕺🏻🎩👑♾

  18. PrimoTheGreat448

    Shits powerful made me tear up this what real music is about 💯💯💯💯💯🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌👌👌👌 🎶

    Dez 68

    0 :53 part is really good and hits hard

  19. vitamin b12

    wow the cinematography in this 🤩

  20. April Sofra

    this is my favourite omar apollo song of all time

  21. Nathan Long

    Saw you at your first concert. I'm so proud of how far you've come and keep up the good work bro it sounds great.

  22. dreamy

    I discovered his music today and have been on a binge watch ever since, how was your day?

    ė biebz

    Literally me when I found him

  23. lol joshy

    go omar apollo

  24. Cindy Mell

    Nice vibe

  25. TheEpicPandaGaming4You

    This song reminds me of flying on a plane late at night to escape the country.

    Sarah Gonzalez

    TheEpicPandaGaming4You omfg I was literally thinking the same thing 😭😭

  26. White Room

    moved on with this song, love you Omar

    Justin Smith

    White Room same bro, same

  27. ya boi

    this song hits late at night😔😔

    angel rafael

    3:00 in the morning

    Salena with an S

    ya boi feel that.

  28. rem- chan

    Toooo oooooo ooooooooooooooo

    Sarthak Smosh

    It's actually too-da-loo

  29. Daniel Arciniega

    Anyone know the guitar chords? :(

    Natalie Morris

    Daniel Arciniega if you ever get them let me know :(

    Juni M.


    Juni M.

    @Natalie Morris https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/omar_apollo/trouble_chords_2592372

  30. daniela isabel

    i love u

  31. K C

    this song hits different late at night😔👊

  32. Andrea Rios

    Fuck 😔

  33. Angela Mia

    i miss this hair🥺

  34. Andy Pina Contreras

    What does this song mean???

    bianca julissa

    Andy Pina Contreras it’s about him coming too strong onto someone. it’s also about him basically wondering if he’ll ever find someone to commit to his type of romanticism


    No it's him being introspective: he's thinking about the point he is in life, the people around him, his flaws and hopes. I'd suggest looking at his comments about the song for Genius lyrics

    pp boy

    @cvasqueso it literally says on the Genius for this song "In this single, Indiana singer-songwriter Omar Apollo reflects on a time he came on too strong to someone. He also questions if he will ever find someone who is willing to commit to the same level of romanticism as he does."

  35. Andy Pina Contreras

    What does this song mean ??

    rem- chan

    His talking about his younger self

  36. AssCandid

    This is a hit and an instant classic. Talented as fuck.

  37. marissa

    an angel

  38. Alexia Kristyne

    My mans 🥺♥️♥️♥️

  39. TheChicagoKid773

    Crazy how I found myself here. What a great sound..., and from South Haven, IN. Cray

  40. diane zayeneh

    *an absolute babe that makes gr8 music.*

  41. dara

    this is so wild I would have never thought someone from our area would be doing big stuff, you’re so cool

  42. dara

    bro are those the dunes

  43. Jackie A.

    what is omar’s ethnicity ?

    St. Herip


    Jackie A.

    St. Herip ayyyee mexican represent !

    Alejandro Hernandez


  44. Stepho H

    Just saw him at the McAllen Convention Center last night,, this man is a god live💞

  45. Brooklyn Bynum

    I’m crying and you are too

  46. moon almalka

    from joji to omar apollo i think i born a freak too


    moon almalka
    I literally just did this

  47. Alexandra L

    Who’s listening to this at night and in there feels

  48. Bri Lo

    Idk why this song just made me cry. But like in a good way. It's so beautiful

  49. Tyler Would

    Fell in love with someone listening to this song

  50. Micah Brown

    Intro reminds me of the bass in Third Eye Blind’s freshman album closing track, The Background. One of my all time favorites.


    Micah Brown Exactly!! Glad someone else heard the similarity

  51. Flo

    This song means so much to me, reminds me to nurture and love my inner child.

