Annihilator - W.T.Y.D. Lyrics

Catch a shooting star, burn it to a crisp
Born into death, will you take the risk
See buckets and buckets, yeah buckets of sin
You'll never end and can never begin

Welcome to your death

Welcome to your death
Welcome to your death

No forest of pleasure or fields of pain
High-rise at night see the pavement of stain
A beckoning hand from those who were slain
Now you can sleep again

Welcome to your death
Welcome to your death
Welcome to your death

I take the night and I stretch it wide
And I see all, you hide, I died
So slip right in, sip the wine
The caution flashes but the water's fine

Welcome to your death
Welcome to your death
Welcome to your death

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Annihilator W.T.Y.D. Comments
  1. bigsir333

    This was on some forgotten compilation I got back in the early 90s , this & a Deicide song were the best by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Frank Frank

    Puro pinche metal!!! Guerros!!!

  3. Shivam Phukan

    Oh man . . . . . . . Jeff Waters = THE MOST UNDERRATED DUDE IN METAL HISTORY !!

  4. Dion Heckathorn

    ♪♫♪♫♎☠\m/☠♎♫♪♫♪=^-^=☠♎ KC3AGI =^-^= O.C. Rebel♎☠=^-^=♪♫♪♫♎☠\m/☠♎♫♪♫♪

  5. Jaime Sanchez

    Freaking awesome ty..\m/

  6. ჯუზეპე

    Rogor gamisworda axla amis ksomena

  7. mu mu

    all strings by jeff

  8. Aaron Kuruppassery

    What a voice Randy Rampage......

  9. Maciel Test

    Vou baixar essa🤘

  10. Jeisson Stik AGUILAR GARCIA

    El mejor album de annihilator

  11. Sam pelletier

    One of the best brutal song of thrash metal 2:23 best part of this song kick ass - Welcome to your death
    Welcome to your death
    Welcome to your death * 😈

  12. Fmc 2465

    What a great Thrash Metal album

  13. Staybs Wyatt

    Can someone help me find out the piece or song that they play at 1:55-2:10

  14. Manuel Martinez

    temazo memorable grandes riffs cambios de tiempo la bateria bien precisa...

  15. Tony Stark

    Ουτε ενα ελληνικο σχολιο ρε μαγκες? γιατι χαλατε την παραδοση?

  16. Dave Biddle

    I’m Headbangin’ while takin a dump.

    XxDarknessx NoxMorexX

    Holy shit! These guys are rocking so hard it could constipate a dude.

  17. I hate Everything

    RIP Randy I knew him personally and he's my aunt's roommate he was a great man and a great musician who will be missed

    Jakub Sobczuk

    Great singer. When he sings "buckets and buckets" its just pure madness vocal rythmics.Thats good you knew him. How he died?

  18. Southern Drinkstruction

    R.I.P. Randy Rampage \m/

  19. chris cc

    ONE OF THE BEST THRASH VOICES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Ves Ok

    WTYD Randy 😭

  21. Profile1

    R.I.P. Randy Rampage

  22. Ezekiel and Opie

    Masterpiece! Really cool strong influence from metallica but taken to the next level.

    Dr. Vicious

    You wish Metallica were this amazing.

  23. Markosinvictus ?


    Catch a shooting star, burn it to a crisp
    Born into death, will you take the risk
    See buckets and buckets, yeah, buckets of sin
    You'll never end and can never begin

    Welcome To Your Death (x3)

    No forest of pleasure or fields of pain
    High-rise at night, see the pavements of stain
    A beckoning hand from those who were slain
    Now you can sleep again

    Welcome To Your Death (x3)

    I take the night and I stretch it wide
    And I see all, you hide, I died
    So slip right in, sip the wine
    The caution flashes but the water's fine

    Welcome To Your Death (x3)

  24. Jamila Andersson


    Leo Teixeira

    Jamila Andersson best album of annihilator and one of best of thrash!!

    Jamila Andersson

    Leo Teixeira
    Ohhh Yehhhhh Leo Teixeira. .The Album are damn AMAZING!!!
    And Annihilator are one of my favourite bands Best Ever. ...

  25. Konstantinos Kiriazis




  26. Fchry Svaa

    So underrated, fuckin underrated!!

