Annie Lennox - Syracuse Lyrics

J'aimerais tant voir Syracuse
L'ile de Paques et Kairouan
Et les grands oiseaux qui s'amusent
A glisser l'aile sous le vent...

Voir les jardins de Babylone
Et le palais du Grand Lama
Rever des amants de Verone
Au sommet du Fuji Yama...

Voir le pays du matin calme
Aller pecher le cormoran
Et m'enivrer de vin de palme
En ecoutant chanter le vent...

Avant que ma jeunesse s'use
Et que mes printemps soient partis
J'aimerais tant voir Syracuse
Pour m'en souvenir a Paris.

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Annie Lennox Syracuse Comments
  1. Holger Reimann

    Thanks Annie for all these great songs.
    Thanks for all your songs.
    Keep going ! Greetings from Germany, February 2020.


    caramba resucitei e javou ser aprocima vitima de novo 13 och

  3. Spookii Faith

    Wait so Nicki Minaj sampled the melody from this song to her song Your Love? Ahh

  4. Felipe Campos

    Clipe um tanto blasfemo

  5. David H

    This video is proof Rick can actually time travel.

  6. Yup Yup

    Fun Fact: Did you know that iconic queen of rap "Nicki MInaj" sampled this song for her iconic lead single "Your Love" which is on her debut album "Pink Friday"?

  7. Daniel Assis


  8. Roberto González

    25 years ago!!!

  9. Lisa Leone

    I used to have demons in my room at night....

  10. Lisa Leone

    How in 2020 is it accepted that we have so many expressions?

  11. Alison DiLaurentis

    I was 19 when this came out. I still love it decades later.

  12. Dewcake

    Watching this video as a child shaped my whole life in so many ways! And today I've just realised that the first dancer is the actor Jake Canuso from the shows Benidorm and Scarborough!

  13. Rose Martins


  14. Gatinha do amor

    Os clipes dela são bem estranhos, mas a voz dela é maravilhosa e as músicas lindas.

  15. Pancake or Waffles?

    I came here from spooky

  16. AnimationTimeBoi

    It’s just men

  17. Mark Sudlow

    Where have all the artists gone? The way she acts this out...


    Eu queria ter vivido nos anos 70 e 80 não queria está vivo mais nesse mundo maldito de hoje

  19. Armando Saputo

    I wrote "turuturututu aaa"

  20. Gioia Bassi


  21. Joanita Santos Silva

    Queria saber o que significa tanto cu na letra da música, música linda sou fã, só não intendo tanto cu, que significa?

  22. IMCAL

    Give me $200.

  23. papiXchuko

    Must of Been cheaper to hire guys

  24. Isaac Williams

    I lost my spouse recently (she was in her thirties), no more I love you’s....

    Tru Blue

    May she rest in Peace...Blessings.....

  25. Daniel Campos

    Essas coca aí é fanta.

  26. Adeilton Ajael

    No More "I Love You's" the Best

  27. anka feder

    Bin naturverbunden und glücklich der Nebel steigt und gleich die kosmische sonne

  28. anka feder

    Musi schön Darstellung sehr verdächtig ich laufe momentan durch den Wald und schau Bären Rehe Kirschen Wölfe bin ein kleines kind

  29. Thomas Shirley

    This song makes me sad because it reminds me of my break up with my soulmate antiona last June I cry when I listen to this song if she is listening to this song my heart has broken for nearly 8 months now I miss antiona so much I hope one day I get back with her 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Anita Walstad

    Thomas Shirley ❤️ You will heal..but it hurts, I know! And there is someone out there for you💕🌹✨


    sorry about that

  30. Esquadrilha 00

    Que saudades de 1995 clube Círculo Italiano sorocaba SP saudades Lu que pena que eu nunca mereci seu amor mais agora já seguimos vidas diferentes 💔😢

  31. AQT Black or White

    I like music for, not for clip!

  32. kahetel13

    This song, indirectly, showed me how deep into depression way back then years ago I got. Thanks Annie, for your expression of song, made me realize where I was headed, and made me whole again <3

  33. Stephen Key

    Minnie mouse's heartbreak after Mickey cheats on her the tramp snow white🤣🤣🤣

  34. Thânya Tulmuto

    Amo ⚘🏳️‍🌈🇧🇷

  35. Kuko Harai


  36. David Darrel Alfarizy

    OMG THE EYE 😨😨😨

  37. Shawnda Jacques

    I wasn't a fan of this song as a kid. I always woke up to this as a kid when it came on the radio. But, now I have grown to love the song.

  38. Jacqueline Warner-Smith

    why, annie

  39. Ernest Rotter


  40. Random Dude

    This feels weird listening to this without Shaq turning Drake into mini Drake and then Drake pulling out a gun on me

  41. Junrey Puerin

    Jesus Christ why I'm here

  42. Megat Sharul Izam

    Beutifull songs .Stop........

  43. Ramon Ribeiro dos santos

    Hj estou matando a saudade dessa música depois de 10 anos

  44. Nicole Naylor

    Who is dr Phil so many of you have mentioned his name?

  45. Marcia Bradburn

    When was the first time you fell heard this artist".

  46. C. Bass

    Dang.... Annie was smoking hot.

  47. josélito TRAMONTIN

    thank you Annie for this song josé

  48. Bombah Deputta

    The monsters are crazy.... yeah i have a lot of crazy monsters in my room

  49. Patrick Lopez

    I just learned this was a cover...

  50. TCGames199

    Why isn't daddy phil in thissssss!😢😢😢

  51. ncis

    one of the best vocals by annie.

  52. lyndon dembski

    Totally vile....

