Annie Lennox - Shining Light Lyrics

Roman candles that burn in the night
Yeah, you are a shining light
You lit a torch in the empty night
Yeah, you are a shining light
Yeah, you light up my life

You've always been a thorn in their side
But to me you're a shining light
You arrive and the night is alive
Yeah, you are a shining light
Yeah, you light up my life

We made a connection, a full chemical reaction
Brought by dark divine intervention
Yeah, you are a shining light
A constellation once seen over Royal David's city
An epiphany, you burn so pretty
Yeah, you are a shining light

You are a force, you are a constant source
Yeah, you are a shining light
Incandescent into the darkest night
Yeah, you are shining light

And all blood I would sacrifice
For you are my shining light
Sovereign bride of the infinite
Yeah, you are a shining light
Yeah, you light up my life

We made a connection, a full on chemical reaction
Brought by dark divine intervention
Yeah, you are a shining light
A constellation once seen over Royal David's city
An epiphany, you burn so pretty
Yeah, you are a shining light

These are the days you often say
There's nothing that we cannot do
Beneath a canopy of stars
I'd shed blood for you

The North Star in the firmament
You shine the most bright
I've seen you dressed in an electric veil
Shrouded in celestial light

We made a connection, a full on chemical reaction
Brought by dark divine intervention
Yeah, you are a shining light
A constellation once seen over Royal David's city
An epiphany, you burn so pretty
Yeah, you are a shining light
You are a shining light
You are a shining light, ooh yeah

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Annie Lennox Shining Light Comments
  1. Montecino

    i enjoy our music so much


    I love Annie Lennox on Shark Tank.

  3. Jaye Powell

    "2 Corinthians 11:14: And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light."
    When a song sounds too good, They always dedicate it to the Devil

  4. Ana Simic

    I'm so glad I've heard this song after few years..^_^

  5. TheQueerOfSoul

    #AnnieLennox still sings the clearest melodies! #Diva #Medusa #Bare #Nostalgia yaaas! 💋💋💋♡️

  6. TheQueerOfSoul

    #AnnieLennox still sings the clearest melodies! #Diva #Medusa #Bare #Nostalgia yaaas! 💋💋💋♡️

  7. kevin g

    Good cover i prefer ash

  8. Vudu Sid

    She copied this from Ash.

  9. Ghosty Games

    What a tune

  10. Sarah Foote

    Mick Fanning

  11. Romalvx

    I love you Annie, I always have loved you! Longing for you to come and rock Rome off with your pervasive, supreme voice.

  12. Jonny Millard

    You know it's a good song when Annie lennox covers it 🖒

  13. UBAD2

    Bet she's awesome in the sack.

  14. Derek Powrie

    Feels like this song was written for my shining light. You know who you are. Luv you. ❤️

  15. Albert Williams




  17. Plerp Plerp

    God, I have missed Annie.

  18. The Real Machine Gun Kelly

    Annie, YOU are a shining light!!

  19. Claudia vH

    OH MY GOD, I love this woman and everything she does!!!

  20. Tuckey

    Best female pop vocalist of all time

  21. Robert Król

    this song is amazing

  22. Warley Sobrinho

    🇧🇷 Adoro esta artista 🇧🇷

  23. Raven Carrier

    I ♥ #Sophia

  24. markos9949

    Love this Iron lennox

  25. IrisMK

    Lovely song and video, she knew more than we knew she did 💜🤗

  26. ericmiwako

    みんなアニーさん! カラフルで素敵なミュージック・ビデオですね。

  27. Daniel Chapman

    Which band member is your favorite? I’m preferable to Annie Lennox.

  28. Aiche Jaye

    This 57 yr old black man is in love with this soulful white woman.

  29. Billy Beattie

    Great version. Scotland’s greatest rock star ⭐️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  30. Mark Chappell

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  31. Mark Chappell

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  32. Mark Chappell

    We are the parents of the Mongoles , your younger sister and I are the parents of the Chinese . So on so on.

  33. Mark Chappell

    Your a sweety aren't you.

  34. Mark Chappell

    I building up my electrical system now. Is slow teadious work.

  35. Mark Chappell

    Three finest things in life. Crushing your enemies, driving them before you and listening to the lamenting of your wives. 123.

  36. Mark Chappell

    I have to check every formula. To the finest ingredients before I am happy with it.

  37. Mark Chappell

    No more I Love you. Means let's co-operate and cover the big mistakes. Ok sweety. Your daddy is most high intelegence. I be take care of, information be distributed.

  38. Mark Chappell

    The message is , we have work programs for good people in trouble for confused self defence crimes. Charity work, please.

  39. Ani Noerannisa

    just wow....this is so great. I listened to ash on my teenage years and Annie Lennox absolutely does more than justice to this song

  40. Nigel Dallas

    I cannot decide if I prefer Annie's or Ash's Version. They are both beyond excellence!

  41. 93455Driver

    Did not know she had covered this.

  42. Mark Chappell

    Remember the little Treranusaourus Rex I killed 10,000 years ago ?? That was Hagar ?? Good eating ?? Worth a spear for the effort ??

  43. Ice_wallow_come

    2019 anyone ?

