Anthony David - Stop Playin' Lyrics

She was in love wit you, you knew it from the first day
Thought it was cute the way you played your lil pimp game
An' now its different cuz she jus wanna leave you alone
Ye yea
You got to understand that women don't like to play
She just cant cut off her emotion in the same way
Dont be surprised that, she's blowin' you up on the phone

Stop playin games
With the heart
Oh its a shame (its a damn shame)
The way you treatin' her

Stop playin games
With the heart
Grow up n be a man
Ooooh oh
Che check, check check it out now

You think that cuz you told her from the get go
Now that its over she can be like you n let it go
When she laid wit you she broke you off a piece of her spirit
She tried to tell you when you met her how she was
And now your caught up in this fatal attraction
You cant pretend that in the end this isnt partly your fault!

This ain't a lesson this is somethin' you should already know
It just comes wit maturity
Its got a fire that when you met it grows out of control

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Anthony David Stop Playin' Comments
  1. Doris Brown

    Such a soulful song that speak nothin but truth.

  2. big m t

    Shit I've been looking for this one forever

  3. Andrea Butler

    This smooth. Fellas, take a hint!

  4. Im with the shitz

    Wish I met a man that understood this 🤔


    love this song

  6. ninhafer7

    Just straight up feel good music! The entire album.

  7. Eberton729

    Amazing sound!

  8. Emmanuel Azemar

    That's why i don't play games......

  9. wolverine1635

    two way street... neither are men!!

  10. Gabriel 85

    There shouldnt even be a dislike there

  11. ExCougar46

    The lyric r so true.

  12. EbonyBlackDee

    i loveeeee his voice

  13. YellowTexasRose90

    Anthony David ... you won me over - you are speaking my situation
    right now!

  14. Moniq4u24

    I want to play this song on BLAST to every man that's made me feel used.
    It's as if Anthony David read my mind, and the bruises on my soul.

  15. laborblues860

    @BonnyBunny4real But women do the same thing to men, take his money, buy clothes and leaves with the next big wallet that walks by or buy

  16. JenLoAssassin


  17. gomikago

    I know that's right! Tell the truth man! lol

  18. Gemi93

    i love him he has so much soul

  19. candykis33

    Yeah, I recently saw him and I. Arie in concert. Anthony has a raspy, jazzy voice that makes you become so relaxed when listening to him. Mmmmmm. Love it!