  53. The Red Sterling Mc'Bae

    LOL, I heard Minaj first, so at times I hear....
    Doo-ba-doo-ba-doopdoppdopp...🎶 🎶🐦

    Thanks roomate in the Army who just had to have that as an alarm every fecking morning. =.=

    Aven Ninja

    I think I would choke someone if they played Minaj every morning.

  54. Daniel Bressanim

    Uma beleza impactante essa mulher ....

  55. ricky french

    Brilliant piece of work. Annie is beautiful and what a sumptuous voice. Feelgood music for anyone. Otherwise why would you be here?

  56. Patty Ladd

    I was a teen when this came out, had a hard time liking the new sound. I thought she was sooo weird. I really have grown to like her over the years. What a voice...

  57. pawel stremlau

    wierzchucinek nad jeziorem koło młyna dj pyra lata 90te. skoczek disko bar retro wąwelno pozdrawiam Ewe, Anie, Monike i Hanie

  58. Lory May Magayones

    Kuya John 😭 miss kita sa kantang to

  59. Kyle Brogmus

    Back when pop wasn’t an auto tune mirage.

  60. bearsoundz

    Play this
    Before *this*
    Then you have a full story..

  61. Shawn Weston

    Great song nice tune to it but they sure could have chosen a different video.we won't say why.

  62. J.Elliott Ness

    This is the most beautiful kick ass song ever!!!!

  63. John Spektr

    do the "coos" at the beginning annoy the shit out of anyone else?

    Stewart Cook

    Nah just you brew

    La Sombra de la luz

    Not at all.

  64. Antoni Gorka

    lol my search was dubidubi dub dub dub oooh😂😂😂

  65. Daniel Araújo

    No começo da música tem uma voz falando. Cu repare se alguém percebeu deixa seu like.

  66. Brandon Fiore

    I tried to find this song for 11 years. I'm not joking, pretty much half of my life.

  67. Joe Baxley

    I forgot about the ballerina dudes, kinda creepy.

  68. Marcio Muniz

    Que Deus a tenha!!!!

  69. Jean Santana

    Amazing!! I miss you 😢


    2030 - 2040 - 2099 - 3000 I'm RIP LOL

  71. CycloneMetal

    Anyone else here from Neil Cicereiga

  72. Michael Servais

    She is an Angle.

  73. Maria Clara Silva

    I'm 12 years old, and i know what is one true Music. "no more, i Love you"

  74. birdboi85

    Years ago, in the early 2000's when I was a young kid, I heard the opening playing over the speakers at an airport while we were picking up my grandmother. That opening vocal has been haunting me for years at the edge of sleep and memory and I found it again today. Thanks to a tictok compilation.

  75. leonardo gomes


  76. Electra _FX

    I'm pretty sure you are still a lunatic

  77. Cristian Micu

    voice and eyes : one in a million. special, beautiful tune

  78. Juan Carlos La salle

    Suya es la sistematización del paroxismo

  79. SpChannel

    Is that Danny Webb at the end?

  80. Sammy Crespi

    Mister D Wibble sorry, but you are too much ignorant of nice music..everybodies like this artist, a real fantastic artist , a top ten in all time fame..

  81. Spirobrine

    Shut the hell up
    Dr Phil

  82. Lois Reed

    I think it’s great very theatrical and I love the jab she’s taking at tight ass prudes makes me laugh 😂 she’s talented

  83. Mick

    Who is still loving this in 2021?

  84. Paul Lamonte

    I absolutely love this song, but this video is like Drag Queen Story Hour at a children's library in San Francisco; terrifying! 😯😬

  85. Horst Weyand

    Carmen Viberg
    Carmen Viberg thank you Annie Lennox...needed to hear this ..this morning...:smiles warmly to you... ..takes a deep breath in...........Gratitutude for the song ...appriecation for you and all that your become..your dedication to making good music..Ive always loved your songs...growing up with them......humbleness.and humility..from one human to another...respect for all that your to you..and your daughter....


    Te amo... Desde Cartagena Colombia...

  87. michalus michalus

    This is the first time I've seen this video. It's wonderful! I love how well AL can use her eyes to express herself.

  88. Dan63


  89. Wilson Junior

    Who 2020?

    Mattias Eliasson

    Still amazing!

  90. Rafał Orlik

    Anybody from "Dr. Phill - Shut the hell up bitch (HD)" ?

  91. Anna Augustine

    Quelle voix quel talent !!! Ses chansons sont indémodables, à bientôt 37 ans je n'écoute que de la vraie musique des années 80/90 . Heureusement il ya you tube pour faire perdurer ses chefs d'œuvres

  92. Felipe Pereira lucio

    Annie lennox is very nice and amazing singer and song for the heart and soul are beautifull and magic. Peace and Light for you my favorite singer and amazing artist. 💝💞💟💗💖💕💓👏👏👏👏🎀🎧

  93. Maxfield Weizenegger

    This song came out when I was a small child. I was in Boca Raton Florida. Reminds me of humidity the ocean my grandma palm trees and yellow fire trucks.

  94. Gabriel Silva

    Coisa feia já começa a música xingando cu, cu, cu

  95. Diego Rivas

    Looks like enya is in the video too. 2:00 2.07

  96. Brixx

    I believe i liked in 2040 also

  97. Lorenzo Segatta

    This is a MARVELLOUS SONG. REALLY.Olèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèè

  98. SonicRecords

    Nie słyszałem tego 10 lat. Nie pamiętając głosu wokalistki siedziało mi we łbie ze to zespołu Enigma bo w trochę podobnym stylu. Ale w końcu w radiu po latach usłyszałem to co znam od dawna a za chiny ludowe nie wiedziałem kto spiewa i z którego roku. W sumie 1995 a takie lata 80

  99. Andrea Sanchez

    My sleep paralysis demon: 0:20

    Me: 0:31