Annie Lennox - Angels From The Realms Of Glory Lyrics

Angels from the realms of glory,
Wing your flight over all the earth;
Ye who sang creation's story
Now proclaim the Messiah's birth.

In Excelsis Day O.

Shepherds, in the field abiding,
Watching over your flocks by night,
God with us is now residing;1
Yonder shines the infant light

In Excelsis Day O.

Sages, leave your contemplations,
Brighter visions beam afar;
Seek the great Desire of nations;
Ye have seen His natal star

In Excelsis Day O.

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Annie Lennox Angels From The Realms Of Glory Comments
  1. 郭家甬


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  3. 郭家甬


  4. Capismama

    Listening to her sing in the Eurythmics, you knew she had an awesome voice, but then she recorded this LP and your socks got blown off. Merry Christmas, ya'll.

    I. Bosquez

    Merry Christmas 🎄

  5. Damo Davies

    Annie is a Great British treasure of inspirations.

  6. Derek Petersen

    Love, Love , Love!!! Annie :-)

  7. Todd Gilmore

    This is really impressive. Also interesting is the ascending bass line starting at 3:04—reminds me of the signature bass line in Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police.

  8. ledgema

    Isn't this Angels We Have Heard On High?

    I. Bosquez

    It's also called In Excelcis Deo

  9. Marina Knife

    For someone who thinks she is so cl;ever - she should know demanding Christians leave her concerts then
    TAKING THE LORD'S NAME IN VAIN - to make cash - & plagiarism - but then she's terrified of mirrors and self-harms - guess the demons own her snared by her own ego took the credit for high notes she couldn't make - & had to be dropped in - & backing singers had to do it live vile demonic fraudster

    I. Bosquez

    And proof or research?

    I. Bosquez

    Merry Christmas Marina

  10. Mj Jones

    WOW No wonder Annie disappeared from the music scene turning out garbage like this 🤮

    I. Bosquez

    Merry Christmas mj

  11. nickka2009

    "Rabbi, you are the Son of God. You are the King of Israel!" - the Apostle Nathanael

    Is it any Wonder

    Damn fucking right I am

  12. Kathleen Thompson

    Just love this!

  13. tom stevens


  14. grace3726

    1:50 best part - and from 3:05

  15. Robert Billing

    Very good interpretation of the Carol. Well done!

  16. pass iton

    Wonderful, well done Annie...

  17. Matt Lore


  18. Chase Clark

    My grandmothers favorite Christmas album

  19. Grandaeon

    Does anyone know where you can get an instrumental or sheet music from this album, it would be heaven to attempt to sing some of these tracks?

    Rosalind Mercer

    Sorry thoroughly disagree . She articulates the words clearly. Lovely arrangement too


    @Rosalind Mercer I completly agree that she sings the song beautifully, I only was asking for the sheet music or the instrumental so I could use the melody myself

    Rosalind Mercer

    so sorry - my comment was not meant for you.

  20. Mariabolt

    A Christmas Carol sung by watchmen right on the reformation, so you get the catholic Christianity, the Protestant and the nod to our pagan past. Love it.


    Sorry I meant GOD REST YE MERRY GENTLEMEN!! Oops

    I. Bosquez

    Maria you can delete this comment and put it under the correct video, which is amazing to watch. There are options to use by tapping on the three grey dots you see near your username. 👍

  21. karenaboutyou

    love love love
    love love love love
    love love love love love her.

  22. Michael Baughman

    It's no bad

  23. princess C

    Fantastica, davvero commovente e toccante..soprattutto dal vivo

  24. Jesusandbible

    that's it! sings "gloria!" the right wat!

  25. I. Bosquez

    Annie you have a birthday coming up next month on Christmas day. Make special plans, happy ones.

  26. Fay Goodwin

    Superb Annie! People forget how much the carols mean to people, especially when sung so wonderfully, how they can make people feel and how spiritually beautiful they truly are! Great job on this whole album!

  27. ghostlylover99123

    Who else is watching this in august?

  28. Anu E

    Thanks i love this album

  29. Michael Beninate

    The goddess of all things good and decent.

  30. Dustin Pulley

    love this song!! But she's the only one who can sing it perfect with her perfect voice!!

