Annie Lennox - The Saddest Song Lyrics

Darling are you feeling
The same thing that I'm seeing
The troubles of the day
Took my breath away
Took my breath away
Now you're no longer talking
And I'm no longer listening
There's nothing left to say
Said it anyway
Said it anyway
And I want you not
And I need you not
I'm dying
Cos this is the saddest song I've got
The saddest song I've got
Darling are you healing
From all the scars appearing
Don't it hurt a lot
Don't know how to stop
Don't know hot it stops
Now there's no sense in seeing
The colours of the morning
Hold the clouds at bay
Chase them all away
Chase them all away
And I'm frozen still
Unspoken still
Cos this is the saddest song I've got
The saddest song I've got

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Annie Lennox The Saddest Song Comments
  1. Jack lynch

    It’s amazing. You just listen and cry. It’s your quiet still of “I can’t....I just can’t”

  2. Spike Burst

    Muy Sra Mia .

  3. mark Howard

    This is for you my love. I love you now and I love you more later. Its so sad. Wrong time. Wrong place. But I will never forget you. 🌹❤️

  4. Betty Benitez

    I lost the love my life when this CD came out and is my favorite of all ANNIE LENNOX 'S music for me as a person and fellow artist.

  5. MsUn PC

    'CSI: MIAMI' brought me here.
    They have some really great songs on that show

    Elias Garcia Cuadra

    Im actually looking for a very sad song played at the end of some episodes. Do u know the name of that song? It appears for example at the end of the episode bang bang your debt


    ER. Carters grandmother dies.

  6. Tadeo Navarro

    this song is so sad , it is impossible not to cry when you listen to it . it is such a beautiful song

  7. Evan T Gustafson

    I'm I the Ownley one who finds this song ethereal?

  8. Be the change you want to see

    So beautiful...

  9. Tele Synth

    I've been there and its exactly how it feels. I now very happy with a new partner, but this song is the sound of a dead relationship.

  10. Caroline Charbonnel

    I'm here because of that ER episode, when Carter's gramma dies...such a beautiful and sad song

  11. richard kane

    Rarely does such raw emotion get poured into a song, with Annie's beautiful as always voice and a melancholy understated background. If you have felt a loss that rips you apart and leaves you wondering what the point is, this song strikes a chord like few others. This isn't the sound of a heart breaking, but the soundtrack to its aftermath. Very brave, and proof of this woman's genius.

  12. purplehazefree

    for everyone who has lost there love            crying now             wow what a great song   still...........................