  52. Stephanie Hernandez

    I've had this song on repeat for the last two days. After the millionth listen, I finally let the tears flow.

  53. Destiney Icenhour

    this song makes me feel something that I can't quite put into words.

    ė biebz

    To me it feels like rejection and self loathing

  54. Patetra

    i hope you get the recognition you deserve , one day.

  55. Hajiji Kero

    heard this from Michelle Phan's Magic Hour Radio, and I have been listening for hours and finally I got to know the title of this beautiful melody. Please keep up the good work.

  56. vania bessos

    Wow he’s so cute

  57. Nicholas Borges

    I cannot stop listening to it. Sending regards from Brazil

  58. AJ D

    That intro alone. Even before any words.

  59. Nawfal Jafri

    Keep coming back to this

  60. Thovan Maulana


  61. crystal bobadilla

    You deserve so much more recognition for your music 🥺

  62. Samuel Nelson

    Holy cow hes so amazing.

  63. Rita Gomes

    QUE Sad😣 Que bad...

  64. Tablo Vitamin


  65. jacqueline flynt

    they’re baby

  66. Jen A.

    When will you be coming to DC???! 😍

  67. Aiyanna

    Seen him tonight 🥰🥰🥰best got damn performer ever!!!

  68. Tanja Thomsen

    My new fave artist

  69. swag swag

    for the past week ive only been listening to omars songs on repeat. as soon as i heard erase i fell in love with his voice, music production and just overall vibe :))

  70. Sasha Staggs

    I cried

  71. Danny M

    why does this video low-key make me wanna cry?

  72. Danny M

    come to Tennessee

  73. Cristina Ortiz

    This just made me sad about growing up

  74. aneladgam

    Who else got the feels cuando mama le persigno? 💓

  75. Litzy Mora

    Omar sounds like a pure angel

  76. Marilyn Law

    Does anyone know what hes saying during the muffled parts?

  77. Kevin Hernandez

    This song just gave me chills.. I wanna scream at the top of my fucking lungs and bawl my fucking eyes out

  78. ohhbrooke

    gosh i love this song and video so much this by far my most favorite thing of his

  79. Mike 1127

    An actual masterpiece, can't wait to see you live Omar

  80. Daria luba Burbelo

    !!!!Peace and love and blessings to you brother

  81. Angelica Molinet

    this made me feel so many emotions. such a beautiful song💓

  82. Yukito

    Is this song about him losing his brother or son In a car accident, or him saying goodbye to his former self

    luna valdez

    Yukito i found this online: The striking video follows Omar Apollo and his young nephew around as they go through typical day-to-day scenarios. Viewers watch the impact Apollo has on the young boy, without even noticing. “Trouble” comments on the notion that children are constantly watching and mimicking everything they see, so set a good example and stay out of trouble for them.

    michiko ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I saw that is was about growing up and sort of trying to move on from things/people.

    luna valdez

    kewl 4 skewl that’s what i thought too. i feel like this is definitely they type of song where the listener can take what they think it means to them personally.

  83. Devin Peterson

    this song came on my Spotify radio and I’m absolutely in love with it. I think I just found my new favorite artist

  84. emilia n

    awh ❤️❤️

  85. emilia n

    this song is so good

  86. Jaelyn Smith

    hie has such a soothing voice i want him to sing me to sleep with gentle rain tapping the roof outside :(

    jacqueline flynt

    Jaelyn Smith that sounds magical 💫

  87. sneakyboi

    I feel so many emotions

  88. Isioma O.

    Love this song so much ❤️

  89. NEFrettiti M

    *🖤🖤KCRW - The Lab brought me here!🖤🖤*

  90. NEFrettiti M


  91. eshial akhtar

    I’m obsessed

  92. Jude AlKhaldi

    My favourite singer for 2019.

  93. Zes

    I love this songggggg

  94. R McGinn

    I’d like to see a collaboration with either Leon Bridges or Sia. Just throwing that into the universe, hoping it happens.

    Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees it—he kind of looks like John Mayer.

  95. Amy Bretado

    in love with this dude tbh