  31. Nick Porter

    These are real labours of festive love. Wonderful arrangements. My congrats Annie. Beautiful :-)

  32. Annett Heinzig

    Ich liebe das Lied...und Annie :-)

  33. Kitty Grimm

    One thing that I'll always remember about this version is putting it on while decorating the Christmas tree with the family and my sister being blown away by the harmony of the chorus.

  34. Carol McLN

    I love Christmas music, but was not a fan of this CD at all. So much of it was just LOUD and discordant and clashing. Even the piano on this piece is. Very disappointed coz otherwise, I like Annie Lennox.


    The one star reviews on amazon and comments about how bad this is, and how she's lost her voice, make me despair as much as her singing lifts me up

  36. Grayling Selvidge

    love it

  37. TheQueerOfSoul

    Merry christmas everyone! Best gift is to get is this CD and #Nostalgia  by #AnnieLennox  anyone? ;))

  38. alwaysblistening

    Happy Birthday Annie!

  39. paz thakrar

    thaank you - i have had a terrible few years but this alwasy brinsg hope to me - and i love annie lennox voice and thank you Carmsfav xor posting this you really dont know what good this does to others and thanks to annie a legend xxx


    So very happy to share.


    +paz thakrar you should buy the cd.
    You can get it for under $10..
    Worth it to support her and all the people who worked in this project.

    paz thakrar

    @ROOKTABULA thanks for that honey I have it love it thanks you xxxx 

  40. tenpop101

    Simply one of the -if not the best Christmas album ever!

  41. Giu



    Yes, she sure does!

  43. Petr Půček

    She has got unique voice! :)


    I love it too! Merry Christmas, Anya.


    Yes, Angels From The Realms Of Glory, aka Angels We have Heard on High. I love it too.


    This is great music and I absolutely love this album!

  47. Susan Griffin

    Isn't his Angels We have Heard on High?Love it-

    Billy Lugar

    Technically yes. Angels we have heard on high originally does gloria in excelsis deo but angels from the realms of the glory can be sung with it other times the chorus goes come and worship. Come and worship Christ the lord the newborn king

  48. Chik'ki Millson

    I'm no Christian, but I can appreciate good music, and this is good music. Love Annie's work on this album.

    Toyin Oni

    The best decision you can make is to be a Christian... By accepting the only Saviour of the whole world. Jesus Christ the Son of the living God


    Oui, Oui, she certainly is!


    Annie u're fantastic!


    @ClemLeXbosseur Much pleasure=)

  52. Telo MARTIUS

    Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight over all the earth; ye who sang creation's story, now proclaim the Messiah's birth. Gloria...In Excelsis Deo


    @andreamaddy Agreed 100%. Merry Christmas

  54. Andrea Franceschi

    great song from a fantastic album!!!

  55. Duckytapeoriginal

    This is sounds like angels we have heard on high...

  56. animascat

    @EveDonovan i second the emotion.


    @EveDonovan Lol! I know what you mean!!

  58. Mr. Emerald The Green

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Annie! She could sing Happy Birthday and I'd swoon! Hahaha

  59. ctoral




    @MrDegrame I agree. I love this song and the whole album. This is the one for this Christmas season!


    @ChristinaCroft One of my favorites from this album and Lullay Lullay as well. My pleasure, thank you for watching.

  62. MrDegrame

    i loveeeee Annie's version...!!! love the album... love the artist... and yes, if one wants to buy a Christmas album.. this is it!


    @abbashalom62 I hear you! Another Christmas album, I could do without, but Annie makes these carols her own and yes very unique, just like Annie. My pleasure to share.


    @SeptemberSails Don't like Annie's version, huh? To each his own. I love it!!!!

  65. karen160560

    words can not express, this is so good.


    @elaslife It would be great, wouldn't it?

  67. James

    Listen to it with headphones on! MARVELLOUS. :D


    @elaslife Thank you sweet, Ela. I love this album so much. Hope all is well my friend.


    @bidibi83 Yes! Tour, Annie, Tour......Please!!!!!


    @whatcomcountyrocks Thank you, dear. My absolute pleasure!