Annihilator - Alison Hell Lyrics

Alice, isn't it frightening?
Alice, aren't you scared?
Alice, isn't it wonderful?
Living life afraid
Don't look around the corner
I might be lurking there
Under the bed at night
You're up till dawn again

Alison hell, your mind begins to fold
Alison hell, aren't you growing cold?
Alison hell, you are looking blue
Alice in hell, what else can you do?


I begin my rule, life hideous in your mind
Crying out, you've lost your doll
It isn't worth a dime

Alison hell, your mind begins to fold
Alison hell, aren't you growing cold?
Alison hell, what are you looking for?
Alice in hell, soon I close the door

Sitting in the corner, you are naked and alone
No one listened to your fears, you've created me

Alice, isn't it frightening?
Alice, aren't you scared?
I was killed at birth
I shoot this final scene
You're in the basement
You're trapped insanity

Alison hell, what were you looking for?
Alison hell, as I close the door
Alison hell, here you shall dwell
Alison hell, Alice dwells in hell


In hell


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Annihilator Alison Hell Comments
  1. Rc-Nerd

    Want that fly virgin tee

  2. Tony Wicks - C2D4 Comics

    I wish they left their new drummer's sound as untouched as it is on this album. So much feel here. These days their rhythm section is so perfect that it kills the music. However, this rocks.

  3. Robert Grimes

    A very under rated band . Jeff is one reason I started too play guitar . Still got my guitar . Never went full flying Vee . Bought a clip wing peavey vortex 2 . Love listening too Annihilator .

  4. gdh1984

    Ain’t enough vodka or volume on earth can make me jam harder!!

  5. Dakota Francis

    Very unique

  6. XremeModded MCPS3


  7. American Atheist

    Fuckin love this riff

  8. BASSstarlet

    θυμάστε το review τότε που είχε κυκλοφορήσει ο δίσκος, από το Metal Hammer, που έλεγε λίγο πολύ, πως ίσως πρόκειται για τον καλύτερο δίσκο στο μέταλ ever?Πόσα να είχε αρπάξει ο συντάκτης από την εταιρία, άραγε....;

  9. Bilgekağan Çulama

    when you feel lonely think about the second guitarist

  10. Rodrigo González

    One of the most underrated old school thrash metal bands

  11. Kvlt Leader

    Dont forget.. “fly virgin”

  12. Christopher Kliagel

    New Annihilator is ok but I think the original singer is still the best.

  13. Bei Fernandez

    1047 reguetoneros que hacen viendo esta joya jejee

  14. borderline delusion

    This was the best album
    I wish they would play in Los Angeles

    Thanks for this amazing video
    U did a great job
    Videos like this make hours to make
    God bless
    Danny words and guitars borderline delusion band. We are trying to raise awareness for suicide prevention .
    I am lucky been lucky to have amazing friends help our cause
    Durga mc broom of Pink Floyd
    Derf scratch bass player of Fear

    God bless



  16. sdallas1469

    It was great to see that Randy Rampage was on the best Annihilator album, May he live forever in the hearts of every Annihilator fan out there!

  17. James Lewis

    Jeff needs a shirt that says me me me

  18. Leona Henry

    Perfect rendition of a person in mental anguish heading for insanity. This band did a perfect job.

  19. Red On Black

    Jeff Waters is fredguitarist's favorite guitarist

  20. Father Evol

    TRANSMISSION HELL!, try to repair one.

  21. Ronald Shank

    The way that this song is done, it sure does have at least somewhat of a Megadeth-type influence, as well as a bit of a Judas Priest influence, too.

  22. eurologic

    Love how back in these days there was an hour of riffs before the vocals came in

  23. cesar vera

    aguante chile los más metaleros de sudamerica

  24. Daniel Ortiz

    que buen tema. nunca lo habia escuchado antes. Saludos desde la Patagonia Arg.

  25. Alex Baillie

    Man, I always thought that both guitar players were swapping solos in the solo section, but I can now see that Annihilator hates their rhythm guitar player.

  26. Dibbo 92

    Classic Thrash Metal Track one of the greatest

  27. Tha Kaarnifex

    Fucking U N D E R R A T E D

  28. Mad9977-RC and HOBBY

    was my fav song for a long time, still great in 2020 😎👍

  29. cherk Anti furros

    My favorite part 0:00 _5:25

  30. Rashid Jurgens

    4:56 when you finally see the night terror that's been haunting you in your sleep and appears in real life

  31. Dafyd Maddz

    *Quintessential Metal Masterpiece!*

  32. fatih kağızmanlı

    kırmızılı sivaslımı ney.kaşlara bak tek kaş

  33. Gnome Sane

    Cool video and song. Randy Rampage book brought me here.

  34. Selayang Pandang


  35. Colby Salazar


  36. DoomBeagle

    RIP Randy Rampage

  37. Linden Arden

    Alison looks like she is 25 year old

  38. Максим


  39. Fanima Dekoi

    It's 2020 and this still kicks ass.


    Este es el vocalista para ANNIHILATOR, que regrese ahora..nunca debió salir..

    Pachu Echaide

    Falleció en 2018


    @Pachu Echaide 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

  41. Tu Puta Madre Yo

    los vi en Zaragoza en el 91 junto a judas priest y pantera y me quede alucinado.

