Annie Lennox - September In The Rain Lyrics

The leaves of brown came tumbling down
Remember, in September, in the rain
The sun went out just like a dying amber
That September in the rain

To every word of love I heard you whisper
The raindrops seemed to play our sweet refrain
Though spring is here, to me it's still September
That September in the rain

To every word of love I heard you whisper
The raindrops seemed to play our sweet refrain
Though spring is here, to me it is still September
That September in the rain

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Annie Lennox September In The Rain Comments
  1. Margaret Handasyde

    Maturity becomes her.

  2. Jo Frances

    This is one of my favourite songs of Annie’s and moves me every time I hear this song simply beautiful person she is ❤️💐

  3. greenman 91

    Wow this sucks what a white girl version of this song. Save yourself sometime and listen to dinah's version. This is so white it might as well be tracing paper, this is so white it might as well be a pair of khaki shorts on a golf course. Awful.

  4. xylfox

    This song is honored by The Beatles by playing it in the Hamburg-time!

    em jay

    It's on the Beatles Decca sessions. I like the song given the Beatle treatment.

  5. Andrew Thomas

    More heaven

  6. MsGreyMouser

    OK, who feels like crying?

  7. Orie Thompson

    This version is so hauntingly beautiful!

  8. Phuc Ninh

    Beautiful 😍😍😍

  9. Joseph Miceli

    Her voice has gotten better with age...and her voice was astonishing already in her youth. Her depth, her phrasing, the complexity is delight on the ears. The world would have been a less beautiful place if there hadn't been an Annie Lennox.

    Haddy Nough

    Joseph Miceli it amazes me how voices age like fine wines. Just gorgeous!

  10. WhiteMoon65

    I'm listening in dicembre 2018 this beautiful song 😍

  11. juan carlos sanchez vega

    Para mi es la mujer mas bella del mundo. Me encanta todo de ella.......

  12. Martin Correa

    I know that it's a cover, but is one of my favourite songs of her 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  13. Maria Terezinha Simas


  14. Uschi Stahl

    Wonderful interpretation of this song!

  15. Cesare Zagarese


  16. Mickey Hodge

    Like her alot

  17. happychappy12

    Clear voice and a gorgeous face.................She's great...xx

  18. Maria Terezinha Simas

    Maravilhosa, bela.

  19. James Carson

    This song dates back to 1937, and has been recorded by many artists including Brenda Lee, Jo Stafford, Gisele Mackenzie, Frank Sinatra & Teresa Brewer. THIS is the best version, however the first version I discovered was by Dinah Washington.

  20. wolkowy1

    I cannot add more than the positive comments here have done already. Just 2 words: Brava and Thanks!

  21. Justin Macosky

    AMAZING!!! Does anyone know where to find a copy of the score for this version????

  22. Ezio Auditore da Firenze

    Buraya bi iz bırakayım

    Yalnız Kuzgun


  23. Fay Goodwin

    Great Annie, love this video!

  24. Carmen Silvestre

    Perfect ❤💧☔

  25. Paco Montes

    ANNIE ya estamos en septiembre ¿quieres casarte conmigo? ¡¡No te me recomiendo: soy pobre, viejo y misántropo!!! Gracias por todo el placer que me has dado desde las años '80.

  26. lovemusic101nic

    The leaves of brown came tumblin' down, remember
    In September in the rain
    The sun went out just like a dying ember
    That September in the rain

    To every word of love I heard you whisper
    The raindrops seemed to play a sweet refrain
    Though spring is here, to me it's still September
    That September in the rain

    To every word of love I heard you whisper
    The raindrops seemed to play a sweet refrain
    Though spring is here, to me it's still September
    That September in the rain
    That September in the rain

  27. Tony Killinger

    Not before or since has anybody done it better, except perhaps Frank Sinatra, and thats a judgement call.

  28. Xpl0ding GamrGuy

    This is so powerful. Her voice alone​ is enough to make my cry.

