Annie Lennox - Step By Step Lyrics

Step by step
Bit by bit
Stone by stone yeah
Brick by brick

Step by step
Day by day
Mile by mile oooh
Now don't you slip away
Don't you go too far
'Cause when I close my eyes
I know who you are.

You are the dark emotion
That makes me hold my breath
Just like the silent water
Upon the ocean's depth.

Don't you slip away
Don't you go too far
'Cause when I close my eyes
I know who you are.

It's just the fear of falling
That makes my lose my grip
It's just the fear of falling
That makes my fingers slip.

Step by step
Bit by bit
Stone by stone yeah
Brick by brick

Step by step
Day by day
Mile by mile oooh
Go your way

Baby don't give up
You've gotta hold on to what you've got
I said baby don't give up
You've gotta keep on moving, don't stop, yeah
Just like a new excursion (I know you're hurting)
Upon an open road (I know you do)
I've got the will to take me (I know you're hurting)
Just where I want to go (don't let the bad thing get to you)

C'mon baby keep moving on
C'mon baby keep on
Keep up...

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Annie Lennox Step By Step Comments
  1. Rahul Gogoispyder

    This is hundred times better than whiteney houstons version.

  2. James R

    I love Annie’s version. You can hear Annie singing backup chorus on Whitney’s version. 😉💕👍🏻

  3. J.E. Spence

    This original is VERY bland compared to Whitney's version. 👎🙈


    Annie doesn't allow just anybody to use her songs... she wanted it to be more inspirational & knew Whitney would slay it

  5. Jamaal Shelton

    Beautiful version

  6. Jordan Flood

    When Whitney sang it It was just amazing especially when she hit that Come Move👼👼👼

  7. Jeremy Chapman

    Thanks to whitney houstons instagram i just found out today that annie even sang it. Lol. I had no idea.


    Annie wrote it and obviously thought Whitney had the pipes to bring it to life.💛👍

  8. j gipson

    I love Whitney, but this version is better. Better lyrics and overall vibe.

  9. Nicole Marie

    I am grateful to Annie for giving this song to Whitney. Whitney's version carries me through many storms of life.

  10. Maaike Rotteveel-Wagenaar

    One of my favorite Annie songs love it especially because of the lyrics

  11. TheQueerOfSoul

    Love it! :D

  12. DaOrigTruthSeeker

    Whitney Houston did it much better by leaps and bounds. 


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    Antonio F.

    @DaOrigTruthSeeker oh sorry let me stop sucking this beautiful sick I have here so I can pay attention to your racist rants. U don't even realize that 50 years ago they used to say the same about you. Ignorant

    Antonio F.

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    @Antonio Time Dude stfu because now you are babbling and making no sense at all. 

    Jason Chong

    CARMSFAV well without this demo version there won't be a Whitney version... cos this is written by Annie

  13. Gigi6404

    Thanks Annie for giving the song to Whitney..she gave life to this is my personal BEST of see her come alive when she sing it is AMAZING!!!!!!!


    No doubt about it, Whitney gave this song wings. I love Whitney's version, but Ms.Annie wrote the words and for me, it means more, to hear Annie singing this song.


    Both artists are so brilliant! I would have loved for these two ladies to work together more often. I Think it would have been good for Whitney too. She was very unhappy..Annie sure could have helped her.

  15. music basically

    Annie Lennox is a Game Changer && a Genius. but Whitney's version of this for me is just.. :O !! That spiritual, gospel, feeling and energy she gives, is like no Other (:



    A very catchy tune! I love it too!

  17. Sheryl Ray

    I love it!!


    Hello Christine. This song is contagious! I love this song, it is from my favorite album of all time. Most people are familiar with Whitney's version, but you know which one I prefer. I wish you much happiness and good health this year.

  19. litalover19

    Anne sent the song to Whitney because she didnt like what she recorded and thought Whitney would do better job.

    Shante Barze

    litalover19 You are right. I write lyrics myself. Other people can sing something so great an make it unique. It depends on the song an artist. You know as an artist what you can an can't do.


    @skattbro Yes! Happy Birthday Annie!

  21. skattbro

    Happy Birthday Annie!


    @qarahiyo It is, after all, Annie's song! Whitney's version is great and the one most are familiar with. For me, I prefer Annie's version=)

  23. qarahiyo

    Any fans of Whitney would know that Annie did the original but I never listened till 2day. Prefer Whitney more energy and spiritual but that doesn't mean I don't love Annie


    @otoleya Thank goodness it was on The Annie Lennox Collection Deluxe Edition! I love this tune.

  25. otoleya

    @bidibi83 this song never was included into "Diva" (not only in french)...


    @divataj This was a Japanese bonus single from the album, Diva.


    @michaimeskinsek I couldn't agree with you more. Annie has an innate ability to generate energy and she is certainly a beautiful human being. :)


    @pseudonym1964 Thank you. My pleasure. Annie is pretty great.


    @itritsch Thank you Ingrid, lol. I know you are disappointed. Maybe some day these record companies will see that we are promoting their artists. And wouldn't more people buy the music if more people could listen to it?


    @Eurythmicsfan Thank you Anya. Happy Easter to you too, my dear. And Annie will always get the credit she deserves, when I post her music.


    @youturbia1 Lol... Thank you for all your nice comments. I sure appreciate them. Awesome Annie indeed! Have a great weekend my PT. Peace and love to you.