  27. Demitri

    Just finished listening to this song. Now I have four balls.


    sounds a little like mechanix and the four horsemen

    amon ra

    Except for better guitars, vocals, drums and production XD

  29. abraham leyva

    Cant belive megadeath is more famous than annihilator

    The White Dude

    abraham leyva It's not hard to belive, Megadeth's work on The 80's it's The best thing on thrash metal

    Clarpazoid x

    I mean have you heard megadeths discography? They pioneered thrash metal and made it their bitch

    Wayne Pledger

    Only thing that's better about annihlilator than Megadeth is Jeff waters he's slightly better imo than Poland mustaine and Friedman but Megadeth have far more radio songs

  30. Scotty J.

    Another classic from Jeff Waters & co... #ThrashOn

  31. Andy O Brien


  32. sedentary cub




    Mechanix was the original song, Dave left metallica, and used his song, he then also released his version in Megadeth So if any stealing is going on metallica is doing the stealing..

    Matheus Ventura

    stealing? it sounds alike,but it's an completely different way to play.I know how to play both songs,Those two songs don't have that much in common.

  33. sedentary cub

    beginning metallica

  34. Bizarro Oficial

    Wayne Darley se la rifaba en el bajo

  35. Hodie Cras

    Annihilator... Monstruos del trash, inolvidables, talentosos y profesionales como pocos.

    Jorge Andrés Arias Zuñiga

    Mas que del thrash metal han sido pioneros y maestros del Speed metal.

    Manuel Martinez

    del speed metal los pongo en una bolsa a motorhead, venom, metallica, agent steel, Exciter, Anvil entre otras...

  36. Miguel Angel Dominguez de la Cruz

    Siempre annihilator.....desde Cádiz! ! arriba jeff

  37. gfabila2

    02:23 Epic!

  38. El Gib

    Eargasm!! lml

  39. Zoltán Dudás

    OMG one of the most EPIC thrash albums! :-D

  40. Jens K

    Great stuff

  41. I'm an ostrich and you can't stop me

    Ok, maybe the main riff sounds a little bit similar to "Mechanix" but it's not the same riff and the song is obviously different.

    Reid Kelly

    +I'm an ostrich And you can't stop me It's also pretty similar to "Loved to Deth" but whatever—they're all good thrash tunes \m/

    Blek Metal

    mechanix of megadeth are u fucking kidding me?

    Conshe Tumare

    looks like someone is fucking deaf

    JC Denton

    You're all fucking crazy expect for Blek and conshe

    sPongebItch bObface

    It is blatantly, and unashamedly mechanix dude. And it's also a true classic fuckin banger.

  42. Milton Ortiz

    are you going to do any videos on the xfiles

  43. Nelson Oyarzun


  44. GetYourPull18


  45. Icaro Reis

    Megadeth says: Plagiarism!

    "Last rites/love to death" and "my last words" Together.... But this song is awesome anyway

    Hu -

    This song was written in 1984.

    Joseph Church

    No it wasn't, and even if that was the case, they were both written at the same time.


    Well it's on the demo from 1985 so it's possible it could've been written in '84


    as vezes o individuo esta fudido na droga

    Laurent Dupont-Gagnon

    the world dont turn around megadeth and metallica you know and megadeth didnt create metal

  46. Vahagn Hakobyan

    It starts almost like Mustaine's Mechanix/The Four Horsemen

    JC Denton

    I thought of The Four Horsemen, briefly.

    AmirrezA Se7eN

    Thought the same thing


    nadaver meu irmão, você por um acaso esta a usar drogas?

    Aaron Kuruppassery

    Troll spotted

  47. Blue Thunder73

    And Meh-tallicrap is the best band of the world??..Yeah sure....


    I like Metallica and Annihilator, so fuck me right?

    Hu -

    Well, Annihilator released 2 great albums, Metallica released 4 great albums. But Alice in Hell is better than the whole Metallica discography. Both are good bands.


    Personally i think Alice and hell, never neverland, set the world on fire and king of the kill are all great annhilator albums, so that makes four in my book

  48. Maxoviron Yankee King

    How does that makes him a poser?

  49. Felipe Baraky Tavares

    lol...fucking poser.

  50. Nordic Beard

    100000000000000000000X better than Metallica.

    Wayne Pledger

    Leaving Lars out cause pretty much anyone can outplay him on a drum kit

    sPongebItch bObface

    @Wayne Pledger lars would have been gone too. I just know it.


    @sPongebItch bObface Lars formed metallica without him there would be no metallica you guys keep forgetting this also yeah I agree he's shit but give some respect He formed one of the most successful bands in history

    Sander Zijl

    Why do people need to compare everything to metallica?? Just enjoy both bands

    Jakub Sobczuk

    You're wrong. You missed few more zeros

  51. Hitman1m1


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  52. Vicente Diaz

    Jeff Waters > James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, Kerry King, Mille Petrozza, Tony Portaro...