  29. ternitamas

    this song doesn't make sense in the other hemisphere... ;-)
    but the music is beautiful!

  30. totò pecorella

    La versione più bella di sempre! Grazie Annie.

  31. yamijanakaratoprak

    Its not fucking opera, anniiee!! Listen to the way Dinah Washington sings it.

  32. Maka Melendez

    Beautifull Annie.

  33. Leah Jordana

    So many people sang this but I loved Jo Stafford's version best

  34. George scott

    happy holiday

  35. George scott

    very emotional character person would you like someone to hold your hand when you sing this song

  36. Tony Cooper

    This is one of the songs you just want to stick on repeat

  37. Miodrag Aleksic

    beautifyll,thanks for bringing theese divine melodies

  38. Arnie Ramsbottom

    Love Annie but the best version is by Miss Washington...

  39. Юрий Феномен

    Я любил эту певицу когда она была молодая ,но такую, какая она сейчас , люблю ещё больше .

  40. Plomet La Plana

    Wonderful song, wonderful voice

  41. Garry Veale

    Have nothing but respect for this woman,absolutely stunning
    acoustically, A true artist in every sense. most likely the best live
    voice I've ever heard. love to see her live again!!!!

  42. francisco torres

    AnnieLennox VEVO TKS

  43. Scottish Lass

    My birthday is in September. Me & Annie was born in the same city. She use to stay around the corner from me. And all it ever does in our city is rain, especially in September ! Lovely song & proud to have been born & raised in the same place, as this wonderful lady !

  44. Michael Mcnaughton

    I love Annie Lennox but who mixed the music at the studio? The piano is to mufgn loud! What a piss off.

  45. medaacek

    Cannot stop listening to this one. Just amazing!!!

  46. pile333

    Annie Lennox's singing voice is one of those i'd like to hear in the last moments of my life.

    Peter Ross Singer Songwriter Art Director

    +pile333 yeah me too

    Garry Veale

    Would be a pleasure to have Annie as my fade out.

  47. MonogramistaML

    Come back, old Annie, not this....


    +srvrip41 ok, not my opinion, though

  48. Лабурдонне

    браво бис

  49. rabi

    Annie fills my heart with benevolence.Ⅰhave never heard such an emotional "September in the rain" !

  50. Nieves Carabajal


  51. Nieves Carabajal

    Thank You <3 !!!!

  52. Eric Waiters

    Annie really digs deep on this one....Thank You

  53. Agris Esmit

    Annie this song make me crying ! HAANK FOR YOUR SINGING !!!

  54. Humberto E. Guanipa

    It's raining, and it's september.

  55. Henry Fernandez

    Man where's the swing???

  56. Dominick Izzo

    You can keep Kanye... THIS is genius.

  57. Carmela Garb

    Outstanding ! Bravo! 🙌

  58. masterMe Juanpablo

    E' stupenda, una grandissima voce ed artista SEI GRANDE ANNIE!!!

  59. Vinicius Rocha

    So perfect

  60. mgd3105

    Annie Lennox.  An icon of our time.  Can't believe she could possibly get any better, yet astounds us all by being even greater than the last time.

  61. kikke triana


  62. Javier Maceiras

    Una verdadera maravilla que sentimiento por dios

  63. jonnude

    all true artist come back to one thing their voice their talent, and put down all the covers

  64. ideniseb

    Nice rendition....but you needed to add some horns to that mix,just saying.

  65. Andrew Galt

    Annie Lennox, because of your music, inspiring me to be someone great, has lead me to overcome and succeed in so many ways. My father played the organ to your music when I was younger, by the time I was 10 I knew all your songs, and even sang sweet dreams for my audition that one day lead me to Carnegie Hall. Keep inspiring, the world needs more beautiful people who are so selfless and caring. I see all these hateful comments posted on here about race and different topics that are completely ignorant. I hope people can do some research for the amount of love you have given back to charity all your life, and the countless songs and concerts and aid work you have dedicated for the fight against aids/hiv in Africa. Keep on inspiring because you will always be an idol to me.