  42. Tu Puta Madre Yo

    que grandes son los tíos estos me encantan junto a testament.yeeaaaahh

  43. Metal For The Masses

    Hahaha, why's this in the "Cradle of Filth" youtube playlist??

  44. Tayane Gomes

    Annihilator is awesome. There are great thrash bands and many unknown ones. I found one recently called crashkill that looks promising.

  45. Krimson Vale

    funny how i can hear a small Judas Priest riff in this song at 2:51

  46. Tyler Cook

    My dad sang, and jammed with these guys in their garage in the 80s.

  47. Ultra Magnus

    Вокал не о чем, инструменты огонь 🔥

  48. Ultra Magnus

    Есть мода на лица

  49. derberserker

    Wow this is very old ,I have this album on vinyl.

  50. Joshua Gill

    This song is a Bitch to play

  51. Eddie Sparxx

    R I F F T I M E 2:18

  52. Άγγελος Γατζιάς

    3:59 Dab on them haters!

  53. Christian Antos

    R.I.P., Randy

  54. Dibbo 92

    Kickass song

  55. Randy Gray

    Oh that singing gotta go!

  56. Randy Gray

    Allison Waterland!

  57. Randy Gray

    This is like, Supergood.

  58. zombie6887 87

    Never herd this song in a while

  59. Plasma Rifle

    Is nobody else going to..? Ok, fine, THEN I WILL.


    *Album 'Reign In Blood'*
    *Song 'Raining Blood'*


    *Album 'Alice In Hell'*
    *Song 'Alison Hell'*

    Fabio Souza Moura

    The best😎🙌🙏🤘🤘

  60. Mr. Jack M

    best Annihilator album period!!!

  61. Golden Egg That Never Hatched

    Second guitarist:
    2:04 (a little bit)

  62. Charles Mitchell

    who thought it would be a good idea to make a Dokken video without the horror?

    Dafyd Maddz

    Lmao. Alison Hell is the true Dream Warrior indeed

  63. Chainsaw Splatter Massacre

    Vocal like Bruce Dickinson in 90s era

  64. Alaa Al Dafrawy

    When was it made

    Alaa Al Dafrawy

    Lee  lol long time ago 85 I guess

  65. Brandon Maricle

    My dad use to hang out with Jeff and randy back in 89, he was recording in the same studio back when they were recording this album

  66. Metallic Rock

    R.I.P Randy Rampage

  67. Zuia Sailo

    Good guitar works, shredding,,2019 December,, who's with me?

  68. Leonardo Cervantes Aguilera

    Esa anabelle es una loquilla, aparece en muchos lados...

  69. Arthur G.

    Saw them many years ago support band for Judas Priest on the Painkiller tour. Very enjoyable evening is all I can tell you.

  70. László Fodor

    I saw first this video around '89 in MTV's Headbangers Ball and was totally impressed by it. Now 30 years later the feeling is still the same!

  71. Mayhem will freeze the moon

    Classic thrash

  72. Mike mysers Mike myers

    Who’s still listening to this in 2019?

  73. Erik Ellison

    Very disappointed with the lack of diversity in this video. Canada is a very diverse place, they could have thrown in an Indian or an Arab for diversity's sake.

  74. win mag

    Heavy Metal and Marshal amplification gets me there!

  75. Lucas Roman

    Nunca me voy a cansar de este temaso! lml

  76. Vova777

    Кто знает что это за бас гитара у бассиста ?

  77. Marc De Paz

    Was that doll Anabelle? I mean "the" Anabelle doll??


    These guys fucking RULE.

  79. Louis Csanko


  80. Andressa Sousa

    Rampage distroy

  81. Squodweard

    Jeff had some big eyebrows

  82. thomas hinchey

    big shiny drum kit blinding everyone in the band

  83. Rothery Berlin

    This is my Song from an old good time .

  84. ᚱᛁᚲᚨᚱᛞᛟ᛫ ᚺᛖᚾᚱᛁᛩᚢᛖ

    1:11 - 1:25 Aaah, I love that riff.

  85. guy lamson

    Fucking tight

  86. Beardmania

    The drummer is wearing a Bigfoot monster truck t-shirt. I had one just like it and scored plenty of tail while wearing it.

  87. Lukas Skully

    Best song from their best ALBUM!!! 🇨🇦👏🏻🎸🎼⭐

  88. Amy_ sterious

    Cant even see second guitarist face.. Hmm why??

  89. Leona Henry

    These boys sure know how to lay the hammer down. Very excellent guitarists!!! Every kids nightmares coming to life through this song! Very well-executed metal.

  90. Rafael Luevano

    Susan Sarandom?

  91. gamer overload

    Didnt know samurai cop played for annihilator

  92. GRM

    Seriously this fucking song, album, song suck ass! This song is all over the god dam place.

  93. alisson rafael

    Musica foda, nome foda tmb

  94. korncows1

    Ohhh I thought this was INFANT annihilator lol. Once you adopt ia into your life no music is ever heavy again sadly

  95. Murilo Fernandes


  96. Степан Бочкин

    RIP Randy

  97. otaco ordinario

    My dudes playing Annabele before Annabele