    Bi Bé

    Ice_wallow_come me

  44. Mark Chappell

    Robin Hood's rank I KING of Kings. That is why.

  45. Mark Chappell

    These guys are interlectual midgets, yet I create some of them massive intelegence.

  46. Richard Hogg

    Terrific song (by Ash) which she covers very well....

  47. Max Hof

    This cover is pure genius, simultaneously easily accessible pop music and an observation on the music industry itself whilst keeping true to the quite profound lyrics of the original.

  48. Mark Chappell

    All Ayhaletesyo are pathetic weak without exception.

  49. david seda

    amazing woman

  50. Samantha Durney


  51. Paul Zx

    bad cover, flat sound.

  52. Mohd Ezzadin Ayub

    Damn cun yeahh

  53. Adele Rxbertson

    My mums funeral song so every time I hear this I cry

  54. Frank Tings

    Annie Lennox at her own is so great...what is this band? ;)

  55. Petar Draginic

    Great cover Jesus=shining light

    Jaye Powell

    Erm, I don't think Jesus is the light she's talking about.. " You arrive and the Night is alive yea you are shining light" "To the darkest night you are shining light" .. think about it.

  56. Harold Santiago aka HaroldKing

    This video is so cute. She's so cute here on all her looks. 😊.

  57. צור בנדיק


  58. skeedledoo

    There is a version of Ash which I think is the original version and then Annie Lennox made her version. I love this song. I will sing this to my special someone. 😍

  59. Lia Nelson

    Plz help teacher is obsessed with this song, he wants us to get the views up to 2 mill by the end of the month.

  60. aryo adityo

    Aaaaaaaagh....that magical!!

  61. Slavko Cosic

    Yes, People we are Shining Lights...

  62. John Jones

    Way better version than Ash's. Annie gives it her own special depth, charisma and soul and the track better suits the lyrics. 👍🧡

  63. Jenifer Mason


  64. Dave Matthews

    I like it

  65. King Philip

    AL is Amazing and incomparable!!!
    This song emanates positive energy and light!

  66. Jode Ville

    My friend said the other night,"I know ANNIE is your religion".

  67. Luca R

    Annie is a masterpiece herself ❤

  68. xShortii xx

    when I was a dougieMac ceremony we had a young lady sing this song called narn, she was really good!
    'Cause you are a shining light'

  69. jasmaart

    Everything she makes,everything she does is absolutely wonderfull!

  70. fufufoofoo

  71. fufufoofoo

    OK... That's net. Annie, No Dave, No Stephen, No more pressures.
    A new method.... A song s born, finding a producer, Wham-Bam - here she is ! (Although it's a collection=bonus)
    Such a delight, such sweetness...Annie always hinted such light sides of her, her she goes a-la Paul MCcartney's Coming up.

  72. Phanasa Hansantiporn

    She's an unparalleled icon. One of the most innovative and gifted artist ever!

  73. Jode Ville

    I love her love her love her forever!!!

  74. ImSPOTon

    Please think twice before singing along to this catchy upbeat tune. Annie LENNOX is a luciferian and the person to which she refers in this song is LUCIFER ( THE devil) she is totally enamored of Him, clearly in love as she sings praises and words of love and devotion to the entity she believes to be the one true God, BUT ANYONE with any knowledge knows the only true God is the creator of mankind and the universe , God of Abraham Issac and Jacob. Don't be sucked in by this deceit. Just as lucifer is the father of lies, so is Annie Lennox a liar. If you doubt, just listen to her lyrics and read the Bible


    Stop doing cones. You've had enough already!

  75. Fernando De Angelis

    Splendida non mi stancherò mai di ascoltarla

  76. andrea gieselmann

    Liebe Annie, aber das original von ash ist unschlagbar

  77. Jendela mama

    I like this

  78. Travis1991

    I love this version by Annie so much! x

    Peace ;)

  79. Erica Hendry

    Love Ash, love Annie Lennox, love this song

  80. mart john castillo


  81. bernhard kreiner

    werde sie
    immer lieben ein leben lang

  82. Pakito 85


  83. R Bjelan

    Pure L O V E !

  84. Carolina Rey

    Such a nice song!! 👍🌟🌠✴

  85. Rich O Hanna

    Is that Toni Colette in keyboards? : )

  86. Tasos Terzidis

    Lovely beauty the lenox People I Love her..

  87. Thomopolus Rex

    I've loved this woman since the 70s.

  88. Rachel Maree

    You are a shining light Annie. One of the greats.

  89. Mark Lloyd

    Bit too gospel for me.

  90. Kaisa Volanen

    Very good ❤

  91. Pop Shuvit

    Brilliant cover

  92. Michael James Talbot

    Love this. Dedicated to E.S. Xx

  93. Sydnei Pinheiro

    Gourgeous, Annie!!!! When do you intend coming to Brazil? We wait up to you anxiously for your embark here! Thousand kisses and hugs on you!!!

  94. gunnar stenlund

    No bli de ljusare . få ja håppas..

  95. Nio Antonio

    like this song and Annie Lennox singing style very uniqly , May 22 ,2018

  96. Frederic Aubert B

    love the way you re crazy <3

  97. kyle vawter

    I am fell like this .after 20 years with chris I shine ....happy every day.