  66. Katiee081288

    so lovely...

  67. ManWytch

    Beautiful honey toned alto notes of Annie Lennox do this song such justice~Haven't heard a better version since Jo Stafford's version! Well done, was waiting 4 Ms Lennox 2 perform some of these beautiful oldies!

  68. Lukáš Volek

    Toto je dáma , klobouk dolů !!!

  69. Milena And Maria

    Beautiful and genius !

  70. Anthony Richards

    Absolutely fantastic album with wonderful arrangements:these are ANYTHING but covers !!! This is also the finest rendition of September in the Rain I have heard.............


    Sorry to troll, but this is the definition of a cover. Everybody's version except for the one from "Gold Diggers from 1935" musical is a cover. I like Annie Lennox and appreciate that she covered songs from the Great American Songbook, but have to take exception with the quality of the arrangements. The arrangements have no meat in them. They are all pads with no melodic accompaniment and are orchestrated by someone who understands basic harmony but not string writing. They sound like a pianist taking piano voicings and giving them to a string section. No imagination, counterlines, and basically deharmonzing a song with rich harmony and cool leading tones. Harmonically, the arranger had an opportunity to use the 64-box of crayons and opted for the 8-crayon box. It doesn't have to be a thick, lush jazz arrangement, but throw Annie a bone and give a little accompaniment and harmonic support. My 2 cents of course, and realize that two people can look at the same thing and have 2 different opinions.

  71. strafrag1

    Annie is just the best.

  72. James Darling Jr

    Annie Lennox is a goddess! One of the best singers in the business. Her project is a jewel in her crown. The spirit of Dinah Washington and Jo Stafford are smiling their sweet spirit down. Kudos!!!

  73. LizzyMusic

    This is beautiful and I love the song so much :)

  74. DigitalDiscusVideo

    Glaring error... "The sun WENT out just like a dying ember" is the correct lyric line... Annie sings "The sun CAME out just like a dying ember"... it's not only wrong, it makes no sense. How could she and her producer have missed this? (PS - Hats off to Harry Warren and Al Dubin for a wonderful song from 1937!")

    Parri Davis

    Annie is a lyricist herself and saw fit to change it slightly. That will happen with covers. I think she improved it, I would be stuck picturing rain after sunset and then it wouldn't matter which month it was so much. The sun coming down, as if from behind dark clouds towards setting like a dying ember still leaves daylight imagery.

    Jim Barry

    I love Annie but I have to go with Digital on this one...if was an artistic choice it was an exceedingly odd one.

    Mark Stevens

    Actually, she didn't change it. On the album, she sings it correctly. It's obvious just a mix up live.

    Jim Barry

    Ah thank you :)

  75. Haramis Gonzalez

    People should stop saying bad things about people it's really annoying and unmature╰_╯it's not right.

  76. Marcblur

    Great job on a classic tune.

  77. Віталій Українець

    зірки не згасають,браво Annie!!!

  78. Manuel Muentes

    G lhyejob

  79. TheQueerOfSoul

    #Nostalgia is possibly the best album of 2014. The artist sing good on the record and nails every live performances of the songs. @AnnieLennoxVEVO still sings the clearest melodeeeeheheies.


    Yet sadly the Grammy went to Tony Bennett.
    I personally have never gotten what people see in him.

  80. Mark Stevens

    I adore this song. It's my favorite from the new album. Beautiful. I love this live version, as well as the album version.

    Joseph Miceli

    It is beautiful, but my favorite is "Summertime." Her voice on it makes me shudder the clarity of it is so piercing. Everything she sings is incredible. :)

  81. Jees

    Taylor Swift like that :3

  82. Kyle Davis

    Best song of the new record, hands down.

  83. Cameron Thomas

    I have loved this album since the moment it was laid upon my turntable....thank you Annie Lennox for reminding us of true music and the appreciation for its purest form...

  84. Gerardo Duni

    Am I the first?