Anna Calvi - The Bridge Lyrics

The bridge is swaying
And I'll hold on and on
Holding on today, now
Copy paste is a sin, always on the run is better
The bridge is swaying
And I'll hold on and on
Fly, fly, flesh away
Fall, falling, falling, falling away

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Anna Calvi The Bridge Comments
  1. MeloLand


  2. C. Rosell

    Mis viajes en coche por la mañana y entre los viñedos se escurren tus canciones.

  3. Claire Orion

    Thanks, Anna. I was hearing you in this last weeks... <3

  4. maria jose Hernandez

    Just great album. First time listening to Anna Calvi and I must say I really admired this work. Looking forward to hear all her albums.

  5. Daniel Rauch

    This is my favorite track from One Breath. Concise, gorgeous, overflowing with emotional payoff at about 1:10


  6. Mechaos

    It is clear where your inspiration came from for this song. Rachmaninoff's piece entitled "Now Let Thy Servant Depart".
    Good choice.

  7. orbitalwarrior

    could be part of the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

  8. PlanetaryElement

    This would go very well with sections of the identically named novel "The Bridge" by the late Ian Banks, himself a wonderful writer. Anna has such fantastic voice, it seems to take me places similar to those that Ian's writing did.