  53. TheGroumpfy

    Fuck, that bridge is dark. It's like spiders climbing your body and you can't get 'em off and they're spitting fire and shit... Wow, dude.


    That's fuckin metal


    TheGroumpfy which part? The bridge is huge lol

  54. gReGsKi GmAiL

    great riffatologist for sure, LOL

  55. Thrashers Inc.


  56. Thrashers Inc.


  57. carlos maximiliano prezas perez

    that explains everything

  58. Trevorkrauser

    shitty correction

  59. uome20bukz

    First four albums*

  60. JoeRambo91

    But music is music man, who cares? So fuck you

  61. Elastik55

    Am I the only one that hears The Legend of Zelda music around 2:10?

  62. poopmaster13

    You don't need to trash a great band like Metallica that probably influenced Jeff Waters, just to point out that Annihilator is also awesome.

    Jakub Sobczuk

    Please dont ever call metallica a great band. Dont call it a band neither

  63. Jack Napier

    I dont care whose better , i just want to listen to metal ...

  64. evand848

    But Megadeth is a great band.

  65. dimisrov


  66. weirdcontent303

    whats all this arguing and metallica and shit what are you like 12? They're just bands thats all. People are in need of serious problems in life if they have time to bicker about some long haired fairies who panzie around with guitars

  67. Leandro Freitas

    has anyone said this?

  68. Marie Serje

    only one person don't make the band. ;)

  69. Ali Wehbe

    It's a great song, but you should go listen to Metallica again and not follow the let's hate on metallica train. Just sayin'

  70. Neil Beaton

    speed matal? trash? learn to speaking the english before you comment

  71. Neil Beaton

    I usually get addicted to songs for a month at a time. September was Deathrider by Anthrax, October was Steeler by Judas Priest, November has been Headless Cross by Black Sabbath, and December will be WTYD by Annihilator

  72. Gabriel_Ll

    2:08 Kid Icarus Dungeon theme mixed with The Legend of Zelda :O

  73. George Saddington

    This song, to me, is what would happen if you threw 1980's Metallica and early, and last album, Riot into a blender and made a cocktail out of it.

  74. D3THSCreaM

    Metallica is rated as the most " Overrrated " thrash band . i listened to it since 6 years ago it's good but MegaD and Anni are way sicker


    i lobe metallica.. but better musically.. so far

  76. strapanasi

    I like both, but i prefer metallica (technically waters is a fucking monster)

  77. Pavle Nikacevic

    Progressive thrash (like Annihilator) didn't exist when Metallica sang thrash metal. Listen to Metallica's first four albums, and you will find songs that are "thrashier" than Annihilator, just less aggressive. And yeah, why would you compare two great bands that influenced thrash metal (Metallica) and that developed it to it's best form (Annihilator)?

    Nate Landherr

    Um, what do you thing Justice is, you absolute paleolithic brainlet

  78. roxi1adi


  79. Christian Navarro

    fucking true thrash mteal!!

  80. malemuffin64

    1:54 is beautiful.

  81. Leandro Freitas

    and he was invited again before Broderick joined the band...

  82. FreakinSweet86

    Many people will often play something like Marvin Gaye or some such other artist when with a woman. I find this does the job just as well!

  83. Leandro Freitas

    He was invited again. After Waters' gently negative, Cris Broderick accepted the charge.

    Jeff also made a video playing a Megadeth song just to say thanx to Musta for the invitation.

  84. franz Schiaffini Fernandez

    you´re right... he was to collaborate with the rust in peace

  85. SaintofLightandDark

    death seen through the eyes of the dying and a summons from the great beyond to join the masses of lapsed lives. mystery and, sometimes, fantasy. theory and legend. the plight of dying or the fight to freedom? a supernatural transition to a world that is known only in dreams and in death. welcome..."

  86. 7878rich9898

    this album not comapred with new

  87. whopperharpooneer

    I can easily fap to this song

  88. Leandro Freitas

    Jeff Waters refused to join Megadeth...twice!
    enough said!

  89. brayan avalos

    Lolz Sounds like Metallica's Intro xD

  90. Dinko

    you can feel the candian athmosphere on this song!

  91. Leonardo Sanchez

    Aaah que poder que tiene este tema !!!!