Annie Lennox - Georgia On My Mind Lyrics

Georgia, Georgia
The whole day through
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind

I say Georgia, Georgia
A song of you
Comes as sweet and clear
As moonlight through the pines

Other arms reach out to me
Other eyes smile tenderly
Still in peaceful dreams I see
The road leads back to you

I said Georgia, Georgia
No peace I find
As just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind

Other arms reach out to me
Other eyes smile tenderly
Still in peaceful dreams I see
The road leads back to you

I said Georgia, Georgia
No peace, I find
Just an old, sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind

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Annie Lennox Georgia On My Mind Comments
  1. Leah Powell

    I wonder if she has ever been to Georgia?

  2. Jofinsky

    not real blues -- a bit operatic

  3. HistoryGeek M

    Who originally sings Georgia on my mind?
    Ray Charles
    "Georgia on My Mind" is a 1930 song written by Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell and first recorded that year. It has often been associated with Ray Charles, a native of the U.S. state of Georgia, who recorded it for his 1960 album The Genius Hits the Road.

  4. Nathalie tougris

    La classe magique magnifique

  5. Lore Star

    BRAVO 👏👏👍😍

  6. Bluesy

    hi i'm bluesy i'm italian i'm 15 and this is my version of georgia on my mind

  7. Ileen Pham

    she's amazing. love her music.

  8. julien dalbin

    Esa cantante está y siempre ha estado por encima del resto, una verdadera leyenda.

  9. Aldrin Solco

    Will listen to her over Beyonce and the other so called artists today.

  10. Maria Terezinha Simas


  11. Becky Knight

    Aside from just being a nice, decent human being her voice is amazing. Love her version on this song.

  12. Cynthia Gentry


  13. Aivar Uueda

    Eriline Tüdruk. 🌏🌠🌜

  14. why_always_i

    Incredible voice Annie ......

  15. Vanya Alexandra Bennett

    Annie you are my inspiration,,, loves ya me girl BEAUTIFUL......

  16. Velofil

    Nobody in the Showbiz ages as gracefully as Annie...

  17. Kimberly Alderman

    Thumbs down, are people insane! This woman is amazing!

  18. Валентин Макаренко


  19. Nati Ventura


  20. 2JOHNNYT


  21. Петр Чуднов

  22. murp h

    Soul mama takes your heart

  23. Nicole Chappuis

    So nice and beautiful.

  24. Juliem Pampalona

    Soulful rendition of Georgia!

  25. Olivera Mitrovic

    One of the greatest voice ever! : )

  26. Grady Connell

    The only person besides Ray Charles to do this song Justice

  27. Colourful 999 Real


  28. Consuelo Francis


  29. Ron Meyers


  30. Silvina Majoli O'Malley


  31. Dominique Descottes

    Il y a un feeling hors du commun dans cette version
    Annie Lennox peux tout interprété
    Pour mémoire Whiter shade of pale


    I haven´t U!!!

  33. Michael Carvalho

    Annie Lennox is so gorgeous and she looks so much with Julie Andrews, Linda Evans, Bo Derek, Tanya Roberts, Stella Stevens and Lana Clarkson at the same time.

  34. Maria chacon

    hermosa hermosa .... grande Annie

  35. McKenzie Smith

    Can we have a carpool karaoke with Annie?! Pleeeeeassseeeee

  36. Wolfgang Flink

    Great !!!!!!

  37. Kenneth Boyer

    Would've liked to have heard this in a duet with RC!!

  38. dominique descottes

    MERVEILLEUSE annie lenox dans cette version de georgia on my mind

  39. Gretchen Thies

    what a voice. love to listen to her sing

  40. david miller

    later. happy father's day.

  41. Jace The Face

    Killed it! 🔥

  42. Ted S

    One of my all time favorite songs and this cover is just on point, I really like how you took this song with your own version and styles....

  43. dominique descottes


  44. Slavko Cosic

    This melody is one of my favorites and this version is Amazing<3<3<3...

  45. Renata Carvalho

    Annie, just love your voice! You are always amazing! <3

  46. pierre comte

    Très mauvais; nul: une catastrophe !!!

  47. Соня Ручкина

    Я узнаю свою любимицу. Немножко подожди-я вырвусь из войны и всю тебя найду: и на дисках и в видео. Может и приеду на концерт.

  48. Radek Ventruba

    Annie. Goddess...

  49. Cristiano Terenziani

    In one song the reason why I named my daughters Anna and Giorgia.

