Antlers, The - I'm Hibernating Lyrics

Whether you're aware of your limbs or of your hair
you're the spitting image of you in glass
you've got scratches on your arms
and you sleep through car alarms
who is stealing all the cars as you sleep

the knives can cut the locks
we can set back all the clocks
just to lose another hour away
we'll live twice in every day
that we keep the sleep away
i'll be good and keep my mouth shut
i know i can breathe
but that's not enough

i feel like i'm sleeping
and i can't wake up
i feel like i'm sleeping
and i can't wake up
i feel like i'm sleeping
and i can't wake up

i feel like i'm sleeping
and i can't wake up
i feel like i'm sleeping
and i can't wake up

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Antlers, The I'm Hibernating Comments
  1. idlehead

    Reply to this comment

  2. juveag7

    Haha it's funny how angry people get when someone has a different opinion.

  3. JakePlourd

    Glad I found these guys. Great band

  4. OwlsAmoureux

    Would it be controversial if I compared eating delicious cheesecake and fermented feces? I feel like cheesecake has the benefit of not tasting like shit. I could eat cheesecake far longer without tasting shit. And no fermented feces ever tasted good to me.

  5. Carol

    "Would it be controversial"

    Fuck no. At least not controversial amongst people with half a brain.

  6. MehdiGlz

    could you explain the song? the only part I get is the "i feel like I'm sleeping and I can't wake up" chorus

  7. Billy Ji

    not anymore. suck it.

  8. X-cel Longboarding

    12948 views, 0 dislikes

  9. ZeSephian

    How are they even comparable? They're completely different bands.

  10. Mike Litoris

    I'd make a comparitive comment or a comment patronising those who compare but I don't care; I'd just like to listen to some beautiful music.

  11. punkassbamboo

    The song's called "I'm Hibernating" just to let you know (not to sound like a total twat waffle) thanks for the upload :D

  12. Liam Madden

    I definitely don't think this song is perfect, and it may not be as good as hospice, but this is by far my favorite. Its so simple and beautiful. And I know hospice is brutally honest, but I feel this song gives me the closest connection to him and all he's gone through. Its up there with sleepwalkin' by modest mouse. Just its simplicity and how it conveys life. Why can't we wake up from all this sorrow? Because when we are weak, then we are strong.

  13. RobBobLoblaw

    Can we not compare bands, I know you want to talk about something and prove your opinion but people don't really give a shit. Sometimes the best feedback is something good or bad about the band. Since they do check on youtube to see comments of how people are responding to there music. So.......Antlers is soothing, just a great band to listen to, comparable to anyone else? no.

  14. StarbrockEagleslam

    @snowmuzzle Thaaaaat would be because Mumford and sons is shit :/

  15. Josie Rylands

    Would it be controversial to say I prefer the Antlers to Mumford and Sons? I feel there's more variety and feeling in their songs. I could listen to them for far longer without getting bored. And no Mumford and Sons song has ever brought me to tears.

  16. mike jordan

    great song

  17. NekoUrsula

    Great song.