  50. Olebull93

    Well its one of, Annie Lennox, late shit works.

  51. Claus Saunte

    Allways loved annie

  52. Maria Terezinha Simas


  53. Dicky Campilongo

    pretty dignified

  54. Ivy Goen

    Never getting bored of hearing such a beautiful voice ... Wonderful songs!!

  55. Helbert Moraga

    Fenomenal Annie!!!👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌

  56. Ed Deyoung

    I have been quietly in love with Annie's voice since the first time I heard it. Enough said.

  57. nicco47

    Sing it woman!!!

  58. Norma Hernandez

    Annie is a bad-ass.

  59. Вадим Коробицын

    Спасай,Анютка! Столько всего накатилось....Душит Стыд за все то,что происходит в моей стране.

    ДЖОРДЖИЯ в моей голове

    Джорджия, Джорджия,
    Целый день
    Только старая, милая песня
    Хранит Джорджию в моей голове.

    Я говорю, Джорджия,
    Песня о тебе
    Приходит такой же сладкой и чистой,
    Как лунный свет сквозь ветки сосен.

    Другие руки протягиваются ко мне,
    Другие глаза нежно улыбаются мне,
    Но до сих пор в спокойных снах я вижу
    Дорогу, что ведёт обратно к тебе.

    Я сказал, Джорджия,
    Оу-оу, Джорджия, никакого мира я не найду,
    Только старая, милая песня
    Хранит Джорджию в моей голове.

    Другие руки протягиваются ко мне,
    Другие глаза нежно улыбаются мне,
    Но до сих пор в спокойных снах я вижу
    Дорогу, что ведёт обратно к тебе.

    Джорджия, Джорджия,
    Никакого мира, никакого мира я не найду,
    Только старая приятная, песня
    Хранит Джорджию в моей голове.

    Я сказал, что только старая, милая песня
    Хранит Джорджию в моей голове.

    Автор перевода — Иннокентий

  60. Drew R

    Pardon me while I melt at her voice. Again.

  61. Lagezza

    Обожаю все вещи в исполнении Анни.

  62. Kaz Peachey

    I heard some great versions of this song ... But Annie Lennox is flawless ....

  63. rudy alleyn

    Ongelooflijk teder gezongen,wauw !

  64. Carrie Hendrickson


  65. Maria Terezinha Simas


  66. Silvano Bignami

    Annie, an Angel of music with extraordinary artistic generosity and with a voice that makes you cry with joy and tenderness. Thanks Annie!

  67. Stephan Sisko

    Super Annie.......Hello from Germany/Hessen

  68. Rina R

    She's divine. More than before; adore her.

  69. Kay Ahern Soul Party Singer

    Still got it Annie , wow absolutely beautiful x

  70. Chip Hale

    I love it! Whenever Annie gets hold of a song, it becomes new and more amazing than the original

  71. the blackconservative


  72. Maria Arias

    Velvety coice...she is amaina!!!!

  73. Daynia Archer

    Annie! You are amazing!!!

  74. Sinaya Benjamin


  75. jazz-funk-blues Yaroslav Blyzniuk


  76. MrScotmac

    you were tollerating me wrong swap that game

  77. Gagik Hakobyan

    shat apres

  78. sadigov

    World class! What a never ageing talent.

  79. Guillaume de Warenne


  80. rodsreel

    Stunning version carried by the vocal must be hard to make such an iconic your own and pull it off without going over the top. Class

  81. Obstsalatissimo

    ...where have all the blue notes gone....?.....

  82. Michele Ramundo

    Dolcissima Annie..the best..

  83. Ricardo salazar rodriguez

    brenda lee

  84. Rocky Jacques

    Catch a Brees... Fuck Obama


    love love love her!!!

  86. m m

    never gets OLD,

  87. Sandra Griesbeck

    In this day of every singer being called a "diva" Annie Lennox is true. She has always sung what she feels and you can like it or not. Apparently we all like it.

  88. HeavenlyEvents

    Pseudo soul. Not too bad. Georgia USA?...I don't think she's been there. lol

  89. juan gerardo rodriguez cabrera


  90. gorgeous _pink

    I am from Georgia

  91. Gord Birtch

    super fucking cool version!!!

  92. m m

    she has soul ,you can feel her getting it from deep down,,,,

  93. Michael Boyers

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  94. Jay Man


  95. Zubatec

    no shit.. best woman voice on Earth

  96. MrScotmac

    no no dafty